Love, That's The Thing

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In a world of rage and hate, oh please give me love...Love,

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




Love (That’s The Thing)


It’s not what you have

And it’s  not who you are

And it’s not what you wish it to be

It’s not the diamonds around your neck

Or whether you got them for free

It’s not the manner of confidence

Or what you say or do

It’s neither a moment of conciousness

Or an obsession you think to be true


It’s not a smile to hide your aches

Or a wink to wash them away

For anger can be just an opposite

Of a laughter masked with rage

So if it’s none of these things you ask

“For what may it be?”

What is this thing that you say it is not

 Or the things  that you say them to be?”


Of all the things that it is not

One thing I know for sure

The greatest  thing of them all

You can always get much more

There are many shapes and many forms

On land, or air, or sea

There are many  names and many words

Describing what it means

But the thing itself for what it’s worth

Doesn’t mean a thing

But only:-

Like the Duke once said,

“If it ain’t got that swing.”


And whatever, whomever, however, you are

Whatever the language you speak

Wherever you roam or lay your hat

Or of all the things you’ve seen

The swing , the bounce, and pep in your step

 The music that makes you breathe

All  these things  are merely clues you see

To remind you of one thing

That you’re in love and above all else


That’s the thing.

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