X-Death: One Person's Mistake is a Others Fortune

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A man signs up for an event in the ultra violent tournament of X-Death and is misplaced in the wrong event. Not having the option to quit he has no choice but to compete in an obstacle course race that is in the clouds.

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




In thin air a portal opens up horizontally and seconds later a man dressed in army green combat fatigues falls through.

“Aaaahhh, son of a biiiiiiitch!”

The man fell eight meters and landed in a thorn bush.

He scrambled to his feet, swearing and brushing the thorns off his body. Looking up to where he fell from, he could see the portal that he just walked through.

“Fucking, dammit. I could of broke my fucking neck you cock suckers.”

The portal closed.

Climbing out of the thorn bush and kneeling down to one knee, he pulled the 9mm pistol out of the holster.

“Okay, where is it. Where's my team. Better yet, where the hell am I?”

He was on a chunk of land that was in the sky. Just small enough for someone to fall onto. He noticed that the area in front of him had more pieces of land that were floating. The same size and close enough to jump to. All of them were lined up.

“Jesus, I could of fell off. Hmm, I was expecting to walk into a desert. Guess not.”

He looked up into the sky.

“Wrong fucking place assholes!”

He shifted to the edge and took a look down over. A feeling of vertigo washed through his body which caused his hands to sweat. Nothing underneath. Not a damn thing. All he could see was an abyss. “Either, I am pretty fucking high up or there's just no ground. I sure as hell don't wanna find out.”

That every thought made him shiver. Standing up, he counted the other floating pieces of land that led in a line in front of him. There was ten and all were close enough for him to crossover to each. Holstering his 9mm pistol, he jumped to the first one. He cracked a smug smile.

“That wasn't so bad. Wait a minute. What the hell?”

He could see that the last floating chunk of land had a portal open up.

“I am so fucking confused. They didn't mention any of this. I was told that I was going to be put into the desert campaign. Not some fucked up pie in the sky bullshit. Wait a minute. Maybe this will be easier then I thought. Maybe all I have to do is get pass this and then that's the 20,000 in the bag for me. Hell, yeah. Shit I better get going. Don't want that portal to close on me. That would suck. Be stranded here alone. Forever.”

Walking to the edge, getting good footing and jumping to the next. He casually crossed over the rest of the floating pieces of land and got to the last one.

“Okay, here we go. Desert campaign here I come. They won't even know what hit them.”

He walked through the portal.

This time he didn't fall. He was on another chunk of floating land. Same place and same fucking thing, but it was different. There were a lot more floating land and the next one was higher then the last. It angled upwards like a staircase from what he could see. He would have to jump up to the next one and the one after that. He also noticed, to his left out in the vast sky he could see that there was another line of floating pieces of land just like his.

“Mother Fuckers get it right. Okay, I get it. No desert campaign for me, Just this fucking place. What the hell. I guess I am not alone. Dammit, maybe it's a race. I hope to hell it ain't. I don't see anyone.”

He walked to the edge of the one he was on and before he could jump, he seen it. Near the middle of the other floating obstacle course he saw someone jump across an open gap. A feeling of fear overcame him.

“Son of a bitch. It's definitely a race!”

Started making his way across the floating obstacle course, one floating piece at a time. Every now and again he would take a quick glance to the other side. Whoever that person was they were fast and agile. As he was nearing the final few jumps, a portal opened at the end like the last time. He shot a look at the other person and could see that they jumped into their portal at the end.

“Fuck, if I knew that this was going to be a race I wouldn't of never took my sweet ass time on the last one. Hell I wouldn't of never have trained for desert combat for the last month!”

Finally reaching the end he jumped through his portal.

Wasting no time he ran to the edge of the floating piece of land he was on and jumped to the next. From what he could see the course angled upwards like a staircase, but it wasn't in a straight line. It curved left and right and he could see that there was a few large gaps between some of them.

“Fuck me.”

This time he didn't bother checking up on the other person and he pushed himself hard to make up for lost time.

Coming up to the first wide gap he stopped to catch his breath.

“You got to be kidding me...”

No bridge, too far to jump and there was a tiny floating target to his right.

“What the hell is this. Wha...what am I suppose to do. Shoot it with my gun?”

That was it he thought. He pulled the 9mm pistol out of his holster.

“I bet the people watching me right now are laughing their asses off. Their probably saying look at that jerk off he doesn't know what to do. He's gonna die. Place your bets. Take a roll at the dice. Fucking people who volunteer for the price of money. Now I know what it's like to be on the other side of the coin. Fucking assholes.”

He racked the slide back, took the safety off, raised the 9mm pistol and lined up the iron sights with the floating target that was a good 15 meters away. He fired off a shot and he hit the target. The target flipped around the other way. He holstered his 9mm pistol and readied himself.

“Okay, what the hell. I shot the target. It flipped. Do I have to shoot it again.”

He could see something down in the vast nothingness below come into view. It was rising fast and it passed by him and stopped. It had a rope or a vine dangling down from underneath.

“Great, I bet I have to swing across this shit.”

The object started moving towards him.

“Fuck, the gaps way too wide to swing across.”

He knew what he was getting himself into when he signed up, but he wasn't expecting this.

“Okay, the thing is moving to me. This thing is gonna take me across. Jump and grab the vine. Hold on for dear life. Try not to fall into the great unknown and when it gets close enough to the other side...uh, uh, just fucking acrobat swing like a fucking circus freak!”

He waited for the dangling vine to get close enough and when it did he jumped with his arms out in front of him. Grabbing onto the vine tight, he wrapped both of his feet around the vine in a way that would ease the strain from his arms.

“Fucking move dammit!”

He started jerking back and forth on the vine. A few seconds later it started to move. He was crossing the gap holding on for dear life. He glanced down below and felt a rush of anxiety. Halfway he could feel the lactic acid build up in his arms and legs.

“Hurry the fuck up. Move you fucking piece of shit!”

Getting close enough he swung back and forth to build up momentum and finally letting go. Dropping on the floating chunk of land with a thud. Rolling over onto his back panting heavily with his eyes closed.

“I hope your getting your monies worth!”

Getting to his feet he continued onwards. He pushed himself hard and leaped pass one by one of the floating mounds up in the sky.

He was nearing the end and was coming up to the second gap, but it had a bridge. Running across he was could see the portal at the end of the bridge.

“Ha, piece of cake. In your fucking face.”

Reaching the portal he walked through it.

“Aaahhhhh, not agaaaain!”

He dropped from the portal, fell the same distance like last time and hit a floating mound that was at a 45 degree angle. Slamming into the mound, twisting and rolling he clawed with his bare hands at the grass and dirt trying to get a grip.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!”

He slid to the end and fell off. Down, down, and down he went and suddenly landed in a square net. All four of it's corners were attached to a small floating mound holding it up. The man laid sprawled out face down. All that he could see through the net was a infinite drop and he quickly turned over on his back and closed his eyes.

“I thought I was dead. I was falling to my death and somehow ended up landing in this net. I kind of wish that I was dead right know. I could just throw myself off and get it over with. Yeah, lose out on that 20,000 and let that other dick weed win. Speaking of which. Where is the other obstacle course?”

The man sat up, looked around and couldn't see anything. No other obstacle course parallel to his. He spotted the floating mounds way up pass the mound he fell off.

“Yeah, there's no way I am getting back up there. And why isn't this thing moving?”

He searched the vast area out into the surrounding sky for targets. Nothing.

“Well, what now...?”

Falling onto his back laying down on the net looking up. He saw a person fall off the mound he did and was heading straight for him.

“Son of a bitch!”

He rolled out of the way and a few seconds later the person hit the net causing it to bounce and shift. The feeling was very unsettling like the whole thing was gonna collapse. The man went for is 9mm pistol, pulled it out of the holster and pointed it the other person bouncing on the net.

“Don't fucking move. Don't fucking move dammit. Your gonna make the fucking thing collapse!”

The person finished bouncing and steadied themselves facing away from the man. Keeping his 9mm pistol trained on the back. Before he was going to say for the person to turn around he noticed that body shape underneath the flight suit seemed peculiar and they also had a shaved head.

“Turn around and face me.”

The person did. It was a woman. Very pretty and attractive looking even with a shaved head.

“Let me guess. You too were going to the desert campaign, but ended up here?”

“Uhhh, no,” said the woman in a sarcastic tone, “I chose to come here.”

“Yeah, well I didn't.”

“So you wanna stop pointing that gun at me?”

“This is X-Death honey and I can blow your sweet little head clean off and it won't bother me none. I sure know it will increase my winnings. Hey, maybe I should.”

The net started to move upwards with the two on it. The man holstered the 9mm pistol and grabbed hold of the net. The woman didn't even flinch to hold on to anything as they rose.

“What's the matter scared of heights?” asked the woman.

“Yeah, think. No I am a fucking acrobat that was raised in the circus.”

The man looked at the woman as they pass by the mound they both fell off of.

“You have a gun?” asked the man.


“Well, you had to have one to get here. Well, do you have one or not?”

“No, I don't have one!”

“Christ, lady. I was just asking.”

The man couldn't help eying up the woman and imagined what type of a body that was underneath that flight suit. The woman seen him and gave him a disgusted look and looked away.

“So what's your name?” he asked.

“Fuck you. I ain't telling you rapist!”

They were almost up to the next mound. The man shook his head and positioned himself a good distance away from the edge and the woman.

“Don't flatter yourself. Screw this. I was gonna suggest working together, but your too much of a fucking cunt. Maybe I should just toss your shaved ass off. You know that shaved head look only works for a very few and you ain't that few it works for. I bet your a dyke.”

“What...what did you say!”

They reached the mound, but the net passed by too fast. Both motioned to jump at the same time. The woman was quicker and jumped off the net onto the mound while the man hesitated. The woman turned around, gave the finger to the man and started off. He was halfway dangling off the net and pulled himself back on top.

“Fucking cunt.” he said.

The net stopped and started to go back down towards the mound it passed by. The man readied himself and jumped off onto the mound. Getting to his feet he started off pursuing the woman. Trailing behind her she was a few mounds in front. They came up to a fork in the road. The woman took the path to the right that led upwards and so the man took the path to the left that led downwards.

“Fuck climbing. Going down is gonna be easier.” the man said.

He could see that he was nearing the last floating mound. There was no portal opening. Reaching the last mound he frantically searched the vast sky around him. Then finally seeing a floating target.


He pulled out the 9mm pistol from the holster, took aim and fired of a shot. The target was hit and it spun around.

“Yeah, baby. Yeah!”

He kissed his gun and holstered it.

He waited a few seconds and then it was a few minutes.

“Son of a bitch. Where is it. What am I waiting for?”

He looked around some more and finally he saw it.

“I can't believe this. How the fuck am I suppose to get to that!”

50 meters directly below him was the portal. Nothing else. The portal was in a horizontal position facing up to him. He got down to his knees near the edge of the floating mound.

“What...no vine to swing on or some other thing to lower me down to it. Why does it look dark blue and not the glowing white?”

He stood up, rubbed his hands together and paced back and forth. He laughed with anxiety and shook his head side to side.

“Okay, so I got to jump. Jump...yeah...well I got the gun if I miss my landing. That will be plan B. Bullet in the head.”

The man rubbed his hands together and stood near the edge. Before he could jump he heard something.

“What the hell is that?”

It was screaming. He looked up to the direction where he thought it was coming from. There she was. He could see her falling in the distance.

“Fuck I should of shot her or thrown her off when I had a chance. Game over for you honey.”

His attention turned back to what he was gonna do.

“Okay, I got to do this right because I only got one chance at this. I make the landing and I get paid. If I don't. I get...well I will get whatever she's going to be getting. Whatever that is I don't want it.”

He stretched out his arms for balance.


He put his left foot out over the edge.


He jumped off the floating mound he was on. Falling at a fast rate, he clenched his teeth and a few seconds later he hit the dark blue portal. He suddenly was underwater. This he wasn't expecting and had no breath and took in some water. Looking up, he swam towards the surface. Breaking the surface he gasped for air, coughed and coughed. Splashing and paddling he bobbed up and down in the water until he balanced out on the surface. Still coughing and spitting he frantically took in his new surroundings and soon realized that he was in a steel tank filled with water. In the middle of the ceiling above him was a hatch. He knew he couldn't reach it as the ceiling was at leash 8 meters above the surface of the water. The wheel handle on the hatch door cranked and it opened. There was a blinding light and he could see the silhouette of head and shoulders of someone.

“Winford!” the person at the hatch opening said.

“Gilbert!” the man said back.

“Winford, Is that you?'

“Yeah. Get me outta here!”

A rope latter was dropped through the hatch way and down into the water below. Winford grabbed a hold, started climbing up and crawled his way out the hatch way. In a soaking mess he slopped onto the floor and rolled on to his back coughing.

“What the hell happened?” he asked in between coughs.

“They fucked up."

“No, shit.”



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