Thinking of you every night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Liking someone


We think we are important, but nothing in the world will ever change because of us.

No matter what happens, wind will keep on blowing, rain will keep on falling.

Everything and everyone change,

But what wont change is my feeling towards you.


Watching the snow fall on a Saturday morning,

I ask myself if I should continue, or give up.

No one understands my feelings,

Want to meet you, want to escape…


I can no longer guess your thoughts and excuses.

The tender from the beginning exist no longer.

I want to open my mouth, and pled for you to stay…

Cause I don’t have the courage to see you leave.


Holding a cup of tea until its gets cold, I know I’ve been thinking of you again.

How much space do you have for me in your heart,

It is only you that can tell me,

I believe I will be happy by the answer.


Yesterday, I wanted to see your back as you walk that same street to the bus station,

When I opened the door I saw you walk alone in my direction.

I think you saw me, not sure since I panicked and closed the door to silently walk away,

When will I ever find the courage… to wish you a happy holiday.


Please don’t leave; I don’t want your shadow to disappear from my line of sight,

Please don’t turn around; I don’t want you to see my eyes that follow you around,

Please don’t come near me; I’m afraid to what will happen once we break that barrier,

Are you hinting something? Please just say it out loud.


Fuck you for screwing up my grades,

Fuck you for making me think of you every night,

Fuck you for all the regrets I keep on getting,

Fuck you for everything that has gone wrong between us.


I still like you through 

Submitted: March 31, 2012

© Copyright 2022 The duck . All rights reserved.

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Hai Chukwumaeze

I feel for you man, i've been there too, it will work out, i promise :D

Sat, March 31st, 2012 8:37am

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