This Is For You Dear Friend

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I don't know what to think anymore.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



He knows I’m disappointed with him.

He knows I’m mad at him.

He knows that I know that he’s smarter than that.

He knows I care about him so much like a brother.

He knows I cried when I found out he used.

He knows I want him to stop.

He knows that I care about what happens to him.

He knows that I go white knuckled whenever he talks about it, he’s seen it.

He knows I’m protective.

He doesn’t know that whenever he mentions that stuff, it kills me inside.

He doesn’t know that I would do anything to protect him, even take a bullet.

He doesn’t know I want to beat up whoever got him into this.

He doesn’t know he makes me feel safe whenever I’m around him.

I know I care about him.

I know I love him like family.

I know he’s a good person.

The only decent guy I know.

I know how amazingly smart he is.

I know how bright his future will be.

I don’t know if he will stop.

It doesn’t seem like it.

But dammit, I don’t care if I will ever have to pick him up from jail in our lifetime.

I will be there for him no matter what he decides to do.

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