Elder Scrolls Hunter

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Submitted: December 11, 2008

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Submitted: December 11, 2008














Edgy Redguard



Chapter I




I reached for the arrow in my quiver, loaded my bow and pulled back. I watched as the iron arrow plunged into my targets flesh. Tonight I will eat well. I walk through the great woods of the Great Forest to my humble abode, fresh venison in hand. I estimate it was about six in the evening when I arrived home, I sat down on my small wooden stool in my cozy hovel. I feast on a feed like never before consisting of Venison, a potato and a bottle of Ale recovered from a bandit camp. Now, to lie down on my bed, yes, a bed, I walked into town and bought a bed! A real bed! No more bedrolls for me.

I arise to the chirping of a sparrow, and the sun shines through my window, what a good start to the morning. I look at the position of the sun and decipher that it is five in the morning, time for breakfast. I mix a bowl of Gruel and set it on the table, I place a bottle of Mead next to it, and sit down for something to eat.

Later I put on my fur armor, grab my bow and head out. I sneak around the trees and search for a potential target, but nothing. hours pass, and all I manage to hunt is a small hare. I sit down next to a rock and start a small fire to cook my catch over, while small, it made a good lunch. As soon as I was about to get up a large beast jumped over my head. I look up and I see a massive Brown bear, twice the size of a normal Grizzly. He made a lunge for me, and I dodged, I rolled to the ground and before I got back up the massive jaws bit down on my calf. After thrashing me around, he let go for just long enough for me to grab an arrow and shoot. I hear the sound of the iron head of the arrow crunching through bone, and then the loud thud of the monstrous corpse hitting the ground. I dragged my body by my arms, I tried walking on several occasions to walk, but my body kept falling to the cold, hard ground.








































It must have been eight or nine when I got home. I pulled my self onto that same wooden stool and applied my supply of healing potions to my leg. I eat a few apples and a piece of bread for my supper, then I went to bed.

When I woke up the following morning, my leg had healed enough for me to walk. I sat down and ate my breakfast, and decided that I would stay in for the day to rest my legs, as I had enough supplies to eat for the next week.

The next day, I decided I would take a day in town. I walked for a couple of hours until I reached Chorrol’s main gate.. I milled around town, looking at the sights, and I sold the bears hide, and with the money, picked up a few arrows and a newspaper. When I sat down in the city square, I realized that the Emperor had been assassinated. The news shocked me when I read it, the only emperor I ever knew, was no more. When I read on, I became even more dumbfounded when I read a passage that said that not only was the emperor murdered, all the heirs too! With this news, I dragged myself home, weary of the problem facing Tamriel. I ate my supper, consisting of Venison, bread, cheese, mutton and a nice swetroll for desert, with a bottle of wine to wash it all down. Even though it was the greatest meal I had ever eaten, it didn’t taste quite right.

As soon as I finished I went to bed. After sleeping a few hours, I was awakened by my house shaking, it was vibrating so much my Cabinets tipped over, dishes went flying and I was thrown out of bed. I opened the door and facing me was a huge fiery thing that resembled a gate. Outside were various daedra I took out my bow, and loaded the Pointed pieces of wood into my it, I fired several shots killing them all. I Cleaned their corpses so I could sell their skin at a later date Daedra poured out of the gate, so I decided to enter the gate and try to find aa way to close it. When I entered the gate, I was surprised by the blast of immense heat. Around me, there was lava pools all over the place and Body parts scattered across the coals of the solid ground. The place stunk of Decaying flesh and charred skin., it was truly a place of nightmares. I saw a large tower on the horizon, I decided tomake that my target. After cutting through large amounts of beasts, I finally reached the tower. Inside, I was greeted by a huge pillar of fire reaching up to the sky. I deciphered that it was the anchor of this foul realm. I followed it to the top, and reached a room where there was a stone sitting atop of the pillar of fire. I reached out for the stone, which was glowing red, but when I embraced it with my hands it was surprisingly not hot. When I took the stone and put it into my Knapsack, The tower began shaking, and curls of flames danced around me. I thought I was going to die. I closed my eyes, and embraced myself for my meeting with the Gods. When I opened my eyes, I was back in the middle of the forest, right next to my shack, or, what was left to my shack. My house was burnt to the gound, now all I had in the world was the clothes on my back, the things I looted from the gate, and my trusty bow and arrows. I went back into town, and learned that overnight, the city of Kvatch was burnt to the ground by one of the things that opened in front of my house. I learned that the Survivors were saved by a Redguard warrior named Pelinal. I thought to myself, and I decided that my next move would be to join forces with this hero, and help him save the whole of Tamriel.

I walked a ways down the road from Chorrol to a small monastery named Weynon Priory, that I learned that the hero would be visiting soon. When he left the chapel in the Priory, I told him of my exploits in closing the Oblivion gate, and asked him if I could join his Heroic quest. This is how he answered “ So, you closed an Oblivion gate, as I did. Of course you may join my quest to save Tamriel.”

We then formulated a plan of action, we decided that I would stay back for now, and when he needed me he would send a messenger to summon me. In my downtime, I decided to build a house right on top of the foundation of mmy previous one. I walk into town and pick up lumber, the company gave me a Horse and cart to lug the lumber home. The horse was an old hag of a horse, grey and old looking and it smelled really bad. But, none the less, it was a kind notion by the Wood company.

I offloaded all of the fresh wood next to my building site, and brought the horse and carriage back into town. When I return from returning the horse, I looked through the charred ruins of my house, to see what could salvage. To my surprise, my bed was in perfect condition, so was my table and my stool! I then take my war hammer and clear away the wood remains on top of the stone foundation.

That night, I slept on my bed in the middle of the forest, unprotected from the dangers of the forest. I woke up early that morning, and I didn’t even eat breakfast. I began the house and by suppertime that evening the outside frame work was finished. By the time I went to sleep, the house was almost finished. The next morning I finished the house, I added paneling to the outside, and finished it on the inside. It looked exactly the same, but newer and cleaner.
















Chapter III




My first night in my newly constructed house was wonderful, it was the first night in almost a week I had a sensible night of sleep. I woke up and sat on the same stool that had gotten me so far, and eat my breakfast. I savored the juices of the nice, greasy bacon, they mixed well with the dry bread. It was the first meal I had in a while, and one of the best I’d ever had.

I was getting low on supplies so I decided to go hunting, I was walking through the forest and a heavy, blunt object hit me in the back of the head, rendering me unconscious. When I came to, I was in the same place I was before I was knocked out. I reached up to my headgear, and removed a piece of dirty paper that read:

To The bearer of this document:

We know what you’ve been doing,

And this time, we will ask politely, leave the gates alone, or, you will suffer the same fate as Urile Septim.

Signed, The Mythic Dawn

















The Elder Scrolls


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