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A poem filled with random thoughts

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




I feel as though I am going through a writer’s block

Maybe I don’t have enough artistic stock.

But as I question myself about this complication,

I keep telling and reminding myself to be patient.

So here I am sitting myself down to write this,

If it is a poem I type, I feel complete bliss.

A deep bliss that I can feel in my bones,

A dense bliss, one that is as dense as stones.

I feel as though I can voice my life,

And get rid of my everlasting strife.

I finished my first semester of my second year,

But I am living in complete and utter fear.

Of the grades I will receive for my classes,

A lot of others wish they hadn’t sat on their asses,

And pussyfooted and actually taken shit serious,

But I tell you the starting of finals had me delirious.

I have never felt so stressed in all of my 19 years

But it’s okay because this semester I am shifting gears.

Gears that will get my ready and back in the game,

So that I don’t end up doing the exact same.

Same as I did the years before

Hopefully I’ll walk away with a higher score

Writer’s block is a strangely funny thing

Because I feel as though I can just say anything

Anything that sits and festers in my head

And is continuously there when I awake from my bed

It stays with me until I write it all out

Then it’s written out and not flying about

Writer’s block.

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