X Death: Specter 2

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During an event Draven is knocked out cold. While he is in a unconscious state his partner Carter tries to keep him alive until the event over.

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



He was floating in darkness. There as a faint sound coming from somewhere in the void. He wasn't falling or moving for that matter. Just suspended in midair. Where was he? Was he dead? The sound grew louder and it was a voice. Carter?! Draven yelled out for Carter in the darkness. No response.

They were in the arena during an event. Carter was crouched behind a metal slab for cover firing his automatic assault rifle in the direction of the on coming hostiles. Turning his attention back to Draven laying on the ground. He was bleeding from multiple torso wounds and a deep cut on his face.

Carter was yelling for Draven to wake up as he was applying dressing to his face wound. Suddenly a blast threw Carter over and across Draven. Rolling and tumbling in the dirt he came to a stop laying on his back. Pain was shooting across both his legs up into his hips. The opposing team was now inside their perimeter firing at everything that moved. Covered in dirt he scrambled for his assault rifle in the dust and smoke.

Draven couldn't remember anything from before. Suddenly he gone from floating in darkness to standing waist deep in a pond in the middle of a jungle. What? Confused he waded across the pond to it's shore and walked out. The jungle had colorful planets and flying insects. One of the insects flew over and landed on his chest. It crawled around and looked up at him then flew away. Strange.

Carter raised the rifle at the first group of hostiles in his line of sight, pressed the trigger, unleashing a fury of rounds. A few of the rounds found there mark, dropping two and sending the rest behind cover. Limping his way to Draven and firing rounds down at the hostiles Carter reached Draven. He quickly searched his combat vest as the hostiles began slowly moving forward to their position. Finding two frag grenades, pulling there pins, Carter lobbed one after the other at the approaching hostiles and ducked back down behind the metal slab as the frag grenades bounced and exploded.

Finding his way out of the jungle he was standing at the edge of a beach. He could see a vast ocean, moving clouds, and the sun was shining. There was a warmth that filled him and he cracked a smile. He walked out on to the beach looking for anyone else. Nobody.

With his rifle ready, Carter peeked over his cover to see the damage. He could see some people screaming out in pain laying on the ground crawling away for cover and others just laid lifeless. Suddenly through the smoke and dust their was movement. He could see a person stand up. The person brushed the dust and debris off themselves. Carter swore to himself as he watched the person reach down to pick up something. He removed a timed charge from his vest, flicked its switch and unzipped his vest.

Walking along the waters edge he heard children laughing and a woman talking. He ran across the beach and into the jungle towards where the voices were coming from. He soon stumbled upon a clearing in the middle of the jungle. There was a fancy vacation type hut and a pond with crystal clear water. He could see two kids swimming in the pond and a woman standing near by watching them. Was it them? He looked closer. It was! Martha, Carla and his wife Heidi. As soon as he was gonna run out towards them a man came walking out of the hut. Draven stopped for a moment to see who it was.

Carter turned back to Draven who was still out cold. Wasting no time Carter grabbed a hold of Draven's vest and started dragging him towards a bunker hatch a few meters away. The last remaining hostile picked up his weapon, cocked it ready and started walking. The person was firing off shots at Carter as he was turning the hatch wheel. Carter could hear the bullets zing and whip pass him. Lifting up the cover, climbing in halfway and pulling Draven to the opening. Carter could see the last hostile climb over the metal slab and jump down. The man noticed that there was a vest down by his feet. He raised his weapon at Carter and Draven. With one final pull, Carter and Draven fell down the hatch opening as bullets flew pass and hit the surround area they once were. Seconds later there was an explosion. The last hostile's body was scattered all over the place.

Draven crouched behind a plant with huge leaves to hide behind. Insects flew by and landed on his shoulders and head. He studied the man and then there was a feeling of confusion. The man looked like him, but was different. He was the man, but with blonde hair. What did it mean? Did she find someone else? Why? He suddenly had a feeling of betrayal wash over him and soon it turned to anger. He turned to leave, but took one last look. The man had his wife Heidi in his arms holding her. Both were staring in each others eyes smiling and kissed. Then the kids Carla and Martha both ran up to them had hugged them both. Draven felt sick and angry and turned and walked away. Stomping through the jungle he suddenly felt pressure on his chest and began to feel dizzy. He stumbled out onto the beach sand and fell to his knees holding his chest. What was happening to him? The pressure grew to the point he couldn't breath. Gasping for air he fell to his back in the sand staring up at the passing clouds. Then he felt a thud against his chest.

Draven suddenly woke up with a gasp.

“Hey, Draven!” Carter shouted hunched over Draven, “Draven! You lucky son of bitch!”

“Fuuuuck! What the hell happened to my face?”

“You crazy son of bitch. You don't remember anything do you?”

“What? No. We still in the game?”

“Yeah, thanks to you. Games over. Come on.”

Carter helped Draven to his feet and held him up.

“We have to find the portal and get the hell outta here. Over there.”


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