Order 18

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A real life experience ^w^
Not exactly love, more of inspiration

Note - I just noticed about the cut off at the end, so here is the last thing it said:
I’ll remember her as fearless. I wish that I was as fearless as her.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



“Order 18, order 18, your order is ready.” Two more numbers until my breakfast pocket’s done. My sister, Hillary, munched away on her pocket as I nibbled down on one of her hash browns. We were sitting at Carl’s Jr. in front of the cash register, so I can basically see anyone passing by, ordering food. First person to order was a man, almost a head taller than I am. Hella tall right there! Second one, a dad (he wore home clothes and had a small beard, showing that he is working hard to support his family) ordered something for his wife and little boy. The last, however, was the most eye-catching of the bunch. A girl stood behind her parents, wearing only a gray jacket, colored shirt, gray sweats, and brown slippers. Her socks were pink and reddish pink stripes. Her hair shined bright yellow. What isn’t there to leave out? Her eyes stared ahead, not noticing people her age around her, let alone next to her! If I was in her place, I’d look around for people my age to be here to feel comfortable first of all. Second, she was intrepid, so fearless! She even kept smiling in line while talking to her parents about the order. I’d freak out if I didn’t have someone the same age in the place or even look like I’m at home. Never had I seen someone as brave as her to walk right in a fast food place in the middle of the street (not much teens go to places in the middle of the road), not looking for anyone her age, not caring how she looked, she was the bravest person I had ever seen. And here I am, looking like a shadow compared to her. I continue to perceive her bravery, studying how she does it all, until her parents turn around and walked to their table near the door. I instantly looked down at the wet floor sign next to her foot, feeling ashamed, no irate, that I was checking her out! That isn’t like me to do such a thing! I froze at the spot, like a freaked out rabbit, staring at the wet floor sign. She left, walking past me to her parent’s table. She didn’t notice me, I knew that much. She brushed past me, leaving only five inches of space between us, then leaving more distance each step. “Number 20, number 20, your order is ready.” I snapped out of trance and went up to the cash register for my order. “Thank you.” I grabbed my pocket and munched away on it. My luck seemed to turn me hapless since her table was right in my line of sight. Fortunately for me, her seat was pointing away from me. Unfortunately, her dad was facing my direction. My sister and I sat in silence, eating away out pockets and time. My courage was being eaten away as her dad kept facing me. Hillary finally finished and I stuffed all the wrappers into the bag and headed for the trash can and passed the girl. I then heard the father say her name. Claire huh? I’ll remember her as fearless. I wish that I w

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