The ageless, deathless river

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This poem is about a river, and the transient nature of human life compared to it.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




The river 


Once I approached her shinning shore, 
And got lost, in the tempting lore, 

The calmness of a composed river 
Appeared to me, a silent peace-giver... 

The same I saw, in a day of storm, 
The same peace, it took away from 

Creatures, which streamed above her, 
Fear consumed them, of death not far... 

Did she change, to a being strange, 
Or did I shorten, my viewing range? 

I know not, what term to say, 
To describe your act, a dismay? 

Questions to your extent vast, 
Stand echoing, oh messenger of past... 

Pages of time's tome gradually turn, 
And humans in pain and agony, burn, 

But you babble, mingle and flow, 
Untouched by the time's arrow. 


The same river I saw, in a dream, 
Shinning with Sun's golden gleam, 

When I was older, hopefully familiar with 
The earth's customs, a fervent monolith. 

We shine with youth, both of us, 
Your youthful beauty, seems different thus 

From what I recall, from folds of history; 
I feel drawn along thy stream of mystery. 

But I kept, standing on and on, 
And witnessing you, oh heaven-born! 

With majestic glory, you washed ashore, 
Man's golden fields, causing deep gore... 

But without your touch, life seems too much 
Without liveliness; mortals and immortals such 

Gaze upon your beauty, oh sacred one, 
Again I saw the flying time's swan. 


Middle-aged, mindless a creature now stands 
Along your shores' adjacent lands, 

I've returned, know I not why 
Arises from my depths, a cry 

Seeing you still, lively and green 
After these long years I've been 

Away from your tune, and passionate charm 
Which mingles throughout this verdant farm... 

Like during my visits of times very old, 
Still I stand amazed, at your extent untold, 

Difference of lives and difference of paths, 
Seem to separate us again; with wounded heart 

I leave for now, flow with your might, 
Under the sky, under the starry light. 


Now that I have, fought my way back 
With a stick, and strength's evident lack 

But I still came, back to your side, 
To gaze upon you, oh time's ever-young bride! 

Sensing my end, to be closer than it 
Was before, my life-flame still lit 

Oh same you, fill my mind with pain 
Who once had all my sorrows to drain, 

Today I realize, oh gracious heaven-ling, 
You always had been a reflective being 

Who reflected my mind, my passion and joy, 
My sorrows and pain, what I create, destroy. 

Might I depart, you shall remain ever 
Flowing; flow, cease your flow never 

Flow with your charm, oh flow, her grace, 
For you are free, from death's embrace 

My words may end, my voice shall roar, 
Along your mighty steps, oh unearthly lore...

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