Night My Mistress

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A description of my love affair with night.

Submitted: June 27, 2009

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Submitted: June 27, 2009



Night My Mistress
Nicaris Daniels-Porter
As the arrogant Day becomes humbled,
Lady Night rises gently from her slumber.
Her elegant brooch, the moon, timid,
But its owner even humbler.
The moon provides a pleasant blush,
A mysterious shade of blue.
But her gentle face is never shown,
The sky too dark a hue.
My love for her is bold and true,
For she cares for all and glows with love.
All things are given renewed beauty,
By the light she casts from above.
Some prefer her sister, the loud and boisterous Day,
But I find the night more beautiful.
Her modesty makes her glow of bright,
It blinds me not, unlike the Day, which glows each night in full.
Night the only one who loves me, as I do her,
We share a unique bond of matrimony.
She my mistress and I her gentleman,
When I lay in pleasant dress before the stars, I am never lonely.
Her presence alone puts me at ease,
Able to escape the cruel Day’s fire.
Allowed to always rest as I please,
The Day allowing none, to fit her desire.
Her soft voice the very wind,
It gently whispers in my ear.
Of great and everlasting love,
As long as I am near.

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