Big Brother House Political Diary, Day 19

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The 3 main party leaders stuck in a big brother house

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Submitted: March 09, 2015



Big Brother House Political Diarys, day 19

0945, and big brother, tells the house mates, that big brother does want them to have some proper food, so is making another task, this time so easy they cannot fail, all they have to do is peel 1000 potatoes, in 5 hours, and if they do, big brother, will provide a meat feast to go with the potatoes.
How hard can this be says David Cameron, obviously I have heard of potatoes, but what shape are they, Nick clegg says you must rememberthat, every general election, our PR men make sure we are photographed, coming out of a chip shop, eating chips from a paper, just to make us look like one of the people, Ed milliband you you saying that these potatoes are long and squarish then, well that should not be to hard, Theresa May, butts in, come on now, surley you must know what a potatoe looks like, after all you must have helped your wife’s in the kitchen at some point, they are roundish things, every one knows that, but then again going by the blank looks on your faces, perhaps not.
They all go into the kitchen, and there bags of potatoes ready for peeling, david Cameron puts his hand in the bag first, and pulls out a potatoe,my god it feels funny, says david, and as ed and nick, pull out a potaoe as well, ed says, it does feel funny, its all soily, and dirty, yeah, says nick and it smells like earthy things, right how do we peel these things, well says david, I suppose you peel them like a orange, you mean with your thumbs, says nick, yeah , says david, so as ed starts to dig his nails into the potatoe, this is very hard,, I know what you mean, says david,, this will not do my nails any good.
Theresa, says well I am not digging my fancy nails into them, not a £40 pound a hand, no any way I think you peel them with a potaoe peeler, I will look for one in the draws, so after looking in the draws, I cannot see one at all she says, only these knifes, oh well I will just have to persevere with one of them, and so they all get cracking on the task.
At the end of 5 hours, big brother tells them how many they have peeled, david, has peeled 4, ed, has peeled slightly more, 5, and nick, also peeled 5, Theresa, peeled the most with 10, that gives a total of 24, no where near the 1000 you had to do, so you have failed yet again

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