the wonder why?

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i just started writing and this come out, from one line, but i use lot of my beliefs i have had, and life's hard we never know what to do, like we need someone to tell us what to do so re will make the right move! ps and it also has allot to do with death like what we leave behind,just read it and you will understand! well i hope!

Submitted: August 21, 2011

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Submitted: August 21, 2011



I have not your great surprise, to are own dimensions,
let as walk though the reels of life, like stolen confidence,
are Polaris to own our divine, like are hammers that hammer are houses together,

are stage in life is the place we walk, the place we stand,
the place we hold are head, but we have no future hear!
let us walk away with out any regret, can we handle the great unknown!
lets us be ship wrecked, on are deserted island , we will handle the who it may concern later!
but the who it may concern is us! may we walk away, with out the pools of fear!
our dreaded unknown!!!!

can we wait and hold for something great! is their no reply out their,
we need no reason why! but a understanding of the journey,
sometimes are journeys throughout life ,lead us to great heartache, and emotional exclusion!
we will always wonder why, as we take that journey ,that leads to pain, and confusion!
but if we never take that journey , i guess it would leave us, with the same wonder why!!
may we still have the same regret, its just the unknown , that keeps everyone guessing!

i wish, for all the wisdom.
with all the answers! i wish for the, fortune teller,
that comes bearing great news!
that always leads to the right path!
but i guess is the unknown ,that makes life interesting, keeps us guessing,
on our toes, the sad makes, the good great, in my simplest tongue,
i explain!!!

may are beast in life be us?
the one that captivates are own sorrow!
the one that leads as to temptation, to unbearable pain!
are worst person, we know ,is are self!
a mind is to powerful, for anyone to control!
so we must do are best!!!!
in the search for inner peace!!!
i must leave you, with deep thought,
and the wonder why?
and the tic tac, to are own demise!!!

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