Rooftop Sessions

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The joy of a friend.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



Sitting on the Upper East Side rooftop we spoke of many things.  A lot of, beer drunk while we covered a lot of ground.  Two friends from different pasts talked without fear, hesitation, or necessity.  It was one of those rare moments in life where each person is truly listening to the other person, and responding truthfully from the heart.  It's funny how much in common you have and how much you can learn from another person when you really listen and open up.  We are so afraid to let people know who we are.  It reminds me of something Dustin Hoffman once said about going to auditions:  "Just show up." Know matter how much we think we know somebody, it's wonderful to know that they can still surprise you.  I myself forget that it's not so far-fetched that people I know might be going through the same things.  Thinking the same things, having the same fears, doubts, etc.  I've heard many times our generation referred to as the lost generation. Well I feel lost many times.  Maybe it does come down to faith.  Faith in ourselves and in each other.  Though times change and we grow and fail and learn, and fall, there are always lessons and knowledge we can use given to us by our parents, ancestors, and men in history who have in the face of adversity, risen up to the challenge with all odds against them and have had the courage to write about it.  Would they know that decades and centuries later two kids on an upper east side rooftop would be quoting these people with fascination.  I found a brother that day.  For the first time after all these years, and all the shit I've been through, I realized how much in common I had with my friend.  He told me things about him that I never even knew.  And some stuff that I knew but either forgot or never really took in.Sometimes the words coming out of his mouth I could swear I said the exact same thing.

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