As I Fall Asleep

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The muse is so fickle. So fickle.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




As I fall asleep

Let the heavens open wide

And kiss my weary head a watchful, peaceful


Fill my dreams with music and delight

Let the angels’ wings

Shelter me 

Till once again 

The world becomes new and bright.

And as I awake with the morning dew

Through my open window

With the pollen and the breeze

Bring to me another divine rhyme

A melody

All the sweet nutrients from the nectar

Of a tune.

A fine tune for is but a necessity indeed.

To heal and tickle the tender ears of the masses

To cleanse  and freshen the depressed

Of their fears.

To navigate their souls to a higher love.

A higher ground.

Far beyond our years.

Over these magnificent mountaintops so hard to climb

These glorious treacherous waves that have swallowed

So many unfortunate ships.

Through the endless fortitudes of Ferns, Oaks, and Pines

Till the Conquest of the Cedar grove.

To find a rest and peace in the river valley bed


With every feeble mark thrust in time’s lament

Make this so I shall repeat within every line

In every waking hour

Till the close of man’s eyes

My eyes will be forever open

My ears in constant flux

And a somber or joyous song

To offer

The endless curious sky

The ocean’s blue million miles

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