The Crab and The Water

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The girl is a crab and I am the water... But there is no submersion. So I'll wait till my ocean grabs her. Or maybe one day when she's ready she'll crawl back into my sea. Maybe not...but for's worth the wait...even if for an eternity...even if until in my last waking breath on my death bed I see her eyes for one last time and brush against her soft cheek right before I close my eyes...Cause I love that girl. And I know deep down she loves me, but right now she's a crab clinging on to the sandy beach searching for something better. And I am the sea beyond...waiting...waiting...

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



  • My mouth is really dry and my limbs are heavy and dangly. Where is the water? Where is the joy? Searching and searching and never finding but sometimes for a brief moment. But still brief and never lasting. What do i feel? Anything? Yes or No Or nothing or something deep down in the abyss of the ocean. Need to go back tot he ocean. Need to immerse myself in the body of water. The essence of this life. Two-thirds of this world is water. Our bodies are water. Money is water, hence to be liquid. Water is everything and I feel so dry. So dry. Cracked, sparse. My mouth yearns for the water, my tongue begs. My heart beats for the water, my mind thinks of nothing but water. My soul is complete when in the ocean. Of love, of music, of art, of people, of conversation, of solitude, of movies, of thought, of drunken musings. Or bathing in the sea. The salt healing our wounds and the sand tickling our toes. Each wave growing in the distance and our excitement and giddiness becoming higher and higher as it grows nearer and nearer. The anticipation about to burst when the wave explodes over us and engulfs our whole being at just the right moment. The body, soul, and nature connecting at the perfect moment. No thought or equation forms this total union. It just is. We are just who we are and that moment is that moment. We are in perfect harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. Only after the incident, do we then ponder, recall, assess, determine how, when , why, what,etc. Whether in musings or writings such as these, or mathematical equations, scientifical theories. To try to answer why this happened or the reason it came to be. Where in fact the only thing that matters is the moment itself that has already past. Just like right now this moment writing about....Well what am I writing about? Part of me doesn't have a clue. One part knows nothing of this, and another part fully understands and it all makes sense. Does is matter which one? Is one right and one wrong? Are they just what they are an necessary but insignificant part of myself. Maybe it is the other part, the unconscious that moves my fingers along the board without thinking or knowing what I will write next.
  • I want the conversation but I'm afraid. I want love but am weary. I want you but I don't know who you are...yet. Are you far away or right in front of me. Or are you in me? Or are am I you. I think I'm blocked right now and force is not the answer. I think I need to wait. I think you will present yourself at just the right moment and I will be aware and present. Mind Body and Soul to receive and communicate in kind. So I will wait for you, if you will wait for me. Please wait for me. I love you and can only hope you in kind.

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