A War Without

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A short, simple and I guess almost childish poem with deep thoughts about war.

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012





War is like suffering without hope

Would you suffer if there was no hope of an end to it?


War is like days without food

War is like living without water

War is like a house without a roof

 Would you build shelter without a roof?


War is like children without parents

War is like communities without people

War is like Christmas without relatives

Would you spend Christmas alone?


War is like anger without purpose

War is like control without power

War is like religion without belief

Would you follow God if you didn’t believe he existed?


War is like soldiers without weapons

War is like manoeuvre without thought

War is like battles without advances

War is like pain without relief

Would you go through pain if you knew there would be no relief?


War is like life without death

Would you choose to live on when everyone you loved had died?






We continue to fight;

And never seem to realise

That War itself is without that crucial thing;








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