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This was yet another story spun by inspiration. I could say it was true ^w^. I was thinking about "Fireworks" by Katey Parry and Prom the movie when I was typing this out ^w^.

I cannot, however, fix the unnecessary space that keeps happening whenever I start a new paragraph, as seen at the top part. Any solutions?

Let's hope I didn't make any grammatical or spelling mistakes as the last oe did ^w^;.

Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



  It was a beautiful starry night when I came to the tallest building in the market to wait for someone. This was my first time going on a date.

  I dressed a little "cool" to fit the occasion. I wore my favorite jeans, black and gray stripe jacket, and a blue shirt with a wolf design. I left my gray t-shirt in my bag in case I felt too uncomfortable in the wolf shirt.

It was around half an hour when she came.
She turned from the small crowd of people surrounding her. She waved back and ran towards me. 
There were 2 other people with her. One was a girl with long brown hair and the guy with her was probably her boyfriend since she clung onto him.
"Hey Ken. This is Ailin and Mort." They both shook hands with me as she introduced them.
  "Mort's short for Mortimer," Mort said. Cool name.
"Is it ok if we double date?"
  Not exactly what I had in mind, but...
I shrugged. "Sure, let's all have fun."
We all went outside and went around, through the food area and bought ourselves dinner.
  We then split into 2 groups: Faith and I in one and Mort and Ailin in the other. I felt better about this now.
  Faith and I went to the clothes district of the marketplace, where I bought a green jacket with white lining on the zipper, hood, and outline of jacket. Faith bought herself a long red, flowing dress that had straps that were designed to cross over each other.
We went back to the same building we met up at and changed in the bathrooms. She went into her dress and I replaced my shirt with the one I packed and my jacket with the new one I bought.
When we both walked out of the bathrooms, I stared at her with awe. She looked beautiful.
She hugged herself. "It's kinda chilly, can I borrow-"
I grabbed the stripe jacket from my bag and wrapped it on her shoulders. "Thanks."
  I grabbed her hand and led her to the roof.
The sky was full of stars. As soon as I opened the door, she walked ahead and spun under it. I took a seat on the ground and laid down, she did the same.
We counted the stars, talked about what each star looked like. I had pointed out a dancer (kinda did look like a person dancing) and she pointed out a heart, flower, animals, all the things I just noticed after she pointed them out.
We then counted the shooting stars that shot through the sky.
She then got up and I did the same thing. She said, "This feels almost perfect."
She then bent down to me and then the stars flew all round us.
  It was like a shooting star had come and ran through me.
  I loved it.
  "Now it's perfect."

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