The Room or the world?

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Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




  • The room was barely lit and the dim atmosphere only added to his paranoia.  "How  did I get here?"  The four walls surrounding him flet like judges presiding over his fate.  Physically he was fine but if they sensed any crack in his mental clarity the walls would have there day.He had to be careful.  Don't panic. Try not to sweat.  Think pleasant thoughts.  His mouth was dry and his senses were enhanced.  Rancid smells protruded from the outside alley where remnants of his dark past lay.  Rats and filth covering the landscape.  Paradise lay beyond the brick wall.  The wall that isolated and contaminated the glory of men's dreams.  Dreams to awaken the earth into full bloom.  Dreams that screamed with love, imagination, and fearlessness.  Gone were the days of fearless men.  Men who strived for something better.  Where truth, honesty, and strength were worn on the sleeves.  Not hidden away in shame.  Men who tried to reach the unattainable.  Men who would strive and fight just because someone said it was impossible.  Nothing's impossible. 

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