of Mages and Mushrooms

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a mage struggles with the loss of the love of his life, as well as his own demons, he will have to use all of his strength, wits and intelligence to survive the trials to come...

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013




Of Mages and Mushrooms
Rythian awoke from troubled dreams once again. His dreams had been almost always the same since the girl who fell from the sky left Blackrock Hold, without so much as a goodbye. Rythian had been alone before, he actually had spent most of his life alone, but never had he experienced the frigid loneliness that he did now. It was like someone had taken away a part of him, and left only a gaping hole in his being that felt colder than ice. 
The mage had spent the last month trying to forget, throwing himself into his work with religious fervor, mastering new spells, locating lost scrolls, refining his armor, Anything that would keep his mind from the girl, the one who was just his kind of crazy. But all his efforts were in vain, every night he remembered Zoeya, and the wonderful times they had together and he was happy, until his very thoughts forsake him as they replay that stinging betrayal that she committed against him, Building an underground laboratory right under his nose, knowing his hatred for technology she did it anyway. Rythian wasn’t so much angry with her as he was himself for not ever noticing it. But now, he wasn’t even angry he was just depressed, for all his power and riches… the great mage had nothing, and he knew it.
Rythian sat up cupping his face in his hands trying to rub the morning grogginess away, and hiding the water in his eyes from the world. The beast inside him took the opportunity presented by the mages grief to surge forth with a mental screech in an attempt to take control. The veins In Rythian’s neck darkened till they were darker than pure pitch, and the screech inside his head would have crippled others from sheer volume only served to anger the mage. A purple flame sprung to life around Rythian engulfing him like an aura, pulsating and powerfully raging. Without any restraint Rythian crushed the beasts sortie, the darkness faded from his veins as quickly as it had appeared, Rythian though did not stop there, in his grief filled rage he attempted something that he had never before done, He Attacked the Beasts mind. This was the most dangerous thing that Rythian could do, because even for the most powerful and mentally resolute engaging the mind of a man of the end was dangerous, and for the unprepared such a thing would be suicide. If the beast took control entirely, with the power and resources of the mage, it would be the end of the world. 
His own grief filled rage made Rythian not care about any of the dangers or consequences, He wanted it gone, NOW. Using his immense power Rythian entered a trancelike state to engage the beast within him fully and finally be rid of it.  
The two minds touched, for the first time on his own terms but this time on the beasts home field, that dark pit inside himself where he had it bound. On this ethereal plane Rythian saw the face of his tormentor, it wasn’t even a face really just a giant blackness with glowing grey eyes that seemed to embody death itself. As Rythian pushed forward to attack the beast bellowed out in an impossibly deep voice so different from the banshee like screeches that haunted him
 “Ender mage” it said slowly almost wheezing the words. The words froze Rythian
“you can speak!” Rythian exclaimed “It doesn’t matter, you are not welcome here! And I am here to Evict you!” he continued 
This prompted a slow bellowing laugh from the voice “you are truly the Child of the End, Erthengar, even you cannot deny your heritage” it said 
“What are you saying? I my name is Rythain, I am the most powerful mage in all of Teranus! And I will end you!” Rythian yelled as he moved to attack once more.
“You cannot destroy yourself Erthengar,” the voice started, and again Rythian let the voice finish  “without me you are weak, you couldn’t even prevent that woman from leaving you” it said much more powerfully than the heavy wheezing of before. 
“Shut up!” Rythian screamed  his rage about to boil over. But the beast responded in a voice of much more strength “You Are Enderborn!” then losing much of its strength “ you belong with us, with us you can take your revenge, and then we can rule all again, like we once did”.
“STOP!” He lashed out and attacked the black mist with a purple fireball only to have the mist part, and the fireball evaporate.
“WHY do you defend them Erthengar?” the mist questioned ““Release us Erthengar, you know the way, These People Hate You! Even your beloved apprentice abandoned you, the one you professed, to love” 
“How did you…?” Rythian asked his voice failing.
“I am apart of you! That is how I know! You want proof? Take of your mask” the voice said with a palpable  force.
“ I.. I..” Rythian trailed he was losing this battle, but he wasn’t even sure he wanted to win anymore. He couldn’t deny the truth of the darkness’s words, he was alone, even among the outcasts. 
“They Despise you” the voice said  as the veins in Rythian neck blackened once more as the corruption spread throughout his body. He couldn’t stop it, he didn’t even know if he wanted to anymore.
“I will take away the pain, I will make you powerful, beyond reckoning, beyond the gods themselves, release us and embrace your destiny” The veins traveled farther and farther, they were above his mask now
“I’ll” Rythian began the last vestiges of his will failing but was cut off by a screech much different from an endermans coming from outside. “REETTHHIAAANNN!!” It screeched in a clumsy garbled way.
“my… My.. My Name” the mage said weakly 
Pay it no mind Erthengar” the voice snapped
“RIIIIITTTHHHEEEEANNN!” it screeched again the syllables mashed together  like when a deaf person talks.
“My name iss….” the mage said strength coming back into his voice and purple returning to his eyes.
“Erthengar!!!!” the darkness boomed with the power of an explosion but the putrid darkness was already receding from the mages veins “MY Name Is….. RYTHIAN” the renewed mage yelled his will restored and even on this ethereal plane his magical power pulsated from his body taking the image of a grand purple flame, casting its light upon the dark mist. Now with a renewed command he began uttering the ancient words of power, Building with each syllable the fires grew around him, the wildfire they had once been now controlled and now being used like paint upon a canvas as Rythian moved his hand through the ethereal air forming the spell to finally rid himself  of his oppressor.
“Endermage, you have proven yourself worthy, you are ready to take your place as emperor of all” it said almost gleefully 
“I will never join you!” Rythian proclaimed as he unleashed his spell visibly hurting the creature,
The beast still founded gleeful as he said  “I will not be rid of so easily Erthengar, and you will see things our way soon enough” with those words the beast dispersed into the ethereal plane and Rythian snapped back to reality.
Chapter 2: A Dino In Need
“REETHHHIAAAAN!!!” The dinosaur screeched once more,
“Oh Notch that’s Teep!” Rythian exclaimed finally putting two and two together. The mage rushed out of the castle not even bothering to put on his armor, or even pause long enough to grab "Firestorm" his red longsword from where it had lain or the past few days. Dressed in his usual cloak and clothing all of which reeked of all sorts of muck that Rythian had exposed himself to over the course of the days he had been wearing them.
“Teep! Teep!” Rythian shouted as he ran into the forest that surrounded Blackrock Hold searching for his long lost comrade, all previous emotions he may or may not have felt for the dinosaur replaced by only worry.
Rythian pushed through the dense foliage that had been allowed to grow due to Zoeya’s absence and the mages increasing state of isolationism. But none of that mattered, teep was somewhere possibly hurt frantically the mage pushed aside branches, breaking them in the process as he searched.
After a few minutes of this frantic searching Rythian saw a green figure standing in a clearing next to some trees, not really doing much of anything. “teep! there you are I’ve been looking for you everywhere” Rythian admitted gleefully as he quickly closed the distance between himself and the figure he thought was Teep, the figure said nothing as Rythian approached, but within a step or two Rythian finally realized his mistake, but it was much too late as the figure began to inflate itself with a  dreadful “HSSSSS”
The creature would never reach critical mass though, aggravated at his own stupidity Rythian even unarmored and unarmed was more than a match for a creeper. Rythian in a cold rage grabbed hold of the creepers head with his strong right arm and crushed it in his grip. Green creatures blood and brain covering his hand. “Damn exploding monsters” Rythian grumbled as he continued his search much less frantically, and much less enthusiastically, a calm reserve taking over his demeanor once again.
Rythian felt like he was being watched, he didn’t know by who.. Or what, but definitely something. He began regretting rushing out without his armor or his weapons, even just having his klien star with him would have made Rythian feel much better about his entire situation, but alas he had none of those things “No use crying over spilled stew” Rythian said quietly as he dismissed the regrets from his mind trying to focus on his search for teep as he wandered through his forest. 
Minutes turned to hours Rythian searched for his comrade, but In his state the mage had no concept of time, just a mission, one that he would complete even if it took him the rest of his life, thankfully for him it wouldn’t take so long, and his reward for his determination came as the sun began to completely set from the sky. 
Peaking through a bush a large smile took over Rythains face -even though most of it was covered byy his mask- this time it was no mistake, he had found teep, he was no longer alone. Unfortunately His joy was quickly replaced by suspicion, where is Zoey? Rythian thought, teep was always their faithful guardian.. Well after that one time that he had shot her but after that he had risked his neck to help us in the nether. Where is she? the question raced around his head as he scanned the rest of the clearing. Seeing no one around he approached the sleeping dinosaur, somehow being both reserved and exuberant at the same time, a feet that no one besides himself had been able to achieve. Squatting down next to the dinosaur the mage nudged him, Rythian always assumed teep was a him, but to be frank he was never quite sure. “teep, come on buddy wake up, We’ve got work to do” Rythian said as he shook the sleeping dino, but to no effect, Teep was out cold. After a minute of shaking Rythian gave up and contemplated a new strategy. “Well at least he’s breathing, now how do you wake up a sleeping dinosaur” Rythian continued to contemplate but his mind wandered thinking back to the first time he had been alone with teep.. It felt like so long ago, he was so different then.. He was filled with a desire for revenge but looking back Zoeya’s happy go lucky attitude had already began to take its effect on him.. His fallen angel… Rythian smiled as he thought of those times, when he  could say that despite living in a roofless wall of dirt.. He was fairly happy.. He just hadn’t realized how happy he was at the time until after. 
He focused in on his first encounter alone with the dinosaur.. he was so suspicious of everyone in those days…. “Teep come here” he had said motioning for him to follow, getting out of hearing distance of Zoey, “listen here you overgrown reptile, I don’t trust you, but obviously Zoey likes you, and since I need her looks like you can stay, but if ANYTHING happens to her, I will hunt you down and I will make a T-Bone steak out of you, you got that!” in hindsight that is probably what drove teep to go with her so willingly, “following orders to the last weren’t you big guy” Rythian said, now sorrowful that he had harbored such horrible feelings towards the pair. “Wheres Zoey?” he asked half expecting the dinosaur to leap up and take him to her in the blink of an eye, but that didn’t happen, teep remained asleep and Rythian remained beside him.
“I got it! I cant believe I didn’t think of it sooner!” Rythian yelled, the mage took a peace of cooked steak out from his alchemical bag and waved it over teeps nose making sure he got a good whiff of the succulent meat. Almost instantaneously Teeps eyes shot open and he grabbed the tender meat with his razor sharp teeth almost taking Rythian’s hand with it. In two mouthfuls the steak was gone and teep looked almost saddened that there wasn’t any more of the delicious meat to be found. Teep was much thinner than he was when he was at Blackrock, either he had gone on a stellar dieting program that would soon be sweeping the globe if teep advertised it correctly and be making him exuberantly rich, or the dino hadn’t been eating properly. Coming to the conclusion that the later was the much more likely solution Rythian took out the second steak that he had been saving for himself and threw it towards teep, who at the sight of the meat happily caught it in his mouth and seemed to savor it much more. When the dino smacked his lips together signaling that he was finally finished Rythian spoke the question that had been on his mind since she left. “Teep where is Zoey, is she alright?”
Teep couldn’t answer he knew what happened he just couldn’t form the words due to the fact that he was a dinosaur and lacked the necessary jaw structure, the fact that he was able to create a sound that mimicked the word Rythian albeit poorly was a miracle in and of itself. So teep just remained silent at Rythian question, but his face visibly paled when he looked behind Rythian. “what is it teep” Rythian said as he turned around.
Chapter 3: Mushroom Madness
Rythian turned around and saw nothing besides the forest surrounding them “teep what is-” Rythian began to say before he was interrupted by a very loud and squeaky voice “HAHA! You have fallen for my trap Rythian! This was too easy!” it said 
“whose there? Show yourself!” Rythian demanded spinning around searching for his enemy but still only seeing the forest. “He doesn’t even realize who we are! Zoey really oversold you mage” the squeaky voice continued. 
These words struck a chord within Rythian that should never be touched and Rythian s voice seethed his anger and concern as he yelled “WHAT! WHERE IS ZOEY? YOU BASTARDS IF YOU HURT A HAIR ON HER HEAD I WILL END YOU!” but the voice just snickered before speaking again in that dreadful chipmunk like voice “I would be more concerned about yourself right now Rythian, because you are about to face the might of the brown mushroom army!” 
“what?” Rythian asked all seriousness gone from his voice “mushrooms.. You’ve got to be kidding me, Zoey!, Zoey come on you’ve had your fun, now get out here, don’t worry I’m not angry I just want to talk to you” Rythian called out, but zoeya didn’t reply, the only answer was from the voice which seemed to be originating from the top of one of the trees  “hahaha you still don’t get it do you, You are about to die Mage, we shall rid the world of you two mutated monsters and then we shall go finish off that damn king barry! Attack!!”
Rythian stepped back as a large column of brown mushrooms appeared before his eyes more out of surprise than anything else, teep took out his bow and started shooting the mushrooms who were growing at an alarming rate into hideous creatures that resembled a dwarf mixed with a mooshroom, all of them wielding small weapons such as daggers, hatchets, and the like. With an audible crack many more columns appeared on all sides.  “well teep, its an army of sentient mushrooms vs. a weaponless mage and a dinosaur, yeah I think this is a fair fight, don’t you agree?” Rythian commented to his companion who was standing at his back, teep nodded as he fired off three more arrows from his seemingly endless supply all hitting three of the mushmen( the name for the mushroom dwarf things) dead center of the eyes. 
Rythian smiled as he dropped his mask, stuffing the piece of silk into his pocket, breathing in the unfiltered air, taking in the raw energy that came with it, the unfiltered magic set his eyes aglow enhancing their deep purple color.  “he doesn’t even have a weapon and he expects to defeat us! Come on boys lets teach this magic user a lesson!” one mushman yelled before leading the charge, from above it looked like a dam had broken and brown water was now rushing in to envelope the small island that Rythian and teep were standing upon.
Rythian’s smile morphed into  a smirk as the mushmen drew nearer brandishing their puny weapons, not realizing the power Rythian possessed. The mushmen advanced upon Rythian, 10 paces, 7 paces, 5 paces, and he began focusing the raw power he was gaining into his arms going from the shoulder all the way down to his fingertips. 4 paces. Rythian assumed his fighting stance, one much akin to Krav Maga, 3, paces 2...1...
Time seemed to slow down as the mushmen got closer, Rythain counted their steps, developed his strategy and when they came within a pace of him set it into motion…
With a brutal strike Rythian’s hand shot out caving in the skull of the first mushman and sent it flying back knocking down the 20 mushmen behind it before the unfortunate mushman finally imbedded himself halfway into a tree. He followed his punch with a lighting fast kick that collided with the 7 mushmen who were charging with the unfortunate mushman, these mushmen were sent flying high into the air, and to set the combo he spun, bringing his other foot into the air wrapping both of his legs around the last mushman of the approaching wave and snapped its neck with it. Its green blood spurted out from the hole caused by Rythians attack, “whos next” Rythian taunted as he regained his fighting stance.
Behind rythains back Teep was also keeping the shrieking, abominable mushmen at bay, being a dinosaur had major advantages, in his mouth were hundreds if not thousands of razor sharp teeth, his bow was more than 10x possibly 20x as strong as others due to teeps own impressive physical strength allowing him to draw a bow much larger and with much more tension than any human could dream of, paired with his surprising dexterity, the mushmen didn’t have a chance as he laid arrow after arrow into their skulls, most of the arrows he shot would pass through 3 skulls before finally resting in the 4th. Ones that got too close would have their chests caved in with a powerful dino kick or have half their bodies chomped off and eaten by the insatiable dinosaur that had the stomach and intestinal tract of a yoshi. 
Even with these distinct advantages over their adversaries the mushmen had an advantage of their own that couldn’t be discounted, and that was their fanaticism and their overwhelming numbers, there were thousands of them now surrounding the duo and it seemed to be growing every minute, for every mushman they cut down there would be another just waiting to take its place.
And so the battle raged on, until the mage and his dinosaur were completely covered in the mushmens green blood and a small wall had formed around them. And at that point they had a brief respite.
The mage was out of breath, it had been hours since the battle started and the moon was already high in the sky, creepers and skeletons even the occasional zombie wandered among the mushmens ranks causing a bit of chaos but nowhere near enough for the two of them to escape. Teep also looked like fatigue was getting to him, They wouldn’t last another day of the brutal fighting, as he looked down he saw red blood mixing with the green on his leg, somewhere during the battle he had taken many small wounds that he couldn’t remember how they got there. Rythian had to figure out a way to get out of , he could fly but not for long, without his ring it would take a lot of magic and without resources on hand for the magic to use up he might as well write his suicide note now. “use meeee….” a wheezing voice came from within him, but Rythian ignored it “I make you powerful, together we can survive, you Neeeed me!” it wheezed out Rythian continued ignoring the voice but he now knew what he wanted.. What he needed to do if either one of them was going to survive tomorrow. 
Chapter 4: The Tears of the Mage 
“Teep!” Rythian called out to his comrade motioning close so that he could whisper his plan to the dino without fear of being heard by the mushmen. As he completed telling teep his plan a look of horror was clearly visible on the its face. Teep backed away shocked and wildly shook his head no, but Rythian was adamant “If this doesn’t work and I fall in this battle, please…. take this to Zoey” Rythian pleaded his eyes watering as he took out his silk mask and a note, knowing that his plan may likely result in his death.. But it was the only way he could think of that didn’t end with the two of them dead. Teep again shook his head wildly no,  pushing the stuff back into Rythians chest not wanting to have any part in it. “Teep please!” Rythian cried through gritted teeth holding back his own tears as he began to accept that he would probably never see Zoey again, and she wouldn’t know until after he was dead of his feelings for her. That.. He loved her..  “take care of her teep, let her remember me as I was, and if I fall, leave me there and get back to Zoey as fast as you can, she isn’t one meant to be alone, that’s not a fate she should have to bear” Rythian commanded, the tears now openly falling and Rythian legs refusing to support him causing to drop onto the cold ground just as rain began to pour down…
Teep moved to comfort his friend crouching down and putting a paw on his shoulder, the mages cries of pure sorrow were easily heard by the mushmen who couldn’t bring themselves to move closer, the mages raw emotion touching them on a subconscious level, even the hamster voiced commander’s cold heart was touched by it as he ordered his men to make camp and continue the assault at daybreak. 
Rythians cries didn’t stop, he pounded the mud at the unfairness of his life, the curses he was made to bear, and that fate had been so cruel as to give him a small taste of pure happiness and then take it away just as he was realizing what he had.
“so this is the conclusion, my storybook ending, the ending as unfair as the rest of the book has been” Rythian thought as his cries faltered “this is not your end Erthengar, it is merely the beginning” the beast responded “that is not your decision, this is my body, not yours!” Rythian retorted “that’s where your wrong Erthengar! This is my home as much as it is yours, if you die, we both die, and that is not something I’m willing to let happen!” the beast yelled “it is not your choice! It is mine and mine alone, besides why do you care you are trapped inside me, what kind of life is that!” Rythian yelled back “because it is still life! What kind of life is it to mope around a stronghold hated by everyone! Uselessly plotting a revenge that will never come to fruition!” the enraged beast returned.
Teep slapped his paw across the side of Rythians face bringing him back into reality, little had he known Rythian had said all of his thoughts out loud, Rythian was immediately embarrassed, the beast was his most guarded secret, something that no one could know, because when they found out he was immediately cast out of whatever home he had created for himself and forced to wander again, to somewhere where the name “Rythian the monster” was not known. Teep though couldn’t care less he had other things on his mind as he pointed to the ground, a message he had written on the ground with his claw
Zoey Loves You. 
Authors note: yeah guys & girls a very short chapter but important none the less, I try and create the chapters as seamlessly as I can, I hope that you enjoyed chapter 4 even though it was a fairly sad one, as always tell me what you think and have a great day. -The Fighting Writer A.K.A El-Cid- Campeador 
Chapter 5: The Break of Dawn
Rythian shook his head and wiped the grime from his face with his hands, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing for the third time today: meeting teep, mushrooms actually being sentient, and now this.. She.. Loved him.. Teep can write?.. Where is she?.. Who would teach a dinosaur to write?.. How could she love.. Someone like me?…  
 Rythain’s mind was a firestorm of questions and unnamable emotions, many of which he hadn’t felt since she had left, namely surprise, and joy. The mage opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, he looked at Teep then at the message In the mud that was quickly being filled with water. “teep, is this true?” Rythian stammered, unused to the flurry of emotions that were whirling around inside his heart. The mute dinosaur nodded his head yes and that was all it took for the mage to start crying again. Rythian wrapped his arms around teep  as tears openly flowed down his face again, but they weren’t of sadness, they were of heart lifting joy, another foreign emotion taking up residency inside his chest and Rythian felt like he was going to burst. 
“we have to get back to her Teep, where is she!?” Rythian cried “without her teep the darkness closes in.. but I cant let her stay with me either.. She doesn’t know what I am.. What monster is chained inside me” Rythian cried into the dinosaurs shoulder. Teep returned his friends hug and made a weird cooing-purring sound as he patted the mages back till Rythian finally passed out. As he laid Rythian down in the mud he climbed to the top of the small wall of mush men corpses and stood watch vigilantly till daybreak.
At the first light Rythian awoke from his “slumber” but he was in worse shape, his body ached, half his face was covered in mud, his leg was probably infected, and his mind felt hazy, he knew the mushmen were probably about to attack, he knew that he might be on his deathbed any way this day turned out. Despite all this he arose, gritting his teeth and willing his leg to support him, his leg obeyed. Rythians veins were tinged ever so slightly purple as he extended his arm towards the direction of Blackrock hold  and he blew open the wall of mushmen corpses throwing some high up into the air. Step one, complete time for step two. Rythian gathered more of the unfiltered magic into his hands until they were immersed with purple flame and with a oddly beautiful act shot a giant torrent of flame through the mushmen camp burning anything it came into contact with to ask within seconds.
The sun had barely peaked over the horizon when the mage had initiated the first stage, and the mushmen were taken unawares, but they had received many reinforcements throughout the night easily tripling their number, but never the less the flame engulfed a sizeable portion of the camp, but nowhere near enough for the two to fight off alone, “initiating order 79” Johnny iron said robotically as he shot an object into the sky, “red 5 is standing by” red 5 said before wandering away leaving Johnny Iron in front of Blackrock hold as its sole defender , besides Gilbert.. But Gilbert couldn’t do much of anything.. Johnny Iron “missed” his creators as he looked at the ground in a robotic sigh, but then something came up on his proximity sensors,  “he”  looked up to see a slim black figure, as he did the black slender man attacked him without cause, its claws penetrated deep into Johnny Irons Iron skin but failed to do anything but cosmetic damage, it tried to go in for something like a bite but was caught by a hard Iron haymaker right in the face caving the creatures skull in and sending it into the water where it seemed to evaporate in the cool water into a hazy purple mist leaving no trace that it had been there. Johnny logged the attack and went to the store room to repair the damage the creature had done to his iron hide, he would have to report the attack to the creator when he returned from his search. 
Johnny Iron could still remember his creation, and the creation of red 5, things were different then everything was happy and his duty as guardian of Blackwatch was easy, but now everything  had changed, even he had changed, something that shouldn’t have been possible happened. Female master had tinkered with himself and red 5, she tampered with red 5 first, she was never the same, they used to be able to talk away the days on all manner of subjects, as the creator had blessed them with good minds, but now, all she said now was red five standing by and would malfunction often, not big things just an arm not working right or temporary blindness, Johnny was glad she had done a better job on him, giving him proximity sensors, a finer and stronger metal made to look like his old hide, he could move faster, be stronger, and could link into mushnet for surveillance if he so chose  in a one way street preventing anything from mushnet tapping into him. 
The only thing he had disliked was that he couldn’t report it to the creator.. And now the creator was in trouble, but he couldn’t leave Blackrock undefended, he had done all he could.
Chapter 6: A heroes Death
Rythian ran as fast as he could through the gap made by his flames, teep followed close behind firing his explosive arrows into other parts of the camp as the chipmunk voiced commander yelled orders to his troops, up until the explosion from one of teeps arrows consumed him. Even amidst the chaos the mushmen still found order enough to attack the duo, Rythian dodged every attack knowing that if he stopped even for a split second then he wouldn’t  be able to continue, the exchange would catch up to him, drain him of all the energy he had left and leave nothing for him to get out on. 
The mushmen’s camp was much bigger than he expected and the mushmen recovering from the chaos were already moving to cut off their escape and with some quick mental calculations he knew that at their speed, they wouldn’t make the rapidly closing gap, if Rythian pushed himself harder he could make the gap, but just barely and for teep there was no chance. I can save teep, hell I may die once I get back to Blackrock anyway, and even if I don’t.. my life.. Is it so great? The empty castle, taking care of mooshrooms, working myself half to death so that I don’t remember Zoey, the girl I love… and the only person in this world left… that Loves me…. Without teep I’ll never see her again. 
“It is better to be feared than loved Erthengar..”
Rythian ignored the beast as he contemplated the last step in his plan, it had been the last step since last night, but ever since teep had scribbled the message in the mud, he didn’t know if he could do it, if he could rid the world of its last major threat, that may also be its only saving grace. He had to live.. For Zoey.. And he had to get teep out as well, it wouldn’t be Shakespeare in Jurassic Park without him.. 
Rythian lowered his shoulder and barreled through a mushman who had tried to block his way with his body, then another and another. Rythians heart dropped as he realized the gap had closed and now a line a dozen of mushmen thick and growing blocked him from Blackrock hold. His choice was clear, Rythian planted his feet and he could already feel the magic he had used taking the borrowed energy from his body, every second feeling weaker, “RAAAAHHHHH!!!” Rythian screamed as he gathered everything he had left within him into a single last attack, one that would be able to clear a path for teep to make it back to Zoey, and warn her, he may have had the life of a monster, rejected by almost everyone and treated as an outcast but he would at least have the death of a hero.
“let me help you Erthengar” the beast pleaded not wanting to die, 
Rythian released the last of his power in an attack of blinding light, but its effect was underwhelming, barely cutting through half of the mush men, and Rythians heart fell into his stomach as he himself fell to his knees the brown mushroom army encircling him, teep the ever faithful guard protecting his friends body. “That was all I had, Notch damn it! You couldn’t even be good to me once you cruel son of a bitch! You couldn’t help me out this one time! Figures” Rythian yelled at the sky, he felt the warmth leaving his body as the world was calling his debt to it, taking the energy from his life force. 
For a normal mage even attempting the magic Rythian had been using throughout the fighting would have left him drained for a week, and attempting the dragons call (the name for the extremely powerfull flame Rythian used to blast through the mushmens camp) would have assuredly killed him/her, but Rythian is everything but normal. he had spent his entire career honing his magical core, making himself able to do more and more advanced magic without drawback, but even he had his limit and the dying mage had reached it. The process of death by magical overuse varied greatly, but all of them were excruciatingly  horrible.  
Rythian felt the darkness closing in on him as his eyelids grew heavier, convincing him that it would just be like going to sleep. Rythian tried to force himself to stay awake, leaning on his sword to keep himself from falling into the hot sludge that the cool mud from the night before had become. wait sword! Rythian exclaimed in his mind, to exhausted to speak, then he heard a voice, feminine and soft like one on the wind “It is not your time endermage” she said, her voice as sweet as honey “you have one of my daughters waiting for you, go to her” she continued, Rythian lifted his head weakly looking around for the source of the voice but seeing no one but the brown mushroom army standing motionless around him, without the spurring from their leader, none of them could work up the courage to get any closer to the dinosaur or the mage even in his wretched state. A hum vibrated from the sword “superjim?” Rythian questioned, turning his head tiredly to the emerald sword he was leaning on, the hardened wooden hilt slippery in his grip. “that is what you call me, but that is not my name. you do not have much time left endermage, the world seeks balance, you stored much energy inside me, use it now and save yourself.” the voice sounded almost motherly as it disappeared he looked inside the blade and found the energy he stored, “just enough” he thought with a smirk.. then there  was a blinding light. And the world went blank for a time he barely recalled Teep picking him up driving through the ranks of retreating mushmen and taking him into Blackrock hold, to his bed, to… their bed. And treating his wounds.
Chapter 7: In the Arms of a Loved One 
authors note: attempt 2, I wasn’t satisfied with the last chapter so I decided to rework it a bit, if you’ve read it already I hope you do so again and leave some feedback as to the changes, if you haven’t read it already enjoy the seventh installment of  mages and mushrooms.
The Mage lapsed in and out of consciousness, his breathing was shallow and labored, his heart rate was barely noticeable, and his blood refused to clot, it was as if his body had been worked so hard in the battle that it was too tired to do normal bodily functions. Teep still the ever faithful companion stayed by his friends side: bandaging and re-bandaging his wounds when the gauss became saturated with blood, forcing food and water down his throat in an already chewed state as if he was a mama bird and Rythian was the dino’s newborn chick. 
Johnny iron noticing the sorry state his master was in redoubled his efforts to guard the fortress, standing at attention 24-7, refusing to step from the metal doorway that served as the entrance to Blackrock Hold. and constantly watching as well as pinging his proximity sensor for any of the enderman monsters that attacked earlier. Ghost jr and Willow were cuddled up against their master, warming his deathly cold body with theirs. Occasionally licking his face to try and bring him to consciousness. Even Gilbert halted his suicide attempts to help patrol the castle and surrounding fortress.
Rythian awoke for the first time from his unconscious cycle, he was in horrible pain: his throat felt Raw and every breath felt like there was a metric ton of iron pressing down on hid stomach. His entire body felt like it was on fire. pain pulsed through his entire body, each muscle screaming at him in their own sort of revenge for putting them through such a trauma. his eyelids felt heavy as he tried to call for teep, opening his mouth no sound came out. SUDENLY a shock erupted from the mages chest and it felt like electricity was running through his entire frame, Rythian looked down for the source to see ghost jr laying on his chest and begining to lick his face, Rythian managed a smile and a weak pat on the dogs back before he let the oblivion take him again. 
Every time Rythian awoke it felt much the same way like he just woke up from a bar fight that went badly with a horrible hangover, then the dogs would notice and shower him with kisses, sometimes teep would be there, and from rythians point of few the dinosaur looked worse than he did, but Rythian himself wasn't aware of the extent of his injuries, or how close to death he was. The dinosaurs natural Sherwood green hide had paled and lightened, his normally wide eyes were bagged like he hadn't slept in years, and he was still dreadfully thin, combined with the wounds on his hide that he hadn't bothered to take care of and just let clott on their own, the dried blood painted part of him a darkened red color. Rythian wanted to say that he. Was fine and teep should be taking care of himself, but the words wouldn't come, and it was all to soon before he lapsed back into unconsciousness.
B.A.R.R.Y. Super computer Connecting to mushnet.... 
accessing files.... 
> Open Folder Arcane arts....
Password: ZOETHIAN 
access granted
>Open File side effects
.... Opening... 
>SEARCH: use of magic without material
. .... ... ... Opening: There comes a time in every mages life when he or she must use magic without proper sources of fuel, it is at this time when the wheat is separated from the chaff, a normal Mage can perform low level magic such as levitation without serrious long term consequence, though he will be left weak afterwards, if a Mages core cannot meet the requirements of a certain spell, then the deficits will be taken from the users life force, this usually results in a proccess called spontaneous erosion. Accoring to legend, There have been some mages throughout history that were so powerfull that they could perform many high level spells without any sort of fuel at all even a few that could bend the will of endermen to their own.. These mages are obviously myth as their very existence has been refuted by the mages guild time and time again. 
>Search:Spontaneous erosion .... 
1 file found
Spontaneous erosion is the result from a Mage over exerting his core by using magic without proper fuel such as glows tone dust. In this process the magical core eats away at the body in an attempt to create the energy needed to supply the spells needs. Wizards, witches, warlocks and other magical users that go through this process rarely survive, the only treatment is an immediate energy transfussion where a magic user lends his body to help settle the debt. This is handle ever done in the case of high level magics because the energy required takes multiple mages to settle without a 100% mortality rate, a case with ebzar the powerful used over 100 mages to save his life and still a dozen of them died. The process is excruciatingly painfull, varies widley, and may result in sudden combustion of said Mage.
>SEARCH: Rythian 
..... THE END IS COMMING .... No other data found, data may be missing or have been corrupted.
Zoey looked at the computer strangely, the message confused her and where was the data on Rythian.. She decided to type in one last command before she acceded to her true home.
>Search The End Is Comming
> __ 
Zoey left the monitor there, behind the blast proof glass and ascended the ladder and sprinting to black rock stronghold, where her Mage would be waiting for her and they could be a family again, she smiled as she thought back to the days when black rock stronghold was just a dirt wall and the two of them would be forced to share a single bed, and how Rythian would get all shy when she teased him under the covers.. And how he would shield her from the rain sometimes with his cloak.. She missed those days, she missed her mooshrooms, and Gilbert, and the unfinished magetower and everything, but most of all she missed Rythian. And when she got back to him again, notch himself wouldn't be able to pull them apart. --------------- Back at new Barry An over curious mushroom named Larry hopped on the keyboard Typing in a letter with each jump. Y... E.... X.... "oh darn" the little mushroom squeaked in frustration before jumping on the backspace key and then to the appropriate letter S.. OPENING FILE... A bloodcurdling ender man screech sounded as the monitor was taken over by a pair of ender an eyes, the small mushroom panicked and started jumping on other buttons as the lights started getting dimmer.."D... Um.. E.. S.. T.. Where's the R? oh there it is" Larry called out as he hit the buttons,the darkness quickly begining to envelope the room "U.. C..T" Larry completed the self destruct command hitting enter just before the last vestiges of light went out, the light from the explosion was blinding and the blast proof glass barely held it back, but the glass did its job and lary the mushroom turned arround sighing in relief that the screech had turned off. as he hopped away he noticed that the darkness hadnt faded from the room, "how... Unfortunate" we're the last words Larry would ever hear as he was ripped to shreds by a horde of endermen. "the time is soon upon us Erthengar, you will either joins us as a king or share the fate of a lame horse like the rest of the pitifull life forms on this wretched planet" a feminine voice echoed from the darkness. Authors note part 2 Written on an iPad So don't kill me if the grammar isnt perfect a second chapter will be out later tonight, possibly a third if I dislike the event groupings. As always comments are appreciated, I hope you all have had wonderful holidays and have a great day.
Chapter 8
Zoey ran as fast as she could to black rock hold, till her legs were sore and her breathing was heavy. “Hey wait a minute, Why am I running when I can fly?” Zoey asked herself as she activated her flying ring “Up Up and AWAY!” She yelled as she took to the sky flying the rest of the way to her home. And to her love.
Rythian still faded in and out of consciousness with no semblance of time or space. It wasn’t like sleeping, it was unexplainable like he was conscious of his body but at the same time asleep,  and whenever he awoke he was even more tired than when he passed out. It was a very odd experience for the mage. But even in this state of semi consciousness he was still aware of the thin arms that wrapped themselves around his chest.
The Mage was filled with panic for a moment thinking that sjin had penetrated Blackrock hold and was strapping him into some sort of machine, or the endermen had taken him. The Arms didn’t move, their warmth seemed to intensify and move through him, Like a new river finding its way into a dry riverbed after a storm. A serenity overtook his mind as he felt an all to familiar feeling, a head snuggled into his shoulder. He smiled weakly one word shinning in his thoughts, Zoey. And with its light he went into the all encompassing oblivion for one last time.
“Zoey” Rythian moaned forcing the breath out of his lungs, no louder than a whisper. “I’m here Rythian, come on open your eyes, I’m sorry” Zoey pleaded her usual happy go lucky attitude replaced with worry, the way that she was choking out the words made it painfully obvious that she had been sobbing. 
“Oh Zoey. don’t cry… It will take more than a few mushrooms” Rythian paused to cough “To kill me”
His throat was painfully raw, and it was the longest he had been exposed to open air in many years. 
Rythian shifted his body so that he could wrap his arms around Zoey and pull her closer to him weakly with the intention of never letting go. Pain roared through the mages body anew but it was worth it, to hold his love in his arms one last time without the pretenses or awkwardness, of pure and true love, unsaid but felt by both. Rythain completely opened his eyes, the light hurt, but to see Zoeya‘s beautiful face it was worth it: her fire red hair still stuck in her ponytail, her red eyes that saw past any armor he tried to put on, the tattoos that striped her cheek, and those delicious lips that he longed to kiss. But for now holding her would work. 
Just like that he fell into a slumber, not the semiconscious oblivion that he had been in, this was 100% real dreaming, and they were good dreams, something inside him was conscious of Zoey crying again into his shoulder and talking about how they found each other in the new world how he had caught her when she fell. That same part of him moved his hand so that it caressed her face and seemed to tell her that: He would awake, they would talk, and everything would be back to normal, no they would be better than normal. She stopped crying and fell asleep her head on his chest. He even began feeling stronger again. He was happy, He had the Girl, He had limitless wealth, he had a castle.. That needed to be fixed up a little but a castle none the less. As long as he had Zoeya, she could turn it into a mushroom factory and he wouldn’t give a damn, she Loved him and he Loved her “what more could a guy want?” Rythian thought to himself “Revenge” the dark voice bellowed…….
Rythian ignored the unwelcome tenant but it continued “you could have the world” It promised, Rythian though didn’t want the world, he had his own world right here. “you could make Duncan and Sjin feel the agony that you were put through by their petty “war”” It tempted the voice seeming to circle his thoughts, but the mage paid the beast no mind, he would get revenge his own way, if he was going to at all. “you would have countless legions subject to your will, join us and become an emporer!” after this comment the beast went silent for awhile, long enough for Rythian to let himself believe that the beast had finally become tired of his attempts to tempt him falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately it was not so, the beast now said knowingly and the venom from his poisonous words practically dripping from them  “they will hurt her to get to you, you cant protect her from all of us, you couldn’t even protect Teep from a madman with a mining laser” It was this comment that finally struck a nerve within the healing mages mind “ Be Silent!” Rythian commanded unknowingly talking in his sleep again “Oh so the mage hasn’t lost his tongue after all” it taunted “Beast! Can you not give me a moments peace?” “Peace is not in our future Erthengar, we are warriors you and I. War is coming Erthengar and you will lead us in the coming battles, Or else.”
Rythian was afraid to ask what, because he already knew what the answer would be.. They would kill Zoeya. “ I will not let you or anyone else harm her!” “then lead us Rythian, Embrace the end and become stronger than notch himself” these last ones resounded in his mind like a gunshot in an enclosed space 
“Ahh Get out of my Head!!”  Rythian screamed his hands clamping over his ears “If it were only so easy Endermage-” the beasts words were cut off as Rythian was shocked out of his trance by Zoeys lips upon his.
“you.. You” Rythian stammered “you kissed me” “well yeah.. You wouldn’t wake up, and, and you were talking in your sleep, and that’s what all the stories say to do when someone wont wake up, I’m sorry” Rythian’s upper brain functions were still in shock, which may have been the reason that he allowed himself to pursue his next course of action.
“My dear, sweet, Zoey” Rythian said sitting up fully lighting the candle next to the bed as he rose so that he was eye to eye with his apprentice, all the pain was gone from his limbs his paled skin, red with life again, his eyes the deep Royal purple they were meant to be. He brushed the hair out of zoeys face with one hand, causing her face to turn a deeper shade of red, and with the other pulling her face in to lock her lips with his once more. The second their lips touched their tongues began the intricate dance that neither partner knew the steps to, and the two ended up making their own.  In this kiss they poured all of their passion and longing, and whatever unsaid feeling there was left.
After 10 minutes of this tongue mashing Rythian broke off the kiss, his upper brain functions jumpstarting, it immediately started berating his careless actions and reminded him that he and anyone near him was in mortal danger. But his heart was in control and right now it beat for just one thing, and that was the girl staring into his eyes, not shying away from the scars that lined much of the lower parts of his face or even the stink that came off him,  “I Love you Zoey” rythian gasped he would have said something else if he wasn’t cut of by zoeys lips meeting his, and her soft hands pulling at his clothes. 
They made love that night, another act foreign to both of them but lasting a full hour just due to stamina alone. both of them in pure ecstasy they fell asleep together, rythians back was lined with scratches and had many first degree burns. zoeyas long red hair lay disheveled over his bare chest as she snuggled into him, his arm wrapped around her shoulder and his head resting on hers.

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