An extended metaphor about depression.

Depression is a black hole. It’s dark and terrifying
The darkness surrounds you, creeping, crawling, and whispering things of hate in your ear
It sucks you in,
Making you feel powerless and weak
Like you’re no longer able to defend yourself
It traps you in its depths
Making you feel terrible and hopeless
The life you lead in this darkness is full of falsehood and deceit
This depression, this black hole it changes you
Changes you into something that you don’t want to be
And it keeps you in your despair and misery
The black hole is merciless
It takes over your life, and leaves you with nothing
Nothing but your anguish and pain
Even though you take it out on other people, you still hate only yourself
Though I am as trapped as you are
In my own black hole that never lets me go
I’ve given up, for I’ve no hope
No one to rescue me,
Or even save me from myself…
Depression is a black hole and I am sadly, part of it…

Submitted: December 04, 2009

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