Cold Thoghts

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This stor is prett mch abot a kid with the power to create thigs ot of ice with his mid, ad he also has a ver evil alter-ego that sometimes takes over his mid.

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



Chapter 1: It Begins


It was the first day of the new school year and as always it was raining very heavily. Normally Vincent would have walked to school but his mother had insisted on driving him. He’d always liked walking in the rain and the cold of sitting in an air conditioned class room while being completely drenched had never bothered him either, in fact he enjoyed the cold. Vincent’s mother was talking away as usual and he had zoned out, leaning against the window listening to his ipod. It’s not that he was anti-social he just didn’t feel like listening to his mother’s pathetic attempts at conversation. A million thoughts were running through Vincent’s mind as the music blasted out of the tiny ear phones tucked into his ears. Suddenly the car jerked to a stop and broke his train of thought. They had pulled up outside the new school that Vincent was starting at this year, he sighed nervously, opened the door, grabbed his school bag and slammed the door behind him as he walked towards the gates.

“Bye Vincent! Have a good day at school. Don’t get too soaked!” His mother yelled from inside the car, it was still loud even though it was muffled by the glass windows.


Vincent just lifted his hand and waved as he kept walking embarrassedly away from the car. He was a fairly skinny boy but was rather well toned; he had dirty blonde hair that was a little longer than most boys hair and hung loosely over his vivid green eyes that almost seemed to glow a deep emerald colour, they were a lot greener than normal peoples eyes. There was almost nobody around when Vincent walked through the school gates which wasn’t really a surprise seeing as it was about ten to eight in the morning, normal people would still be sleeping. A girl came rushing past Vincent from behind him. She was in a pretty big hurry to get to where she was headed. Vincent stopped for a moment and watched her rush past him, she stood in a puddle that must’ve had oil of some sort in it because instantly she slipped. Vincent sprinted forwards and caught her as she fell backwards.

“Ah I’m so clumsy! Thank you for catching me...what’s your name?” The girl said a little embarrassed as she stared at his face.

“My names Vincent Collins, I’m new here.” He replied as he realised he was staring back at her.


She was so beautiful and Vincent was holding her. She had long sandy brown coloured hair and deep blue eyes that shone like diamonds. She was slim and athletic with an insanely hot body.

“My names Katelyn Sinara.” The girl replied with a big smile on her face. “I’d be happy to show you around if you want.” She continued.

“That’d be great!” Vincent exclaimed as Katelyn stood up and straightened her skirt.

“So how did you move so quickly to catch me? I mean there had to he at least a hundred metres between us...” Katelyn asked as she began walking along with him.

“I’m not entirely sure...” Vincent murmured.

“Anyway let’s go Vincent. I’ll show you where everything is and where your classes are.” Katelyn said, quickly changing the conversation.

“Y-yeah ok.” Vincent stuttered as he followed shyly and awkwardly.




After almost three quarters of the first term Vincent had fully settled into his new school and although Katelyn was basically his only friend everyone liked him and were all friendly with him. Everything was going fine for Vincent, he was getting above average grades in all his classes, his English marks were the highest though. It was his favourite class and he was incredibly good at it. He had three classes with Katelyn, English, maths and geography, making the three classes his favourites even though he wasn’t very good at maths. His maths teacher was a real jerk and seemed to pick on him, Mr Stein was his name and barely anyone liked him. He was a rather hopeless teacher and just expected the kids to understand what he was talking about and understand it all on the first attempt. It was a Wednesday morning, first class was maths and as always Vincent was sitting next to Katelyn and staring out the window into space. Today’s lesson was even more boring than usual and everything seemed to be moving very slowly, as it always did on a Wednesday the time crawled by painfully slow. Vincent was about to fall asleep when something startled him.

“Hey there buddy!” Something in his head cackled at him.

“Who are you?” Vincent whispered to himself as he resumed looking out the window.

“Heh you’re really pretty stupid aren’t you? I’m you…well in a sense I’m the other you.” The voice rang through Vincent’s head but from looking around the room no one else was able to hear it.

“Yeah right, there’s no way that’s even possible.” Vincent muttered as Katelyn turned to look at him with a confused look on her face.

“Who’re you talking to?” She whispered quietly.

“Myself, I’m just really bored is all.” Vincent answered her quietly.

“Now listen up Vincent, I find this whole school thing very boring, so you’re going to entertain me okay? You better do what I tell you or Ill slowly start killing you from the inside out.” The voice hissed with a lot of authority.

“Like I’d listen to you, you’re probably just my imagination right?” Vincent whispered quietly.

“HAH! You wish I was just your imagination, it’d be a lot less trouble for you but sadly I’m as real as they come buddy!” The voice screamed.

“Ok fine, but only because I hate this stupid teacher and I want something to amuse me too.” Vincent whispered after weighing up his options.

“Get up and leave.” The voice hissed.


Vincent thought about what the voice inside his head had asked him to do and after a few minutes stood up and walked over to Mr Stein. There was a huge lump in Vincent’s throat, he was nervous, this teacher despised him and he was going to ask if he could….he hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. Mr Stein turned and looked down on Vincent, this was the closest Vincent had ever been to the man and he was much shorter than Stein.

“Uh Sir may I go to the bathroom?” Vincent murmured.

“No Vincent you can’t. You can just sit down and wait until the bell rings.” Stein replied angrily.

“Oh, ok then.” He replied calmly.


Vincent turned and took a step towards his desk. He stopped, he couldnt move, not at all. Something was preventing his movement. Vincent turned around and walked to Mr Steins desk. He snatched the toilet pass and started walking towards the door.

“What did I just say to you Collins!” Mr Stein yelled angrily.

“Like you can stop me.” It was Vincents body and mouth moving but it wasn’t his voice that came out..


Mr Stein walked over and tried to grab Vincent. He had no control over his body, the other him was in control and spun around with a bone shattering kick to the teachers stomach. Stein fell to the floor coughing and gasping for air.

Vincent what the hell are you doing!? Katelyn screamed as she stood up in disbelief. Vincent realised he was in control of his body again and turned to look at her, his eyes full of sadness. He mouthed the word sorry. And sprinted out the door.



Chapter 2  Why is it after me?


Vincent stumbled through a large crowd of people who were on the main street of the small city he lived in. He was bumping into people and almost tripping over; people were beginning to stare at him and his strange behaviour. There was no way he could explain this to anyone, they’d all think he was crazy and lock him up in some sort of institute for the rest of his life. Vincent saw an alley leading away from the main street, he glanced down it and saw it was completely empty and he stumbled into it and tripped over into an icy cold puddle of water. The rain had stopped for now but the sky was still pitch black with storm clouds.

“Damnit!” He hissed quietly as he picked himself up and rung out his shirt as much as he could.

“Such a good boy like you shouldn’t use that kinda language.” The voice in his head laughed.

“Just who the hell are you!?” Vincent screamed as he leaned against a brick wall on one side of the alley to catch his breath.

“What a stupid, question I’ve been deep within your mind since you were born. Only now because you’ve had contact with that girl your true powers have been triggered and along with them I was set free as well. She’s the trigger for your abilities…you didn’t know?” The voice yelled.

“No I didn’t know. Stuff like this never happens in real life! I mean I knew I was different from everyone else in a way but a split personality is a bit too different!” Vincent yelled in reply.

“Haha, I’m gonna have fun with you!” The voice cackled maniacally.

“Wait what’d you mean by abilities?” Vincent said as he tried to calm down.

“Let me show you then.” The voice said excitedly.


The vision in Vincent’s left eye blurred and faded quickly. All of a sudden he felt a stinging sensation in his wrist. He glanced down and saw a huge claw of pitch black ice slowly pierce its way through his skin.

“What the hell!? This is…this is impossible! I must be dreaming there’s just…no way!” Vincent cried in pain as blood began trickling down the sharp claws and dripped into the puddle at his feet, turning it a slight shade of red.

“Heh I suppose I should stop…I mean, this is fun and all but if I push you too far you might have a heart attack or something out of sheer terror and that’d be awkward for me if you died! I’m going to get closer and closer to you until I’ve completely consumed you! Don’t forget that, till next time partner!” The voice laughed as it slowly faded away.

“Hold up! You’re not done explaining to me yet!” Vincent yelled, if it had have been a person talking to him he would’ve just pulled them back but this was something in his head and he had no idea how to draw it out again.

There was dead silence except for the slight patter of rain that was beginning to fall again. He looked down at his wrist where the claws were melting and falling away quickly, there was still blood coming from the claws had erupted. He grasped it with his free hand and applied pressure until the bleeding stopped. Vincent stumbled out of the alley and started walking home, the rain was getting heavier and heavier. As he took shelter in a nearby bookshop, it was small with shelfs lining the walls that were full of books, the clerk at the counter gave him a polite smile and he smiled back at the woman, it was warm and dry in the shop with people sitting in large chairs reading and sipping hot coffee. Suddenly his phone rang.


“Uh, hello who’s this?” He answered, unsure of who would reply.


“Vincent! What the hell happened to you today! I’ve been sitting at home all afternoon worrying! I cried at lunch because I’m that worried about you!” Katelyn screamed into the phone with such ferocity that it almost made Vincent drop his phone, everyone in the little bookshop turned to look at him and he gave them a polite wave.


“Argh! Do you wanna turn me deaf!? Don’t cry, I can’t handle crying…especially if it’s about me.” Vincent whispered back with just as much ferocity as he tried to act normal, people were still staring at him with anger on their faces.


“Don’t act as if nothing happened! I’ve been worried sick about you all day! Teachers were asking me things…” Her voice trailed off and Vincent knew she was trying to fight the tears.


“Uh…are you crying?” Vincent asked with a concerned tone in his voice.


“Yes I am! Now tell me what’s wrong!” She yelled again, the customers in the shop were still glaring at Vincent.


“…Sorry about that it’s just…something’s going on and I doubt you’d believe me, hell even I don’t believe it and it’s happening to me…I have to go, the people in this shop are glaring at me.” Vincent said and hung up.


As the phone beeped Katelyn put it on the bedside table beside her bed, she curled up hugging her pillow as cold tears dripped onto her sheets and pillow.


“I was so worried because I love you.” She whispered quietly as tears streamed down her face and her eyes became red, she cried until she could hardly breathe

Vincent walked slowly through the crowds that were slowly heading to bus and train stations to get home for the night. He stopped on a bridge and looked at the sun setting out over the ocean. A single tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and looked around to make sure no one had seen it. Suddenly he realised he was all alone. Everyone had disappeared.


“What the hell’s going on here! Where’d everyone go!?” Vincent screamed.


“Is that the guy we’re after!?” A loud high pitched voice shrieked.


“Yeah that’s him…do what you want with him, he’s no threat right now but he should make a good meal for you.” Another voice said calmly.


Suddenly a monster that looked like a human but walked on all fours was slightly bigger and had massive claws and fangs leapt from one of the nearby skyscrapers and landed a few metres away from Vincent.


“Hey there boy! Wanna play!?” The beast screamed in a high pitched voice as all the glass in the buildings around them shattered and rained down on the streets.


“Oh great now what the hell’s going on!” Vincent screamed ash e broke out into a sprint.


The fabric he’d wrapped around his hand fell off and he stopped for a second and thought of going and grabbing it but he looked at his hand and noticed that the wound had closed.


“What the hell…” he murmured in disbelief as the strange humanoid beast lunged towards him ready to rip his throat out.


 He had  blood pouring out of it. Instead his eyes widened with surprise and his jaw dropped. A huge black shard of ice had exploded from his forearm and pierced the monsters hand, the spike jutted out of its shoulder and it howled in pain as it realised what had just happened. There was just no way, it wasn’t possible. The creature broke the large spike and stumbled backwards. There was no way this could be happening.


Chapter 3  The ice demon awakens!


You idiot, get up and face it, if you die Ill die tooUse your inner powers to kill it! The voice in Vincents head screamed.

ArghDont tell me what to do! Vincent screamed with a large amount of fear in his voice.

The monster ran up the side of one of the near by buildings, cracking the glass with every heavy step it took. This was crazy, it had to be a dream, this couldnt be realcould it? Vincent looked up suddenly as the large creature lunged down towards him and readied its attack. Vincent froze up, he couldnt move, he was stuck in place, a sitting duck on a shooting range and the rifleman was about to fire at him.

D-damnitMoveMove! Vincent screamed as he desperately tried to force his body to move, nothing would work, his vision faded quickly and he couldve sworn he felt the claws rip through his chest.

HahaFinally decided to give up and let me devour you? Good choice, Ill make this slow and painful. The monster screeched.

Not if I kill and devour you first! Vincent screeched evilly.

Whats with you all of a sudden!? You seem completely different! The creature exclaimed.

Heh wouldnt you like to know. Vincent hissed as he rolled to the left and the monster crashed into the ground.


He slowly turned his head to reveal an evil looking grin on his face. He looked down at his hand and clenched it into a fist a few times, the veins in his arms seemed to bulge with every clench. He stretched his arms and neck, cracked his knuckles and looked down at the now slightly injured monster.

Feels good to finally have control of a body! Vincent exclaimed excitedly.

W-what the hell happened to you, whats with your eyes, theyre all dark and evil lookingAre they glowing!? The beast screamed in fear.

The whites of Vincents eyes had turned completely black and his eyes that were once green and bright now seemed to be glowing a foul green tinge. He snickered as he picked the hurt monster up by the throat. It struggled to break his grip but he couldnt do it. Vincent tightened his grip and his fingers began breaking the beasts skin. It howled in pain as its leg lashed out with a vicious kick to try and break the tightening grip around his neck. Vincents free hand turned into a massive shard of ice, the creature didnt even have time to stop his attack, and the massive shard pierced through the creatures leg almost to the point that it was sliced clean off.

That was a nice attempt but you cant touch me! Vincent screeched in ecstasy as he watched the monsters blood funning down the shard and onto his skin.

Youbastard! The creature screamed in fear as he jumped back to put more distance between him and Vincent it tripped and fell flat on its face. It looked up at Vincent who had a maniacally evil grin.

Suddenly Vincent vanished from the monsters sight. It turned around to see Vincent standing behind him. Vincents hand had changed, it had become a massive claw of ice and was drenched in blood. It dripped onto the ground pooled around the beasts feet. Vincent was a horrible sight, one hand a massive shard of ice and the other a huge set of claws, his face was twisted in a grin made of nothing but evil, savagery and the want for more blood to be spilled. This was no longer Vincent it was some sort of demon, the monster just stared in fear and finally built up the courage to speak.

Whyyoubastard The creature started saying but was cut short as his abdomen exploded with blood and it splashed on the ground and joined the pool at its feet, its top half began sliding off its waist and made a large splash in the pool of blood.

HahThat wasnt even a warm up. The voice in Vincents head scoffed as it slowly faded back into his subconscious.


Vincents eyes slowly returned to normal and his vision came back. He watched in awe as the two halves of the creature in front of him disintegrated. The ice that had formed massive spike and the claws melted quickly and he began bleeding again from his wrists where they had emerged from. Suddenly the sky cracked and vanished, once it was completely gone Vincent could see people staring and pointing at him.

That kid just appeared out of no where and his clothes are all ripped and soaked in blood! A woman screamed and fainted.

Vincent broke out into a run and headed home. What had just happened had to have been some sort of crazy day dream. Something Freddy Kruger style more like, considering his clothes were torn to shreds and he was covered in the blood of thatwhatever it was. The sun was starting to set and hung low in the sky, it was the ideal backdrop for the surrounding skyscrapers and urban scenery, it was like something from a movie but Vincent felt like he didnt belong in this environment. After what had just happened he wondered if hed ever feel like he belonged again.




It was dark when Vincent finally arrived home, the large full moon was little help with supplying any light, it was always ducking behind clouds and when it wasnt behind a cloud or obscured by a house or apartment building it shone with a very dull white light. He stood at the front door of his house, preparing himself for the firestorm he was about to walk into. His mother would likely stab him for being home incredibly late and having ripped his expensive school shirt. Luckily enough he had managed to climb the fence of the public pool near his house and wash all the blood off himself, at least he would be able to keep the weird ice exploding out of his body and killing that weird monster a secret from her. It all happened so fast, there was no way he would have been ready for it. The swung open and smacked him face, his mother standing in the door way bathed in the light from inside the house with her face twisted into a scowl. She picked him up to his feet and dragged him inside by the collar of his torn shirt.

Where have you been mister!? His mother screamed as she threw him onto the couch.

I was.hanging out with some friends. He replied calmly as he sat up and stretched.

And what the hell happened to your school shirt!? she yelled just as angrily.


IIm going to bed so dont bother me. Vincent said as he walked upstairs acting tired.


Vincent walked into his room and flopped onto his bed. There were so many thoughts rushing around in his head. He propped himself up against the wall and looked at his rather empty boring bedroom. It was a typical teenage boys room. Messy and incredibly plain, there were clothes strewn all across his floor, his desk was covered in stuff that wasnt school work.

What the hellhappened today? He whispered to himself as he threw his school clothes on the floor and pulled on a pair of boxers, he lay back down and attempted to sleep except tonight there were nightmares, horribly twisted dreams he couldnt wake up from.


On the roof of the house across the street a pitch black silhouette watched Vincent toss and turn in his sleep, his body desperately trying to wake him but to no avail.

Should I make my move now? The shadow whispered into the mobile phone he had pressed against his ear.

No, not yet. Give it a little more time. A womans voice replied through the earpiece.

Okay, Im going home to bedIm beat. The shadow said as he stood up and stretched his neck.

Fine, but youre going to have do better tomorrow. The womans voice replied.

There was no reply from the shadow and something that looked like black fire erupted silently from his feet and closed in on him, in an instant the shadow and the flames were gone.



Chapter 4  The ice prince awakens!


Vincent fell out of bed and landed with a loud thud on the polished wooden floor. He was covered in a cold sweat. He grabbed the towel that was hanging over the chair at his desk and headed to the shower. He stood for a long time under the warm water as he thought about what had happened and if it was all a dream or not. Vincent turned the shower off and got dressed. He wore his usual weekend clothes, a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and his black hooded jacket. It was finally Saturday and Vincent could enjoy himself. No one had said anything about him kicking Stein in the stomach, not even the school said anything. It had all continued as normal as it always was. He had dismissed the thought and just assumed it had been some sort of crazy dream he had had. He slid down the railing of the staircase and walked into the kitchen and grabbed an energy drink out of the fridge. Vincent knocked on the door of his mothers room and opened it slowly.

Mum Im going outIll be back later ok? Vincent said quietly as he closed her door quietly and headed out the front door.


He decided that Katelyn would be able to clear things up tell him if it was a dream or not. He pulled out his cell phone and dialled her cell number quickly. He wondered why he was thinking about it so much all of a sudden. If it had happened and if he did have these ice powers what would he do with them anyway?

Hello? Katelyn answered drowsily and it snapped him out of his trance of thinking.

KatelynIts me, Vincent. I need to talk to you. Can you meet me in the park in an hour? Vincent blurted out quickly.

Dude its like 9am on a Saturday morning, you should be in bed like sane normal people. She replied with irritation in her voice and a big yawn.

Please? I really need to talk to you. Its very important. Vincent answered back almost too quickly.

Is it about what happened on Wednesday? She asked as her voice trailed off.

Wait so that actually happened!? Vincent exclaimed loudly into the microphone.

Uh yeah. You round house kicked a teacher and ran away from school. Youre gonna get suspended at the least. She answered coldly.

Ohok then, whys nobody said anything about it though? Anyway thats all I wanted to know. Go back to sleep you sound tired. Vincent said calmly trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

Vincent, you kicked a teacher and probably really injured him; its kind of a big dealWhat the hell is happening with you? She asked with a lot of concern in her voice.

If I knew Id tell you but I doubt youd believe me anyway. He said as he hung up without saying goodbye like always.

ArghWhy dont you ever say goodbye to me! Katelyn screamed into the phone which just replied with a beeping dial tone.


Vincent put his phone back in his pocket and looked around, there were hundreds of people walking in and out of the shops and markets along the street he was standing in. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and something cold and metallic was pressed against his back, one push of whatever it was and itd pierce his heart and kill him.

Come with me and I can explain to you whats going on. The voice said with a monotone.

It was clearly a male as it was deep and gruff. He was also a smoker or hung around with a lot of them as his clothes reeked of smoke and his voice was slightly hoarse. Vincent hesitated and tried to turn around to face the man who had grabbed him.

Dont look at me or youll blow your chance and the rest of your life. The man said sternly.

Ok, where are we going then? Vincent asked quietly, trying to hide the fear of imminent death in his voice.

The train station. Were going for a little ride. The man replied answered still with the monotonous voice that gave nothing away.

Vincent nodded and slowly started walking. He could feel the presence of the man walking behind him. He was racking his brain trying to think of anyone he knew that sounded like the guy. The blade or gun or whatever he had pressed against Vincents back was now gone but he knew if he tried anything itd be the end of him.

Damnit Im just going to have to do what he says. I need to know what happened to me yesterday. I was covered in blood and dont remember anything after being cornered by that thing except for those massive cuts in my torso completely healing and my hands being giant claws made of ice, Vincent thought to himself.




They arrived at the train station and Vincent walked up to the ticket booth as casually as he could. The man was still right behind him. Vincent strained to see a reflection of the guy in the glass, but he couldnt see anything except the cranky old man with his paper thin mouth and large moustache sitting in the tiny booth.

Uhcan you buy me a ticket as well? I dont actually have any money on me. The man whispered to Vincent.

Oh greatNow I have to buy you train tickets as well!? Vincent yelled as he quickly whirled around.

The guy who had been right behind him this whole time looked to be maybe 17 or 18 was wearing skinny jeans a pair of converse and a messy looking button up shirt. His hair was black and covered one of his eyes. He had his bottom lip pierced twice and his left eyebrow pierced as well.

Well this just gets better and better. I was taking orders from a faggot emo kid who thinks hes unique! Vincent shouted again.

Shut up and get on the train. The guy sighed as he slowly walked towards the train and grabbed Vincents hood to pull him along.

Vincent stepped into the train and sat down at the seat closest to the door. He looked around and realised there was no one else on the train. The emo guy sat on the seat directly across from Vincent and didnt say anything.

What do you want with me? Vincent asked with a scowl on his face after the train began moving.

First things first. I never introduced myself. My names Raine Lancet. The guy said as he went to shake Vincents hand with a smile that seemed all too forced.


Vincent reluctantly reached out and shook Raines hand with a look of bleakness on his face.

I suppose you already know who I am. Vincent muttered angrily.

Yeah I do, and I know exactly what happened to you on Wednesday, I saw the whole thing kiddo. Raine said with a smirk on his face.

Why do you know about that Vincent said as his eyes snapped onto Raines and the tension built in the air.

I saw the entire thing, all of it, you made short work of that nasty looking ryku I convinced to go after you. You shouldnt stand on a moving train as well. Raine said very calmly.

You convinced that thing to come after me? Vincent asked as something flashed behind his eyes, a mixture of fear and anger. Vincent sat back down and glared at Raine.

Why are we on this train anyway? And whys it completely empty? Youve got a lot of explaining to do you emo faggot. Vincent asked very demandingly.

This train is going to become a closed space in about 15 minutes so be ready to defend yourself cause Im not going to interfere. Raine said almost completely devoid of emotion.

So that means therell be more of those monsters!? Vincent yelled.

Exactly. So Im going to explain everything to you as quickly and as simple as I can before we enter that closed space.Alright, youre like me. Youre whats known as a cero. Its Spanish for zero and basically were a group of people who are completely devoid of souls. You however are different. I saw your fight the other day with that ryku. I saw how you were terrified and suddenly cut the creature down. Most ceros die on their first encounter within the closed spaces but you do have a soul within you, it may be pure evil and twisted and want nothing but blood and death but its one of your greatest abilities so were going to teach you how to harness it, and if you havent realised yet it was the one that took control of your body and cut the ryku down. Still with me prettyboy? He stopped for a moment and looked up at Vincent.

Yeahand dont call me prettyboy. Vincent answered with a look of confusion and slight annoyance on his face.

Anyway, we ceros have the power to control certain elements within the world. I can control the darkness, that is how I was able to follow you and watch you during your fight without you noticing me and you, you have elemental control over ice and limited control over water. Raine continued speaking quickly.

Prove it to me then. Vincent said with a look of disbelief and something that seemed to say dont lie to me, Im not finding this fun on his face.


Raine sighed and held out his right hand. A small black glowing blob appeared and engulfed his entire hand and slowly started consuming his arm, it burned a bright yet dull purple and black, it was strange in appearance. It seemed to resemble fire but it looked more like a thick jelly like liquid that began oozing out of his skin slowly.


What the hell!? Vincent yelled as he slowly started edging away from Raine as he looked at his own hand wondering if he could do the same thing.

Im not here to hurt you, Im here to explain to and recruit you. But I can use this as armour, weapons or whatever my mind can think of. Raine said as a small smile appeared on his face.

Huh? Whatre you smiling about you emo faggot? Vincent asked already knowing the answer, he turned to look out the window and it wasexactly as he had thought.


 The train had stopped and nothing outside the train was moving. Everything was a sort of off colour, almost greyscale but not quite.

Were inside the closed space now. Raine said as he gave Vincent a serious grin.

Dont let that soul take over your body this time. Suppress him and fight this ryku with your own power. Raine said as the black jelly like substance suddenly evaporated from his right arm.

Wait, youre not even going to help me!? Vincent said, desperately trying to mask the fear in his voice.

Nope. Not unless youre going to diein which case I suppose Id have to step in and intervene. Raine as he sat down and stretched out on the train seat with a yawn..

Youre insaneI dont even know how to activate my powers let alone fight with them! Vincent replied quickly.

Just focus on what you really want. Raine said as he waved Vincent off..


Suddenly the roof of the train crumpled in and a piercing screech echoed all through the train. The windows shattered. Vincent covered his face to shield his eyes from the shattering glass. Raine sat completely motionless as the broken glass bounced off his body.

Go kill it. Raine commanded as the creature peeled open the roof of the train car like it was a can and it was the can opener.

I hate you so much right now. Vincent muttered as he started jogging down the train through all of the carriages.

Gotta thinkFirst of all I need to calm down and focus. Raine said I can control ice so all I have to do is focus and I should be able to form some sort of weapon. Vincent was talking to himself.


He stopped dead in his tracks and breathed deeply. The ryku tore open the roof of the carriage with its huge claws, this one seemed bigger and more nasty than the last one, it was definitely bigger and it glowed a sickly red beneath its skeletal framework.

There you are boy Im starving for a good feed and you look to be just enough to end my hunger! The ryku shrieked.


Vincent turned to face it with a look of determination on his face.


I see youre not scared of me! The monster screamed as it lunged towards Vincent.


Focus, I have to focus. I have to win! Vincent screamed in determination as a large scythe made of roughly cut ice formed in his hand.

YesI did it! Vincent screamed happily as he swung it down and sliced off the rykus arm.


It fell straight to the floor and started flailing around in a pool of its own blood.


So youre a cero!? Even more reason for me to kill you then! The ryku screamed in ecstasy.


It leapt up incredibly fast and vanished from Vincents sight. Suddenly it grabbed Vincent and threw him into the wall of the carriage. He fell to the ground and put his hands out to stop his face from hitting the ground. Then he realised all the broken glass that was on the ground.


Shit! He yelled as the glass dug into his hands and knees.


Vincent stood up panting and trying to ignore the pain and the blood that was running down his arms and legs. The ryku cackled as it leapt towards Vincent. He grabbed his scythe that hed dropped when he was thrown into the wall. He desperately tried to ignore the pain from clutching the handle as he swung it down at the ryku. As soon as it made contact with the beasts body it shattered into a million pieces.


What the hell just happened!? Vincent cried clearly surprised.


Suddenly he heard someone snap their fingers and the ryku was engulfed in black flames. Vincent turned to see Raine standing at the door of the train car with a large smirk on his face.


You lost your focus Vincent. Raine said as he slowly walked towards the ryku.


You meddling ceros are gonna pay one day you hear! The ryku screeched. And youYou inexperienced little shitYou got lucky cutting my arm off. But trust me. There are an unlimited number of us rykuSo you better watch your back! It screamed.


Thats enough out of you. Raine said calmly as his hand became engulfed in black flames again and he slammed it right through the ryku.


It fell to the ground as the black flames around it vanished and it faded away. Raine walked over to Vincent and had a look at his injuries.


I saw you heal yourself last time. Howd you do that? Raine asked with concern in his voice.


Thatwasnt me. That wasthe other me. Vincent said as he looked at the blood that was slowly running out of hands and dripping onto the ground.


Come with me then. Raine said as he helped Vincent up and they jumped out of the train as it slowly started to move again.


A few hours later after Raine had helped Vincent get all the glass out of his hands and bandaged his hands and knees Vincent headed home. He had been at Raines place for about 2 hours tending to his wounds and it was starting to get dark. He opened the front door and locked it behind him.


MumIm home! Vincent yelled.


So you are. Vincents mother said as she walked out of the kitchen and stopped as she look at her son and his bandaged hands and knees.


What happened to you!? She yelled as she dropped the saucepan she was carrying.


I know this looks bad but you wouldnt believe me even if I did tell you. He answered.



Chapter 5 – You can’t do this to me!


Vincent sat at the dinner table with his mother eating tea and explaining what had been happening to him. She sat across from him with a look on her face that said “this is a load of crap.” After he had finished explaining what had happened his mother slowly stood up and walked into the kitchen to wash up.


“Vincent, go to bed you’re obviously hallucinating and need sleep. We’ll go to a psychiatrist tomorrow and see what they think about your story.” She said without even looking in his direction.


Vincent stood up and went to the bathroom. He got ready for bed and walked into his room turned the air conditioner on and climbed into bed. He grabbed his phone and noticed he had 4 missed calls and 2 text messages, all from Katelyn.


“I’ll ring her in the morning.” He murmured as he drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Vincent woke up rather early for a Sunday and headed down stairs to have breakfast. As he walked into the kitchen he noticed his mother sitting in the dining room with a strange looking bald man. He was short and had thick glasses on.


“Ah you must be Vincent. Your mother told me everything you told her and from the sound of it you might have some sort split personality syndrome or some mental disorder.” The man said.


“Who are you anyway?” Vincent asked.


“How rude of me. I’m doctor Shiro. Nice to meet you.” The man said a bit too friendly for Vincent’s liking.


After a few hours of talking to doctor Shiro and telling him everything about what had happened he said Vincent could go and do whatever he wanted while he spoke to his mother. Vincent ran out the front door and over to Katelyn’s place 3 blocks away. He knocked on the repeatedly until she answered it.


“Vincent what’re you doing here?” She asked.


“I’m ready to tell you about what happened the other day.” He replied seriously.


“Okay then. Come up to my room. My parents aren’t home at the moment so we can make ourselves comfortable.” She as they headed inside and into her bedroom.


Vincent looked around the room and slowly sat down on the bed. He’d never been in a girl’s bedroom before and he was amazed at how much her room was like his own. The only difference was instead of clothes on the floor there were bras and instead of random junk on her desk it was neat and tidy and actually had school books on it.


“So what happened yesterday?” She asked.


“What?” Vincent answered as he snapped out of his daze and averted his focus from the bras on the floor.


“You said you’d tell me what happened in class the other day.” She said sternly.


“Oh yeah.” Vincent said.


He started explaining everything to her and she sat on the chair at her desk and kept nodding to everything he said. Once he was finished she looked up at him with a very serious look on her face.


“That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard!” she burst out laughing.


“I’m telling the truth.” Vincent said seriously.


“Of course you are buddy. A voice in your head told you to kick a teacher and run away from school. You got attacked by a ryku, whatever the hell that is, and some emo guy helped you unlock your true powers….I don’t think anyone will believe that far fetched story! Especially the school. You’re ass is going to get expelled!” She burst out laughing again.


“Well you wanted to know and I told you. So if you don’t believe me then fine.” Vincent said angrily as he stood up and walked out of her room.


He slowly walked back home thinking about how no one believed what had happened to him. His hands and knees had completely closed up and didn’t even scar. He figured it would’ve had to be the other him that did it but as good as it was having the ability of high speed regeneration he didn’t like the fact that something he couldn’t control was inside him.


“Yo what’s up?” A familiar voice said from behind him.


Vincent whirled around and saw Raine leaning against a light post.


“Everyone thinks I’m insane. Hell even my own mother thinks I’m losing it!” Vincent shouted.


“Dude of course no one’s going to believe you. It just seems so impossible to normal humans that these things do exist.” Raine answered as he lit a cigarette.


Vincent watched him as he inhaled the smoke and blew smoke rings into the air.


“Look because of what you are you have to distance yourself from people or the ryku’s will go after them.” Raine said as he finished the cigarette and threw it into the gutter.


“Yeah well…wait how do you know that?” Vincent asked.


“They…got my family and all my friends, I felt so useless being unable to protect them.” Raine answered with sadness in his voice as he turned and walked away from Vincent.


As Vincent watched Raine slowly walk away he turned into a shadow and vanished.


“He’s right you know.” The voice in his head snickered.


“What would you know? You’re the one who healed me…am I right in thinking that?” Vincent muttered.


“Correct my weak minded friend. I did heal your wounds but only because they were hurting me as well.” The voice laughed.


“Thanks I suppose. But stay out of my head!” Vincent shouted and then realised he was yelling at himself.


“No can do buddy! I prefer having a body to control and use to kill so I’m here to stay! Don’t think you can suppress me like that emo faggot said either cause it won’t work!” The voice laughed maniacally.


“Yeah well…at least leave me alone for now.” Vincent asked quietly.


“Haha I can’t do that either, I’m getting closer and closer to you! I’ll drag you down and crush your skull then I’ll take your powers and kill anyone who stands in my way!” The voice shouted.


Vincent started walking home and as he turned into his street he noticed a strange looking van parked in his driveway. Surprised he jogged back to his house and walked inside. There were two guys that looked almost identical with their shaved heads and white uniforms standing in the living room. They noticed he walked in and slowly walked towards him.


“You’re coming with us kid.” One of the men said rather angrily.


“What? No I’m not!” Vincent yelled as he slowly started backing towards the door.


One of the men pulled out a large syringe and squirted a little of the liquid out the tip. Vincent froze instantly. He was terrified of injections, especially if he had no idea what they did. He took a deep breath and slowly started backing away again. The man that didn’t have a syringe leapt at him and tackled him to the ground. The other jammed the syringe into the side of Vincent’s neck and injected the purple liquid into him. Vincent cried out in pain as he felt the liquid slowly drain into his body.


“Haha looks like you’re in for it now buddy!” The voice in his head laughed.


“Shut…up…” Vincent forced the words out of his mouth.


His vision blurred and he passed out.









Chapter 6 – Tragedy at dawn!


Vincent slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few as his vision adjusted to the bright light of the room he was laying. The floor was padded and so were the walls and ceiling. He sat up and looked around. There was nothing in the room except for a door in the corner.


“Argh I’ve got a killer headache.” He muttered as he tried to lift his arms to rub his face.


`“What the hell! Why am I wearing a straight jacket!?” Vincent screamed as he came to the realisation that he was in a mental institute.


“You’re wearing that because you’re clearly insane.” Doctor Shiro said with a laugh as he entered the room.


“So you this is your doing then?” Vincent asked with rage in his voice.


“Precisely, I convinced your mother that this was the best option to protect you and to protect everyone else from you.” Doctor Shiro said very seriously.


“Can you at least scratch my nose for me?” Vincent asked very innocently.


“I suppose I could humour you.” The doctor said as he slowly approached Vincent and went to scratch his nose.


Vincent raised his head slightly and bit Shiro on the finger making it bleed.


“You little shit! Trust me, you aren’t going to enjoy being in here.” Shiro laughed as he walked out of the room and locked the door.


“Before you go! What time is it!?” Vincent shouted.


“It’s ten thirty pm. Go to sleep. We’re running tests in the morning!” Doctor Shiro shouted as he walked away.


“I say we break out of here!” The voice in Vincent’s head screamed.


“I was thinking the same thing, I don’t need your help though.” Vincent muttered.


“Fine, but if you get into trouble I’m stepping in!” The voice said.


“Yeah sure, we’ll see.” Vincent said as he stood up and looked around the room for security cameras.


There weren’t any cameras or even a window. He’d have to go out the front door if he wanted to escape. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the straight jacket freezing and shattering. Slowly ice started forming the waist of the jacket and eventually encased the whole thing. Vincent walked over to the door and smacked the jacket against it as hard as he could. As he had hoped it shattered and he brushed the remaining frozen pieces off his shoulders.


“At least I can use my powers outside of the closed spaces, but I don’t know how I’ll go about killing anyone…maybe I should just injure them so they can’t give chase…” Vincent thought.


He took a deep breath and focused on creating a scythe like he did last time. With a bright flash it was in his hand. It looked the same but felt ominous to him. He ignored the feeling and slashed the door to pieces. He slowly poked his head out into the corridor and made sure no one was around. The hall was empty and seemed to stretch for at least 500 metres. Vincent rested the scythe on his shoulder and started running towards what looked like an exit sign that was glowing on the roof. As he approached it an alarm went off.


“A detainee has escaped! I repeat a detainee has escaped!” Every speaker in the building was barking the same thing.


Suddenly Vincent heard what sounded like a heap of footsteps coming from down the hall behind him. He turned around to see guards armed with automatic rifles storming towards him. Vincent turned to face them. He released the scythe which exploded into incredibly tiny fragments of ice and quickly melted. Next he held both his hands out in front of him with his palms facing the guards. He focused on creating a wall of ice that would block the corridor. Suddenly something cold touched his hands. He opened his eyes to see a 12 inch thick wall of ice that was slowly beginning to crack from all the bullets the guards were firing at it.


“Damnit!” Vincent shouted as he darted down the hallway that the exit sign pointed down.


He kept running but he was tired and slower than usual. The drug they injected him with still had a slight hold on him but he ignored it and kept running. He heard a large shattering sound and realised the guards must’ve broken through his wall.


“You can use your power over ice to create anything you want like weapons or armour.” Vincent recited Raine’s words.


“Damnit Vincent! You’re hopeless!” The voice in his head laughed.


“Shut up! I don’t need you bothering me now!” Vincent snapped angrily.


“You do realise that we could both make it out of here if you let me take over!” His other self screamed at him.


“No! You’re not taking over my body again!” Vincent yelled in terror as the sight in his right eye slowly faded.


He stopped for a second to look at his reflection in the window of what looked like a break room. His right eye had turned black with a sickly green coloured pupil. Vincent kept running. He turned down another hallway that another exit sign was pointing down. He could see the exit at the end of the hallway with the dim light of the moon shining through it.


“There it is!” He shouted happily as he sped up a little.


“Don’t get cocky kid! I wanna see some blood!” The other Vincent screamed.


He leapt through the glass door and the glass fell all around him as he stopped and looked up at the moon. Suddenly large spotlights shone down on him. He covered his eyes as the light was blinding.


“Stop now and give yourself up! If you don’t we’ll have to use force!” A man yelled from the roof.


“Sorry but I can’t do that!” Vincent yelled back as he created his scythe again.


He started to make a run for it down the street. Suddenly he heard the guards open fire and he whirled around. He felt one of the bullets graze his arm and his scythe shattered again.


“Damnit, Switch with me or we’ll both die!” The voice in his head screamed.


“No! I don’t need your help!” Vincent yelled as he tripped and grazed his face on the bitumen.


Suddenly a foot rolled Vincent over. He could see the stars and the helmet of the guard that had kicked him over. The guard pressed the barrel of the gun against Vincent’s forehead and he cried out for the guard to not shoot him. Suddenly everything went black. The other Vincent had taken over.


His hands turned into large claws of pure black ice and he sliced the guard and his gun clean in half.


“Now we’re talking!” Vincent screamed in ecstasy.


He leapt up onto to the roof and smashed the spotlights. Suddenly he was surrounded by guards who were all ready to pull the trigger and kill him. He slowly turned around and noticed that he was indeed cornered.


“Nice try guys.” He hissed.


He vanished for a second and reappeared outside the circle. All the guards turned to face him.


“What the hell are you!?” One of them shouted in terror.


“Hah! I am who I am! Let’s say all of you take me on at once? Let’s see if a small army can stop me!” He laughed.


All the guards opened fire and emptied their clips. But Vincent had vanished. He ran through the group of guards slicing and slashing them down one by one. More guards poured out of the staircase that led to the roof and stopped dead in their tracks as they saw a 16 year old boy with massive claws made of black ice with blood dripping off them, he was covered in blood and 68 dead guards laid all around him. He raised his head and the rising sun lit his eyes up. He truly looked like a demon with his black and green glowing eyes.


“I suppose you guys wanna try your luck as well!?” He said with an evil laugh as he turned to face them.


“Do your worst!” The lead guard stepped to the front of the group and took aim.

“Gladly!” Vincent shrieked.


He leapt towards the head guard and slide tackled him slicing his legs off as he fell. The lead guard rolled over clearly in pain and opened fire. None of the bullets made contact though.


“You’re annoying me.” Vincent turned to face the guard and sliced him clean in half from top to bottom.


He turned back to the rest of guards. One of them tried to make a run for it but Vincent sliced him to bits. The other guards looked on in horror as this 16 year old boy tore their comrades apart.


“This really gets me off! The death, the colour of the blood and the feeling I get from revelling in the pain and terror of others!” He laughed loudly.


The sun rose slowly and the other Vincent faded slowly back into his subconscious. His vision returned to normal just as it had done the last time as well. He sat on the edge of the roof with his head in his hands. Tears streamed down his face.


“What have I become…” He whispered as he climbed off the roof and walked slowly down the road leaving a trail of bloody footprints.



Chapter 7 – I’m losing control?


Vincent waited at the bus stop as it began raining. He stood in the freezing rain as it washed all the blood off him and out of his clothes. He’d been waiting for what seemed like hours. Worst of all he was in the middle of nowhere. The mental institute that he had just escaped from was miles out of town. He was shivering but he still stood in the rain to make sure there’d be no blood on him and he wouldn’t look like a murderer. Eventually the bus pulled up and Vincent climbed on. He had taken some spare change from one of the massacred guards so he could catch a bus home.


He slowly walked up the steps and dropped the money into the slot; his ticket came out of the slot next to it. Vincent grabbed it and walked to the nearest available seat. He sat down next to a businessman who was rapidly tapping away at his laptop and trying to balance a pile of papers on his leg. The bus hit a rather large bump and the papers flew all over the floor.


“Here let me get those for you.” Vincent murmured as he bent down and picked up the papers.


He looked straight at the man when he sat back up and handed him the papers. The man just stared at him with a slight look of fear in his eyes. Vincent looked at him with a confused look on his face.


“Y-your eye…what the hell’s up with that eye?” The man asked as he slightly pointed to Vincent’s right eye.


“What? Can I borrow your laptop for a second?” Vincent asked politely.


“Y-yeah sure, do whatever you want with it.” The man answered almost immediately.

Vincent placed the laptop on his lap and turned on the webcam. He looked at himself for a moment and then realised what the man was pointing at. His right eye was slowly starting to turn black and the pupil was also starting to turn that sickly green colour.


“Damnit, he really is going to take over my body.” Vincent mumbled angrily.


He gave the laptop back to the man who tried to go back to work but kept quickly looking at Vincent to make sure he wasn’t going to make any sudden moves. Eventually they arrived at a bus stop and the man hurried off the bus and into a large skyscraper. Vincent moved over next to the window and sighed as he looked at his reflection. The darkness in his eye was slowly spreading but it was progressing faster than he thought. The bus finally pulled up at his stop and he slowly walked off.


“Hey buddy, you can feel me now can’t you? Getting closer and closer. I’ll have a body soon and you won’t exist!” Vincent screamed in his head.


“I have to go home and get some things the go see Raine.” He muttered to himself.


Vincent started running through crowds of people and eventually made it home. He made sure his mother wasn’t home before kicking in the back door. He ran upstairs to his room and grabbed a backpack. He grabbed some clothes, a towel, deodorant, his cell phone and it’s charger. He changed out of his soaking wet clothes and put his black hooded jacket on and another pair of jeans. Just as he was about to leave he turned and looked at his room again for what might be the last time. He realised that he’d need something to hide his eye from people as well so he grabbed his aviators and left his room.


He exited the same way he came in, through the broken down back door. Before he headed over to Raine’s place he went to Katelyn’s. It was early on a Tuesday morning; Vincent assumed she’d still be at home seeing as they both lived only 10 minutes walk from the school. He tried knocking on her front door but there was no answer. He picked up some pebbles and threw them gently at her window. She opened it rubbing her eyes and still wearing her pyjamas.


“Vincent…what the hell? It’s like 7am on a Tuesday morning…shouldn’t you be in your school uniform?” Katelyn asked dazedly.


“Katelyn, I wanted to see you before I left.” He said trying to sound cool.


“Where are you going?” She asked

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