skies of ragnarok

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A book i might write about Thor and his coming Ragnarok

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



As tears of sadness rolled down his face and carried off into the wind he laughed and cited “Is there no one loyal to the Throne.” One by one his friends turned against him joining the other side leaving him to fight the war alone. Though mighty with his infinite strength his heart felt fatigue in the moments of their betrayal, picking his head up from the heaviness he wielded his hammer to the sky summoning the glow of lightning and thunder. A massive blue surge of lightning crippled the land around him, he spun his hammer ferociously before slamming it down into the ground sending shards of flying debris to take up the air. The ground around him warped into waves as his hammer hit pulsed through the Earth sending his enemies and what he would call ‘friends’ to their demise. Though maybe once powerful warriors they did not hold against the warlock of Surtur and his spells of dark magic. Their eyes turned black as their bodies became corrupted. The coursing of magic that binded souls and stole minds of gallant warriors. With a single cast of his scepter Thor’s mightiest allies were taken abroad by the power of his conjuring, no match for his dark power. “No matter… this darkness shows where their true loyalty lies.” -Thor “This cannot be… my powers are made to corrupt all warriors and spellbind their minds to my will.” –Dark magician “I am no mere warrior magician, I am thee eternal thor.” –Thor “Just a greater prize at the end of the totem. When I claim your soul.” –Dark Magician Thor went to attack the man, to make sure of his victory but the magician casted a shade of mist to allure his body into the darkness fading away into the follicle of light, until his body disappeared completely. “Agh… that wont be the last of him, I can count on it.” –Thor When the men had gotten up from their enchantment they had realized the potential of their faulty standing. “We are not worthy to stand beside the mighty thor, let alone fight.” Before Thor could say anything they took their swords and fell on them, killing themselves… the ones who remained.

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