Not Tomorrow

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A segment of my first novel perhaps...

Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



All she had ever wanted was to be happy, to feel wanted and alive again, loved. The last few months had been incredible, beyond incredible. Amazing how such a chance encounter could restore her belief in life, help the past disappear, felt like a dream. A dream that she never wanted to end.

But end it must……the  day had arrived. Life could get no better than this. Only one way it could now go and she couldn’t let that happen. It had to stay like this…forever…always.

The first few pills went down easily, suppose that’s ok with the brain, the subconscious mind. The next few were harder, sticking in throat, clumsily dropping them on the floor, some kind of survival instinct ? Too late now she thought, I have to do this. As the last few were swallowed the doubts dissipated and she knew this had to be done, didn't it ? As the vodka numbed her thoughts, she lay back, drowsy now and as she cradled her small bump "sorry" was all she could say to him as she slipped into unconsciousness…..

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