Towers of faith.

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I wrote this after the towers fell.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



From the dust and the smoke of the towers that fell.

With the metal and concrete . It all looks like hell.

Death and destruction for the country to see.

Brings forth the pride and faith of the American free.


Those jackles that did it. .We're right on their heels.

These people that did it . We won't cut no deals.

The wounded and dead. They're so hard to number.

The countries in awe. The feelings are somber.

It's so easy to hate. The feelings won't linger.

No repercutions till we point the finger.


Our freedoms are strong . Our spirts are high.

Don't do it again. Don't ever try.

The price that they paid. There's no way to repay it.

Too late for your sorries. There's no way you can say it.

You've messed with our families . Too many lives have been touched .

You have given us reason to hate you with lust.

We've joined God and country . The way it should be.

God bless this country and the American free.


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