Throwing Candy At The Ghosts

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Throwing candy at the Ghosts

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011




Stories told admist the crowd

Shouting words

Do they hear

Hear your words

The lover’s last refrain

Those ringing bells of truth

Make your ears bleed

Long to break away

But they’re heads were spinning

And those walls were crying

Melting from your voice

Caught in the moment

No surprises

No moves

Now they can’t scream

Those throats are shattered


But all is not lost

Cause you’re still throwing candy their way

Roadblocks are stumbling

But you’re still throwing candy their way

And there is a clarity of worlds thrown together


All is not lost

Keep rushing by those broken gates.

Those rooted rusty tight nails calling for a spike

For a prick.

A splinter, a flesh wound, a nail in the foot.

Walk tall.

Keep the locks hanging tight and strong

No one’s breaking in tonight child

You’re safe little girl

You’re safe.

And you can still watch those ghosts run and play

Watch those ghosts run and play.


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