The 10 Commandments for the modern person

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A quick snap-shot of the 10 commandments and God's word, written with a modern, easy-to-read spin.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012




Getting Your Soul in Tip-Top Shape for Judgement Day

Ok, so here’s the truth. God is real. Hell is real. End times are pretty close. Frightening? Definitely. Fashionable? Definitely not. You’ve read or heard about bits of the Bible and it sounds boring! Too hard to understand, and too hard to live by all those rules. Well, it’s just 10 rules really. God only put them in place because the world turns to shit pretty quickly when we don’t follow them. Don’t agree? Just take a look at all the wars, famines, diseases, big ego’s, STD’s, break-ups, eating disorders, addictions, depression and loneliness around you. Clearly we’ve f%$@#d things up. So, no, God is not a ruthless dictator commanding us to blindly worship him. He’s a smart and loving being. He sees the bigger picture. Give Him some credit! He gave us free will. And He’s trying to get you into paradise with Him, instead of being tortured in hell (think the holocaust, only a million times worse, for eternity). In fact, God actually loves us SO much that he sent his son Jesus to DIE horribly for OUR sins, taking all of our punishment, which means, thankfully, we now have the opportunity to get into Heaven, provided we hold up our end of the bargain. So if we confess our sins to God, accept Jesus as our saviour, and follow the commandments, YOU have the chance to get your ticket to that big show in the sky.

Here’s the thing. God is SO holy, SO pure, and SO full of truth and love, that us meagre humans can’t possibly be in His presence if our souls are stained with dirty sin. Normally, universal law would dictate that for every action there is an equal reaction, so we’d all end up in hell as a natural consequence for our sins. BUT because Jesus died FOR US, all we have to do is sincerely apologise for all the bad, stupid, drunk, angry shit we’ve done, and God will WIPE OUR SLATE CLEAN. No matter how bad your sins were, He won’t bring them up again. Is that not true love?

Now that you know this, we can no longer conveniently ignore some of the commandments that don’t fit in with our modern society.  We all think we’re ‘pretty good’ people and that’ll be enough on the day of judgement. But laziness and ignorance is no excuse. You have access to a Bible. If you pray, and truly listen, you’ll get any answers you need from the great man himself. So below is a crash course in the 10 commandments, and how to apply them in your life today. Oh, and one more thing. Do it with love! If you’re going to resent doing it, God won’t like it. Bitter people aren’t fun to be around. Good luck!


  1. There’s only one God-  All other gods simply do not exist.


God’s just asking you to be loyal to Him, like you would your partner or your best friend (but even more so, since he is God after all). But what about the New-Age stuff that’s all the rage now? Those notions of manifesting belief into reality, or even psychics, spirits, angel visions, tarot, astrology and reiki? Hate to break it to you, but Jesus warned us that Satan disguises even as an ‘angel of light’ to preach false doctrines, work miracles, and deceive us on a spiritual level-all with the aim of luring us away from God! Tricky, isn’t he? He’s clever enough to put visions and images in our head to make us believe we’ve lived past lives, convince mediums they’re talking with the dead, (like Jon Edwards, bless him, he probably does speak with the dead-but he’s getting messages from spirits you don’t want to mess with)! Why do you think, conveniently, all the dead people he speaks to are always ‘safe’ wherever they are, and it’s all happy and fun, even though some of these people probably did some bad shit in their lives and clearly wouldn’t be ok? No, they’d be in hell. But Satan doesn’t want you to know there is a hell! So he’ll do ANYTHING to convince you that the afterlife is warm and fuzzy. This means you’ll be less likely to consider the consequences of your actions in life, and more likely to reject Jesus, guaranteeing your descent to the lake of fire. I used to be right into the New-Age scene, so I know all about it. The concept of ‘Christ consciousness’, is rubbish- just flowery language used to detract from Jesus Christ’s real mission on Earth- to die for our sins. Remember, even Satan uses some truths to in an effort to manipulate. It may sound like peace and love on the surface, but delve deeper and you’ll find the core message of most spiritual/ self-help books and angelic apparitions is: ‘You are co-creator- you can do anything’.  So is that not just another way of saying ‘I don’t need you God, because I have the power to change my own life? Sorry, but you don’t! You’ve just made your EGO your god and totally denouncing God’s power over you. Yep, we’re not as good as we think we are. It’s a big shift in thinking from what we’re being taught by Doreen Virtue and the like, but, it’s the truth. Not only are we being convinced we ARE gods, the New-Age also tells us that there is NO external judgement for our actions, that only WE judge ourselves. Yeah right. Do we really want to test that one out before it’s too late?


  1. Put God above everything. Don’t make money, your career, your dog, your body or Jay-Z your god. We can enjoy these things to an extent, but the moment they replace God as our sole driving force, we are essentially making an idol out of an earthly thing.


This one’s about worship. At the end of the day, God is a God, and yes, we need to act like he is. Why give something that has no deeper purpose more time and attention than God? He can and will take it from you. The truth is, if it’s not of God, or doesn’t reflect the positive messages of God; it essentially means nothing and will die with you. So yes, love the things around you, like fashion and football, but if you start becoming addicted, and swear to your friends that your laptop or your jewellery are the first things you’d take if your house burns down, or obsessively drink protein shakes and pump iron every day because you’re desperate for a good body, then perhaps tone it down. We even get overly attached to people. We say that family means that world to us, or get depressed when that guy/girl we like rejects us, but at the end of the day, they’re just people. God doesn’t want us to get so wrapped up in life that we forget about Him.  You might be thinking God seems to have an ego himself. But he just wants our love, and we can’t truly love him if we’re distracted all the time.  He doesn’t NEED our love, but He would really, really, like it.  And why shouldn’t we make the one who gave us life our Number One?


  1.  Don’t take God’s name in vain


 We do this one all the time, without meaning to! At the risk of sounding like Ned Flanders, try using some other phrase instead of ‘Oh my God’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ when you’re surprised, shitty, or shocked. It’s not hard! ‘Oh my Gosh’ will do. Or invent some other crazy Gen Y word, use it all the time and get the ball rolling. Would you take the name of someone else you loved, like your partner or your mum, in vain? When you think about it, it’s a crazy habit we’ve all formed and a big insult to God. If you really struggle to stay on track with this one, wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you say the Lord’s name in vain. That’ll teach you soon enough.


  1. Don’t live it up on a Sunday, and use the time to ‘have a coffee and a catch-up’ with God.


The Sabbath used to be a Saturday. For some, it still is. But for a few reasons, it’s now Sunday for many of us. What this means is, avoid working on a Sunday if you can help it. Obviously, there are many people that can’t avoid this. Our society has been built around Sunday trade. But if you choose to take that extra shift and don’t need it, that’s a different story. Don’t go on a big shopping spree, spend a heap of money, or get drunk. Don’t eat yourself stupid or put a bet on. It’s supposed to be a holy day. If you aren’t comfortable with church, find a quiet space and have a chat to God. Tell Him how sorry you are for your sins and pray for others in need. Tell Him you want to get to know Him and to reveal His will for you. Or go for a long walk outside, go to the beach and pray quietly. It’s up to you- we all have different ways of connecting to God. Maybe read a few passages from the Bible and reflect on them. If you don’t understand them, Google interpretations, or talk to a God-believing friend/parent/neighbour/priest about what it means. Do something creative, so God can speak through your heart through the talent He gave you. Do you play music/paint/write poetry/dance/make things? You can make a time do this on a Sunday, and do it in a way that celebrates God and His love. What does ‘Holiness ‘mean to you?


  1. Respect your Mum and Dad.


Sometimes they annoy us. Or embarrass us.  Or sometimes they really do get it wrong and make mistakes. But mostly, people do the best they can with the knowledge they have. If you are always having conflict with your parent/s, respect them enough to work it out in a civil manner. These people raised you. Holding onto resentment is not going to do anyone any good, and will only make an obstacle between you and God. Because if you’re bitter or spiteful or ungrateful to your parents, God is going to treat you the same way you treat them


  1. Don’t murder.


This one’s pretty obvious. We can assume that most people uphold this one. But did you know God treats all the commandments in the same way? If you break one, you break them all. BUT, in the same way, God forgives ANY of the broken commandments if we repent. Pretty nice of Him, hey? This doesn’t mean you can go on a killing spree with the aim of repenting down the track. God reads your intentions, and will judge you accordingly. Plus, you never know when God will snatch you from this life. And if you die without repentance then I’m sure you can imagine where your next destination will be.


  1. Sex was only ever designed for one special person.


So this means that every time we hook up with someone (assuming that means sex), God sees this as committing adultery. You might think this just refers to not having sex outside of marriage. Not only. Of course, cheating on your partner is a no-no. But this is also where the whole ‘no sex before marriage’ rule comes in. I know we all have questions about this one.  Firstly, what does marriage constitute in God’s eyes? Some say it is when you first have sex with someone, or profess your loving intentions toward them. So if you’ve only ever had one partner, you have sex, then you end up marrying them down the track, is that ok? To be honest, it comes down to your interpretation of the Bible.  No-one can make that decision for you. Many believe God wants a spiritual union, meaning some kind of official ceremony to reflect and confirm your pure commitment toward each other. So in that case, perhaps any sex outside of marriage, regardless of intentions, doesn’t hold up in His eyes.


The other thing many ask is, what actually constitutes sex? Well, the bible doesn’t specifically mention other kinds of stimulation (you know what I’m talking about here), but it does specifically state that all types of sexual immorality and adultery outside of marriage will be punished. So, you make the call. Perhaps it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep it above the belt. (No way! I hear you cry). But did you know that Jesus actually says that merely fantasising about sex and other people in a lustful way is also adultery? So is looking at porn. Yes it is hard to look away, many of us are guilty, including me. Even lusting over sexy music clips or reading a few excerpts of ’50 Shades of Grey’ can make it hard to stay on track. BUT we just need to re-train our selves. Sex is not everything. We have to remember that all our urges and passions are nothing but desires of the flesh, and eventually these will all die with us.


But you might wonder how on Earth you’ll ever be able to keep it in your pants for the time it takes to get to know someone, fall in love, and decide you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You might think no-one will want to be with you if you make them wait more than a few weeks, especially because sex (or at the very least the other stuff) is just expected. You might be horrified that you can’t ‘try before you buy’. What if you marry them and you’re not sexually compatible?


This is probably the hardest commandment to keep for many. This will be a struggle. God is asking you, for the short time you have on Earth, to not give in to your urges before marriage. Yes, it’s hard. But the guy/girl who does wait for you, will be the one who is worth it. Even if you’ve already had a few partners- repent to God, and start from scratch. God will clean your slate. You might not be popular with people who are only after one thing- but at least it weeds out the people who were never genuine anyway. The more people who commit to this commandment, the more society will start to accept people who wait for sex. This will make it easier to stick to. But for now, ok, you might struggle to find a decent partner. But really, so what? Your reward in the end will be worth it.


  1. Don’t steal


This doesn’t just mean don’t steal a Snickers bar from Woolies. Don’t download tunes illegally, don’t scam a train ticket, report all your earnings to Centrelink, tell the lovely-but slightly-vague shop assistant that she gave you a $20.00 note instead of the measly $5.00 you were supposed to get back in change. If you find a wallet or someone’s ATM card, return it or hand it in. And if you really need money? Pray that God will take care of your needs. Go and be proactive about changing your situation. Or just be happy with what you’ve got. It’s that simple.


  1. Don’t lie


I used to be, and still occasionally am, the biggest liar on Earth.  I hate letting people down. I make up excuses. I hate conflict. In school, I used to be so insecure that I lied to the people around me all the time. Now that I’m older, I try to lie less, but I cringe when I think of all those years of deceit. Lying is dirty. It’s pointless, and for so many of us, it’s just a way of avoiding a confronting situation. And as Rod Flanders said: ‘Lies make Baby Jesus cry....’



  1.  Don’t desire anything that is not yours


We know not to steal it. But God tells us to not even WANT it. Girls, don’t pine for Jessica Alba's body (let’s face it, we’ll never have it), and guys... don’t pine for Jessica Alba's body, Period. So what if your best mate has already bought a house, and you’re still sharing a room with your brother? Or if someone else has the job, the boyfriend or the car you want? Does what someone else has change your life in any way? Desire nothing, except God’s love, and you’ll never be disappointed....


Please- Print, Plagiarise or Pass this on..... Give hope to the souls around you


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