Touched By Evil Part 2

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No one event made me who I am today. Even my older brother shares some of the blame. In my mind there exists a palace of memories, few of which are good. Much can be learned from me if you don't fall into my web of madness first.

Submitted: February 14, 2019

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Submitted: February 14, 2019



My older brother whom I will call Marvin was a honor roll student during grade school and high school. He was a seemingly healthy all American kid in a white neighborhood. He once had more prospects for a happy life then I ever enjoyed.

His descent into madness was different from my own. With me I was bullied a lot in school because I was considered Autistic and this contributed to my own personal break down from which I never fully recovered. Yet with my brother it was drugs that ruined his life and added to my prarents growing problem. A realization that my brother and me had become the embodiment of their ugliness living out there worst nightmare.

Marvin did good in school but during his senoir year his best freind got him mixed up on drugs. Mike was always a basterd in my eyes and my father never liked him either. My parents having been social misfits themselves knew what he was the moment my brother invited him to their house one night. Pot and shrooms were the drug of choice for Marvin and Mike.

My brother and father did not get along because my older brother was only my half brother and not the actual son of my father. Marvin always sought my father's favor and listened intently to his stories about his teenage years doing lots of drugs, robbing houses, and selling narcotics. I guess the only way in my brother's eyes to win love was to go about life with a "Look what crazy thing I can do!" mantality. So his drug abuse continued into my brother's first job at UPS and he did move in with this Mike guy for a little while.

The culture at the Minneapolis UPS at the time was of heavy drug use, drinking, and cutting corners on the job. Marvin only lasted two years at UPS and he finally left when the manager's illegal behaviors exceeded his own.

I remember before it all went to hell. Me and my brother would play video games together and had a fairly normal relationship. We did fight but then again most brother's do. When he was normal he was the popular kid who always put bullies in their place when he caught them picking on me. Sad to say that nothing lasts forever.

When my parents got back together after their divorce they had this idiotic idea to move us out of Minneapolis and into a small town near cambridge. This proved to be a dire mistake.

My brother took a job at the local Mcdonalds where he still used drugs. He was at this point a functioning addict on the brink of losing control. He held onto that job for five years and became a swing manager. When my dim witted father got the bright idea to set him up with a mildly retarded woman with a criminal background, his mask of sanity was at last torn off! 

She was a wild girl who had my brother wrapped around her finger. After only a month they became engaged to marry and neither her family nor my family thought this was a good idea. It became obvious when my brother's drug use got worse and then the  bitch tells my brother in a public mall that she would "Abort any child my brother impregnated her with." This would be the cause of my brother's alcoholism ultimately.

Soon she and my brother would fight everyday. Can you imagine it? We all lived together under one roof. I had to endure listening to them fuck each other every night and then they began fighting. The shouting and cursing was both loud and irritating. My parents would get involved and the arguing would continue until late at night

This slut broke off the engagement for another man and after my brother became too controlling and possessive she filed a restraining order against him which he broke. He was arrested and spent ninety days in jail. He lost his job and began abusing shrooms more carelessly.

As his delusions progressed he believed himself a pro wrestler, a marine, a devil. He caused all sorts of trouble for me and my parents. Raving about a gateway to hell in our backyard. He hardly ever would sleep or eat normally. Eventually my father beat him senseless infront of me and was himself arrested and spent a few months in jail.

My mother was at her wits end and had my brother commited to a mental hospital in Cambridge. He lives in a group home now and his once atheltic body is morbidly obese from the medications the doctor's have him on. Let this be a lesson drug users and advocates of legalizing pot. The brain damage caused by drug use is permanent and the delusions you'll suffer from will never go away. Always my brother is put on new medications which offer little benefit. He used to be healthy but these days he is pre diabetic.

It was during his first stay at the mental hospital before he was placed in adult foster care that I joined the navy partly in a futile effort to replace his income that my parents no longer had access to. We all know how that turned out.

I wish he'd snap out of it. He can still drive a car but he is not what he used to be. His medicines are dangerous, far more then mine. He could have a stroke and lose his ability to drive and then where will he be? I'd hate to see him in a state run asylum or nursing home.

Any fool can see where my hatred of God comes from. Any one who has a chance to change their fate best do so before they share mine!

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