The Fairy Witch & the Golden Prince

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love potions and spells are not always worth the pain they cause in the end... Take a lesson from the Fairy Witch and her prince, and keep your eyes wide open in love.

Once there was a fairytale,

Once there was a dream. 

Once there was a fairy witch-

A naive, blissful queen.

Once there was a falling star,

Wished on love in her name.

Once she flew among those stars,

But now, she has no wings.


There was once a human prince

Whose good none could compare.

His longing heart for her shone bright

As his golden spun hair. 

He prayed a wish unto the stars

That she would become his.

And she still lives, scars on her heart,

To tell the world, she did.


With ancient magic around them

A love spell on the prince,

Her own magic began to work

On the young fairy witch. 

Intoxicated with this love,

The fairy witch believed

That their love could span all of time, 

But the fairy was decieved. 


The love spell on the golden prince

Was to him as wine.

He dreamed and longed for the fairy,

The spell filling his mind.

But alas, the fairy's spell

Was only that, a spell. 

One day the prince awoke from it,

And that was when she fell.


Her wings no more and her heart torn, 

The fairy blind with pain;

She cried for days unto the sky 

The golden prince's name. 

For though a spell had covered him, 

The fairy had not known.

And finding it was but a spell

Destroyed her final hope.

Submitted: December 07, 2014

© Copyright 2021 The Fairy Witch. All rights reserved.

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