He sat and told a story

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This was written about a lady my wife and I knew. She has passed now. And for her that was a blessing.

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012



He sat and told a story. Of a couple they once knew.

A loving ,Caring story. Of two children ,Me and you.

As he sat there beside her. A smile upon her face.

She ask for him to read it .As tears streamed down her face.


He knows the woman sitting there . At times she goes away.

Her mind not with her anymore. Her body has to stay.

She's in and out of our world. It's not her choice you know.

One day she sits here with me. Sometimes she has to go.


I miss her in her travels. She trecks the path alone.

I pray to god she hurries. And the path she takes leads home.

I hold her hands to warm them. Sometimes I brush her hair.

The kids just brought you flowers .Hugs and kisses they did share.


You used to work the garden. Pretty flowers you you have grown.

We wandered in the evening there . When our house was more a home.

When you come out of darkness. I'll be sitting here with you.

Telling you the stories.Showing pictures that are new.


When god decides to take you .If I'm not first in line.

Wait for me at heavens gate. I'll be along in time.

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