Thoughts in the dark.

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Just a collection of thoughts and ideas that whether lying in the dark, walking down the street or riding the train to nowhere seeped in my brain and without pretension or any delusions of there significance or importance, they came from silence and nowhere, I wrote them down, and thought it was time to share. Stay Weird.

-The Elegant Monster.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




A Child

“If you dig deep and long enough; Even among the most hardened and evil of men, you will find a scared child underneath”



“Strong convictions become weak if unable to bend”


Explore, Discover, and Create

“Explore, Discover, and Create”


God and Theft

“60 percent of the God stuff isn't up to us. It's only our job to receive it.
The other 40 percent is for us to steal.”

I've always been good at beginnings and endings

“I've always been good at beginnings and endings. It's the stuff in the middle I could never quite get” 


“Ignorance and fear are the elements that cast a hateful eye. And sometimes, if not most, it is not the things you don't know, but the things you think you know, that leave you blind”


Your possessions are your possessions

“Your possessions are your possessions. But your mistakes are the gold coins that will fill the pockets of your soul. Allow them to made in order to learn from them. These lessons will show you the way to greatness. It is nothing short of our duty to God, ourselves, and our fellow man to attain greatness. It is neither a big ego nor a selfish modesty that ignites the flame of true character but a great desire to manifest the self into the height of it's destiny and truth of it's calling.”


Words now. Lessons later.

“Words now. Lessons later.” 

When you die all of your possessions will be 1

“When you die all of your possessions will be worthless. However your character will live on and you will be revealed to God and the truth of thy self will be revealed to you.”


“Our observation, obsession, and relationship with time shrouds the fact that time actually doesn't exist.”

The Things I've Seen...

“The things I've seen in my darkest hour where the shadows are free to play tricks on the mind. The blurred lines between what's real and what is fantasy. The twisted territory of blissful magic and tormented insanity. Untamed and alive while the sweats of death soak and chill the skin.

“Only those who have crossed that line and tempted the Gods truly know the price, the pain, the sudden shift, and with it all, the great romance and blessing.”

The Mask

“Under the hardened mask of a life lived in fear and pain lies the unsown seeds of a child's hopes, dreams, and it's infinite possibilites in the shadows of the unseen”

The Dark

“The longer one walks in the dark, the quicker the eyes will adjust. And the unknown is eventually revealed and the shadows drift away” 

Some things are hard to determine or define from

“Some things are hard to determine or define from mere appearance.
We must look deeper. Excavate the ocean floor to find the pearl in the oyster.
However, other things if looked to deep upon we miss the very thing that was right in front of our eyes.
Sometimes the light is so bright it's blinding
And sometimes only in darkness can we truly see.”

Right Where You're Supposed To Be

“A hundred mistakes and failures will dissolve in a blink of an eye and be rendered meaningless when that moment finally arrives where you've come back to yourself and realize all was not lost. You just took a detour. And your right where your suppossed to be. And have been all along.”

Relish Everything

“Though times cause us to live in fear, Live in anxiety, hesitation, or doubt; these are the times to show us all the worth of others, but most of all the worth of ourselves. And only small life hardships of chance break through, even in blindness, give a glimpse of light through the window of your home. No matter where or what you are in time...the home is always...ALWAYS Thine own self. Embrace the dark and give it recognition. Embrace the dark and let it guide you to the light.

“Relish everything.”

My Creed

“To let go of one's past takes great courage. To take hold of one's future takes great faith. But he who fails to live in the present is forever lost.”

Magic and Beauty

“Magic and beauty is all around us. All we have to do is allow ourselves to see it and have the courage, openess, and vulnerability to welcome it. To embrace it. Because sometimes a small glimpse of beauty and magic is all you need to rewire the circuits of your soul. The smallest, plainest, simplest, most ordinary things sometimes possess the finest details; when looked closely enough, can be the most fascinating. Always remember: “Magic and beauty is all around us.”

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