Big Brother House Political Diary Day 3

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The main 3 party leaders, in a big brother house

Submitted: February 13, 2015

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Submitted: February 13, 2015



The Big Brother House Diarys- Day3 Big Brother House, 1300 hours, and david Cameron says to any one listening, look guys, I think we have to be careful about the image we put out, after all we are not the most liked of professions are we, I think we should try and be like that other fellow, whats his name, ah yes, Nigel, Nigel farage, that man of the people, as he likes to call himself, this is our chance to look like men of the people. Ed milliband, says yes, we could even take of our ties, roll up our shirt cuffs, and have a drink, now whats that stuff, Nigel drinks, you know the one in a big drinking glass. Nick clegg, says your right is it not called a litre of something, no, I have got , a pint of some thing they call beer. David says right lets all go to diary room and ask for some beer, so we can have a beer party, and look like we are men of the people. Ed says yes, then we can talk of manly things, to which david says great idea, for I believe strongly about fox hunting, nick says, are you sure fox hunting is what the common people do, and talk about, ed says what about this thing called football, I have heard so much about, don’t we even have a football team called England, yes said david, appeal to the national spirit, great idea, nick says, I believe, nearly every city, has its own football team, david says yes, this sounds familiar, does any one know who is in charge or the captain of London football team We can go even further says nick, we can actually unbutton some of our shirt buttons, how about that, to which david says yeah, and even go round in no socks, ed butts in , we can do bottom noises, with out blaming it on some one else, we can show that Nigel Farage of UKIP, he is not the only man of the people

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