X-Death: The Shifting Sands

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On the Earth like planet of Xenthia there's a televised tournament called "X-Death". Volunteers sign up to compete with each other in ultraviolent death matches.

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



“Okay, here we go!” shouted the T.V. Commentator, “welcome back, everyone. This is Archangel and my trusty sidekick Quinn Corwin! I hope you didn't kill yourself over the break because of your insatiable appetite to see who won between The Killers and Ironclad!”

“That's right, Archangel,” said Quinn Corwin, “for those of you just joining us. We just finished match 7. A team Handicap. The Killers, former Desert Commandos from the Xenthia quadrant. All seen combat during the five year civil war and deployment on the Rava shores and with their training and combat experience they make for a difficult team to break.”

“These battle harden mother fuckers seen bloodshed,” Archangel added, “and survived a deployment on the sandy beaches of Xenthia where the oceans fierce warrior clans attacked every chance they got. I give respect to these guys and their guts for volunteering. So here's The Killers roll call!”

Quinn Corwin began introducing The Killers, “Sergeant Marks, a natural born leader with nerves of steel. Corporal Smith, an experienced sniper with an unquestionable loyalty. Private Lacy, she kills just a good as her looks. Private Andrew, young father of three and Private Joel, just got married to his high school sweet heart and are expecting their first child. These six are just some of the finest to grace us for the ultimate world competition in X-Death.”

“Now for my recent favorite who has joined the ranks of X-Death,” Archangel growled, “served 30 years in the deep ocean prison Red Coral for killing 150 innocent and not so innocent people. The grim reaper of the Rava deserts, Ironclad! 6'6”and 250lbs of sheer killer instinct. This bad mother fucker did his time and could of walked away from Red Choral after his sentence to lead a better life. The killer instinct inside of him is so great that he chose to kill again, but this time for glory, for honor, for money, for fame and of course, for your viewing pleasure!”

“Ironclad is probably one of the top contenders for this tournament,” said Quinn Corwin, “now lets look at the playback highlights from the match.”


The tournament was held in the Rings of Saturn Arena 78,000 people were in attendance and countless millions of viewers watched. The layout of the area that the match took place was of desert landscape that spread over 8kms in length and 6kms wide. In the middle of the arena is a large urban center with towers and three small town ruins on the outside, armored vehicles combat equipped parked in various locations along with weapons and ammunition scattered throughout. The weather conditions can be manipulated to severe wind storms, drenching rain and scorching hot sun. It could even be manipulated to day or night. The competitors could use anything and do anything to win. Competitors are combat equipped that varies to the match and as well with the time limits. Each team is equipped with a monitor that gives them a map of the layout and an enemy locator, but when closing in at a certain distance the enemy locator will stop working to give the opponents more of a chance to seek and destroy.


The Killers were tightening their equipment and doing their final checks as they stand together in front of the gate entrance in the dimly lit north bay. Sgt. Mark was inspecting his fellow team members for the last time. The three private's were chatting amongst themselves and Cpl. Smith was calibrating the field map on his monitor strapped to his left forearm. After inspecting the team Sgt. Mark checked the team's communications and gave the team a pep talk about the battle they were heading into. He talked about their opponent, what his background was, about raising above with honor and duty, and finally going over the plan of attack. After the speech an X-Death employee walked up to him and said it's time. Sgt. Mark ordered the team in formation facing the entrance gate.

Waiting behind the entrance gate in the south bay in the darkness was Ironclad standing mumbling to himself. Since it was a team handicap and Ironclad was by himself, he was equipped with heavy body armor, heavy weapons and an armored vehicle to start off with. He raised one of his gloved hands in front of his face and was looking at it as if he was studying it and was still mumbling. Spending 30 years in Red Coral does something to a person as they never see the light of day, feel the open wind or heat from the sun on their skin. One of the X-Death employee's in the south bay shouted at him that it was time. Ironclad snapped out of his haze, climbed up into the armored vehicle, sat in the driver's seat, turned the ignition key and the engine roared to life. Listening to the rumbling and feeling the vibrations of the engine. Ironclad strapped his helmet on, tightened his gloves, looked over the driver's dash panel, flicking switches and placing both hands on the steering wheel. The red light that emitted from the dash panel bathed Ironclad as he sat waiting.

Above each gate was a panel that turned on with the number 5. The Killers team watched the count down, 5...4...3...2...1... Then a phrase blinked on the panel “Fight with courage, die with honor”. An alarm beeped with yellow flashing warning lights as the north bay entrance gate unlocked and opened. There was a rush of hot wind blowing sand into the north gate bay. The Killers team could only see a couple of meters out pass the entrance gate as the blowing sand was thick. Sgt. Mark raised his left hand and pointed straight out in front of him to signal the rest and started off through the open north gate. One by one the rest of The Killers team followed disappearing into the sand storm.

Ironclad watched the numbers count down and read the phrase “Fight with courage, die with honor”. The south bay entrance gate opened up with the yellow flashing warning lights with the alarms beeping. Once the gate doors cleared his vehicle's radius, he tightened his grip on the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal. The engine roared and the back tires spun, spitting sand out from the back. Ironclad drove out into the sand storm disappearing. The gate doors started to close slowly.

The Killers made there way over and in between sand dunes coming up to Town 1. Getting out of the storm Sgt. Mark decided to make their stand in the Town 1 and wait for Ironclad to come to them. Cpl. Smith uploaded the towns map to the rest of the team. All of them could see the their opponent as a red dot on their monitors. The red dot that was Ironclad. He already passed Town 2 and was heading through the center towers. Sgt. Mark gave his orders to the team and they set out. Town 2 only had about 20 buildings and a small downtown.

Ironclad had no tactical strategy of any kind, but the only one he knew of was to kill anyway he can. The center towers were crumbling, busted and burnt vehicles from past battles littered the streets and the sand was swallowing up everything. Checking his monitor he could see six red dots that were The Killers located in Town 1. Exiting the center towers and heading right for Town 1, Ironclad turned on the weapons systems. He engaged the homing missiles with a flick of a switch.

Pvt. Joel and Pvt. Andrew were hiding out in one of the crumbling buildings on the second floor. They were talking about how famous and rich they will be after this tournament and what they will do with the money. Pvt. Joel talked about buying a house with the money and taking his wife and new born on a trip to Earth. Pvt. Andrew started to complain about the sand storm and that they couldn't see anything. Pvt. Joel suggested they move up to the roof. Both made their way up on to the roof. The sand storm cleared up a bit and they set up position. Pvt. Andrew said they had a better view, but were vulnerable. Pvt. Joel noticed the red dot on his monitor was gone so that meant Ironclad was in range. Pvt. Andrew loaded up a rocket in the rocket launcher and hung it on his right shoulder. He scanned their zone with the sight on the rocket launcher and couldn't see Ironclad. Where the hell is he? Pvt. Joel lowered the rocket launcher while Pvt. Andrew was still scanning their zone. Then he saw a trail of dust and a vehicle out in front of it. He cursed out load and yelled for Private Joel to shoot. Pvt. Joel raised the rocket launcher and looked through its sight. He could see four missiles closing fast in on them. He quickly fired off the rocket launcher, sending three rockets out to Ironclad approaching. Seconds later the four missiles hit their location on the roof of the building.

Ironclad made an adjustment to the direction he was driving in and the three rockets hit the sand, exploding a few meters away from him as he passed by the flames and shrapnel. Closing in on Town 1 he entered in through the east side. He started taking fire from various buildings where The Killers were hiding out. Driving down the middle of the streets all he could hear was the rattling of bullets hitting his armored vehicle. He fired of more missiles on areas he was receiving fire from.

The battle raged on for 8 hours as Ironclad and The Killers team maneuvered through the streets, back alleys and buildings. The Killer team lobed grenades, fired their automatic rifles and heavy machine guns, laid landmines and claymores as Ironclad returned heavy machine gun fire, shot off missiles and rammed through buildings and barricades. The winds died down to a warm breeze as the sun set in the distance. 3 were all that remained.

Ironclad had no more missiles left and half of the ammo for his mounted machine guns were depleted and the fuel gauge was on empty. Sitting in the smoky cockpit drivers seat he looked over the red glowing dash panel and read the diagnostics. The vehicle took a lot of damage. The armored vehicle's windows were cracked and there were numerous bullet holes from armored piercing rounds. One of the rounds that penetrated the window hit him on the left side of his lower chest. Luckily the heavy body armor stopped a bit of the round, but it still went through. A rib must have been cracked and it hurt to breath. He slid a bare hand underneath his heavy body armor and felt something warm and wet. He raised his wet bare hand in front of him. The through the smokey interior he could see that it was blood. He coughed as the smoke in the cockpit grew thicker. One of two surviving members of The Killer team had taped a flare to a fuel canister and threw it from the roof of one of the buildings and it had landed right in the open cargo hold in the back. The cargo hold was still burning and smoldering. The armored vehicle was toast. With a flick of a switch a compartment on the exterior of the vehicle open up. Inside the compartment was a heavy machine gun with ammo. Pressing a few dials on the dash panel to activate the self-destruct and autopilot, he drove into the middle of the street and stopped.

Cpl. Smith and Pvt. Lacy were hiding out behind the corner of a building just down the street. Cpl. Smith told Pvt. Lacy that this was their chance to finish off Ironclad. There was no way that the armored vehicle wasn't going anywhere and Ironclad was hurt as he was the one with the lucky shot. We don't have much time and get ready he told her.

15 minutes ago, Sgt. Mark and Pvt. Lacy were running for their lives as Ironclad was driving after them. They ran into a store and as they were running down the aisles, Ironclad drove into the store front windows shooting at them with the mounted machine guns. The bullets were hitting all around Sgt. Mark and Pvt. Lacy as they ran to the back dropping landmines along the way. They exited through the back door of the store into the back alley. Sgt. Mark ran one way and Pvt. Lacy ran the other. They could hear the explosions as Ironclad drove over the landmines and finally burst out the back store wall into the back alley crashing into the next building. Ironclad was stuck as he tried reversing and driving forward, turning the front wheels side to side as the back wheels kicked sand. Sgt. Mark stopped halfway down the back alley and radioed everyone to hit Ironclad with everything they got. All three started shooting and throwing grenades.

Cpl. Smith was standing at the ledge on the roof top of the building that Ironclad was stuck in. He picked up a fuel canister that he prepared into napalm. He unscrewed the cap, lit the flare that was taped to the side and dropped it down into the back alley. It landed in the back cargo hold and exploded with flames engulfing the back of Ironclad's vehicle. He loaded up his high powered sniper rifle, cocked it and leaned over the ledge and started firing off rounds down into the cockpit of Ironclads armored vehicle. A minute later missiles shot out of the top of the armored vehicle as one of the mounted heavy machine guns turned towards Sgt. Mark. Within seconds the ledge that Cpl. Smith was leaning over exploded and the mounted heavy machine guns started shooting. Sgt. Mark was hit multiple times in both legs and his right shoulder exploded as a bullet ripped it apart. His arm fell to the ground with him landing beside it screaming out in agony as blood squirted out of this bloody stump. Then a second set of missiles shot out the top of the armored vehicle up into the air, circled around and headed back down. Sgt. Mark saw the missiles from above coming down onto him. He yelled out load as the missiles exploded as they hit the ground around him and finally a missile hitting him, exploding him into bloody pieces. Ironclad reversed out of the building he was stuck in, through the one he drove through and back out on to the street and stopped.

Cpl. Smith told Pvt. Lacy that the weak spot on the vehicle was the cockpit. He handed her a rocket launcher with two rockets. She loaded up a rocket as Cpl. Smith reloaded his sniper rifle and gave the order to go. The both of them ran out into the street. Cpl. Smith drew the fire from the mounted heavy machine guns as Pvt. Lacy aimed and fired off a rocket at Ironclad's vehicle. The cockpit exploded sending shrapnel in all directions. Pvt. Lacy quickly reloaded the rocket launcher and aimed again. Ironclad's armored vehicle exploded again leaving a destroyed burning frame with billowing black smoke raising into the air. Pvt. Lacy lowered the rocket launcher and looked over at Cpl. Smith and they both smiled and laughed. Pvt. Lacy yelled to Cpl. Smith that they didn't. They killed Ironclad.

Just as Cpl. Smith approached Pvt. Lacy. There was the sound of an automatic machine gun shooting and Cpl. Smith's chest, arms and legs exploded with blood as bullets ripped through him. Falling to his knee's and crying out in pain, his throat then exploded as a few bullets tore through. Ironclad stepped out from behind the burning wreckage of what once was his armored vehicle and turned his automatic machine gun to Pvt. Lacy and before she could raise and fire off a rocket at Ironclad. He shot off multiple rounds in her direction. She was hit in the abdomen, dropping her rocket launcher and falling to the ground on her back. She looked over to Cpl. Smith's lifeless body laying a few meters from her hoping he was somehow still alive. Ironclad walked up to her and stopped at her feet looking down at her. She looked back up at him. He was wearing a black combat balaclava that cover his face and the only thing that she could see was his bloodshot eyes piercing into her soul. He raised his automatic machine gun pointing it at her. She pleaded for him not to kill her, over and over again. He squeezed the trigger. Her head exploded apart in a bloody mess with skull, hair, brain matter and both of her eyeballs.

“You lose...” Ironclad whispered.


“Wow, what a bloody fucking battle!” Archangel shouted, “lets take another look at the last highlight reel of the match!”

“What a way to go out,” Quinn Corwin said, “almost had him, but Ironclad proved to be the better opponent. He fought and chopped his way into the semi-finals of the tournament.”

“We the people have definitely got our monies worth!”

“That's right, now he will be going up against a fellow ex-con from Red Coral. He's a bad mother fucker just like him. Now it's time to see which one of them will rise above!”



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