Sitting In This Garden...

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New Song. (Yes it's about acid okay? Jesus.) Good trip/Bad Trip.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011




Sitting in this garden
waiting to bend my mind
Just so I can see 
A little clearly
They say the truth will  set you free
So I'll take my precious time
Sitting in this garden drink my tea.
Sit here in this garden drinking tea
Now the grass is getting taller
So tall that I can't see
Beyond these garden walls 
But every step towards the gate 
Leaves another trace
Of this disregard left inside of me
Drowning in my honey like a bee
So please Mr. Doctor
Mr Doctor help me please
Please won't you help me 
I said please Mr. Doctor 
Mr. doctor I'm on my knees
Think I'm going crazy
Yes I am
Now I've got no time to wonder why
Or worry how I got so blind
Thinking that this garden 
Came for free
Now the truth has surely set me free
Free to roam in misery
Chained to this garden where I'll die
Yes I'm chained to this garden where I'll die
Now I'm sitting in this garden
This cultivated lie
My oh my what a lie
My oh my what a lie

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