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what i think about this kid i know

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



I know this mother fucking kid know as trend. he used to be a real chill and cool kid but about a year ago he change, he no longer was the same kid, he was afraid to get into his hand dirty, he didn’t stay out late or any of that good shit he plays the role of a momma’s boy always being Mr. goodie 2 shoes doesn’t hang out with his two best friends he stays inside by himself all the fucking time I’m surprised he has any friends. Always standing them up when they got plans to kick it it’s like a mirror image of me… …When I was like mother fucking 5. He’s 14 now he gets no respect from me or his friends we talk shit behind the brats back and he’s too naïve to think about why he gets no respect back at the house he’s a bitch he can’t take it when we punk on him but when he does it to us we take it like real men and we punk back
He’s better off hanging out with 14 year old bitchs, not 14 year old guys because he might get his “feelings” hurt, holy shit…………….

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