Daddy Wasn't There

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Daddy issues make you seek validation from males, even tho they may not be the best ones.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




Daddy Wasn't There

You’re one of those people that one can always talk to,

Knowing that you will try to be true.

That stubborn kid that keeps you on your feet,

One that drums his own beat.

One that will always be honest,

But also a person that will stay modest.

One that will always tell you how they feel,

Even if it makes your brain reel.

One that is almost an addiction,

One who’s opinion can be an affliction,

But you know that it isn’t meant to be one,

He’s saying it because you want it done.

He will be the one to numb all the pain

He is the Novocain.

They will be there for you until they get tired,

And they have to get away because they feel they have been wired.

But don’t mistake that as them hating you,

Take it as them getting a break with a view.

He is a good person at heart,

But sometimes he has got to part.

It may seem like he doesn’t give rat’s ass,

But realize he has the right to pass,

At any moment he wants to,

at the end of the day he is just a friend to you.

Nothing more nothing less,

In fact you may be causing him stress,

With all those cutting questions you ask,

When you demand he doesn’t pass.

You see he is a good thing and a bad one too,

But at least you get to be in his view

For those few moments

Even though he can be a bit potent.

He is a person that will leave you vulnerable

But at that same time very comfortable.

You try your best to do what you can to be around him

Even if that means acting as if you are not a sin ,

Even though you know you really are,

You are the attraction he is the star.

Hold the fuck up he isn’t that great,

But still one that you will await




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