Bee's With An Itch

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Don't tell me how to look, I'm fine with who I am.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




Go ahead,

Go and walk on the streets with your stilettos,

Your face covered in make-up.

Your tight shirts,

And short skirts,

And stick your nose up at “low lives” like me.

I’m fine with who I am bitch,

I will wear my converse, jeans and graphic t’s proudly.

I don’t care if you’ve had seven boyfriends at fourteen.

I’m fine with being single, no one can hurt me.

So go ahead tell me to get a nose job,

Tell me to cut my hair

Tell me to wear lipstick, eye shadow, and blush.

“Oh the boys will love you!” so you say.

If a guy only likes me with make-up,

Fuck him; I will wear my skin proudly.

I will not be the “Barbie” you are,

And if you can’t see that,

Fuck you, I’m walkin’ on.

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