Vegas Killer

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This is about a girl who thinks she might be a serial killer...

Submitted: November 21, 2008

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Submitted: November 21, 2008



August 09,2003

Dear Diary,

I went to the doctor today about my black outs and where I remember nothing at all... He gave me a worried look and some medicine. Told me to call back in two weeks if it wasn't helping...

There was also an interesting story on the news tonight. A woman was murdered down on the Strip around midnight. They say that She had a vertical cut from her waist line all the way up to her chin. Exposing her broken rib cage and missing organs.  The only organ they found was her heart and it was lying next to her head and ripped in two... disgusting...

August 13,2003

Dear Diary,

The medicine has yet to kick in. I still keep having black outs and I can't remember anything before them either... Its really strange though..

Tyler Morgan humilated me again at school today. He put a note in my locker saying that he loved me and stuff... When he saw how happy I was and when I went up to him....he laughed at me and made fun of me in front of everyone.... I WANTED TO KILL HIM....

There was another murder on the news tonight...  A woman was killed in the same fashion. Only this time it was behind the 7/11 on Eastern and Trop.  I'm glad I don't live close to there.....Wait.... Yes I do....

August 21,2003

Dear Dairy,

Really strange things are starting to happen. I keep having these dreams that I am the serial killer that has killed five more people since my last entry... I keep dreaming that I am the one ripping out their organs and leaving their heart ripped in two by their head....  Maybe I should stop watching the news...

The doctor referred me to a pyschiatrist... he says I need therapy... Joy....

August 29,2003

Dear Diary

I am sorry I haven't been writing in you that often. But things just keep getting stranger.... Tyler Morgan was murdered... He deserved it if you ask me.

I also woke up outside in the front lawn this morning in a completely black outfit and blood all over my hands... My mom found me there crying and rushed me inside to clean up. Then she took me to the psych.

His name is Doctor Alanz. He seems pretty nice in a demented sort of way. He made me tell him all that has happened to me in the past month. When my black outs started and such. I didn't tell him that I knew Tyler....

September 02,2003

Dear Dairy....

Okay I am now really scared... I had a dream that I killed my stepfather with a skillet and that I hung my mother off the diving board in the pool and that before I killed them I made them dinner but their dinner was their little chiwawa named Roji. When I woke up the house was silent. No barking wannabe dog and no sound of parents....

I went into the kitchen and I almost fainted. There on the floor was my step father with is skull crushed in , on the table was the cooked dog.... and as I went out into the back yard there was my mother under the water. Hung under the diving board with a telephone cord!!

I am sitting outside as I write this. My hands are shaking and I am really scared.

I've lost count of the murders that have happened. but they say they think they have a picture of the killer... I will have to watch the news tonight and find out.....

The police man shuddered as he continued to read the diary. It had been the only left unharmed by the fire on Flamingo... He turned a few pages to see if there was anymore when he spotted on last page.....written in red...

September 13,2003
Dear Diary,
Hehe...I write this in the blood of my last victim. He was a poor ol'e sap. I am the Vegas Killer. I murdered my parents, I murdered Tyler and many more.. and this.. is just the start. They may have goten my picture on the news... but people change... After all.. This is Sin City... and everyone can be bought at a price....


Vegas Killer....

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