Bleeding Dove

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Submitted: May 19, 2010

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Submitted: May 19, 2010




A mask with hope upon it's face

Hope for love which I so crave

The lies and hate inside the mask

The lies of which I feel the wrath

The cut is for the hope you rasied

The blood your meal, the seed of hate

I sit numb in my empty shell

Seeing through your mask which fell

It crashed to the ground and splattered like rain

Each drop of blood a drop of my pain

You held my hand, you said you were in love

Just a lie turned to blood

Drop by drop and tear by tear

It cannot attempt to come near

The pain you've brought the time you took

My continuous tears wich you have crooked

A crook of life a crook of love

You gave birth to and killed the dove

The serpent in the grass has struck

The pain washed and my emotions sucked

Into a well where I must dive

And try to come out holding my pride

Shovel by shovel I clear the dirt

To bury my soul soaked in hurt

Im dead inside I miss the pain

I miss the cold of the rain

I miss the sweet heat of the sun

I miss the times when life was fun

When I was young and didn't know

The miseries of having to grow

I luaghed I played I swung I sang

But now i've been crippled by the fang

A fang which was covered by a beautiful mask

The fang of your hate of your lies of your lust

Your last heartbreak, your last deciet

You have won I have been beat

Goodbye my love, my former love

Beautiful as the big white dove

The dove which has been struck to the ground

Bleeding from the wounds of sound

Waiting to die, waiting to be

Stripped of this lifes misery

© Copyright 2018 Matthew Swanton . All rights reserved.

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