One Week From Thursday

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One week ago from next thursday, i will recive some bad news. and only today will we talk about it, but as "friends".
an amazing date today, a great day all around, but you will end it by crushing what hope you have built in the days since one week from next thursday, and we will talk about the man i lost to in the competition of your heart.

ill fight for you, but i wont fight for your heart.
I'll do everything in my power to make even the slightest bit of your day better, I'll be there when you need me, and I'll miss you when i cant be there.
But I'm a winner, and if you can't see that, and someone else wins your heart, then it wasn't my loss.

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008






One week ago Wednesday, you will be in my kitchen late at night, and you will ask me, “What are we?”

One week ago Wednesday I will tell you what I think.


One week ago Thursday I will wake to roll over to kiss you while you sleep. The only thing that will matter is your body heat besides me. Class will start, and I will stay, as I gently drag my fingertips up and down your arm. Hopefully you will have liked it.


One week ago Thursday, we will wake at “cigarette-thirty” and I will have watched you fill your lungs with your habit. And for the first time, I will have had no problem with it. We will drive back to your house, the house with no parking, and I will curse your home as it stops me from walking you to your door. We will kiss, and part ways, and I will have driven home without your heat besides me.


One week ago Thursday, my head will buzz. How can I make your next day better? How can I have your heat back? But one week ago Thursday, I will get your cursed phone call. I will get any remaining heat sucked from my precious body through your words.


“You know I will be moving soon”


“And you know I can’t get attached”


“And you still want me?”

“Of coarse”



“There is another”


One week ago Thursday, why would I finish out the day?

One week ago Thursday, how am I to carry on?


“Can we just be friends?”


One week ago Thursday, I will agree to that arrangement.

I will submit myself to an agonizing week of a bleeding heart. And as I sit thinking back, I should have thought;

“Cant you just destroy my heart and be done with it?”

Just finish it off, don’t leave it squirming and bleeding for you, taunting it with your warmth, as it slowly dies alone in the cold.


One week ago Thursday night, I will not sleep. I will spend 6 hours wondering what has changed in the last 24. Because one week ago Wednesday, I told you that I cared. And you told me that you wouldn’t stab my exposed organ, that you would give it warmth.

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