From Dust to Dust

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These lyrics I wrote a while ago - deals with the concept of time, history and our legacy after death.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012





Light gleams across oceans outlining peaceful memories of times sunk below the depths

As fish swim between the jagged bones of forgotten vessels searching for answers lost long ago

A single corpse nestles in the comfort of tangled green shining in the mottled shadows

Nameless and undiscovered it remains nothing to the world as the world remains nothing to it

Once a living breathing being of flesh and thoughts reduced to mere bones and shattered dreams


Dust to dust


As time picks away everything we know, slowly and without mercy

Six years of life buried six feet under ground

The constant battering and scratching of the seconds returning the work of years to nothing


Dust to dust


For seconds of the earth’s life our lungs fill with air and as living we remain few among the many

Dead to the world in our own hopeless battle for a righteous and just legacy

We toil and fight and love and play on a beautiful earth tainted by the darkness of our own sins


While the nameless lie beneath our feet

Waiting for another’s company beneath the cold earth

Waiting for the inevitable


Dust to dust


Heed the warning in every grain of sand, every ounce of dirt that we shamelessly walk on

For we live on the remnants of lost brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers

Ancestors now bound endlessly to the fruitful soils from which we fuel our lives


And as time has waited for no man

Don’t think time will wait for you

For the cycle is eternal


Dust to dust.

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