I spit on your grave

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my ode to jimmy savillei imamagened i was one of his victims, then heard he died

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



I Spit on your Grave


I spit on your grave

And rejoice in my heart

For those who came across you

Their life’s been torn apart


I spit on your grave

And may God forgive me

But I hope you rot in hell

For all of eternity


I spit on your grave

With all the venom that I can

Now you can’t hurt anyone

You poor excuse for a man


You have spent a life time

Building a image for yourself

Sadly many believed what they saw

Some corrupted by your power and wealth

But that ivory tower that you built

Is now crumbling to the floor

As the truth at last is coming out

You won’t be abusing anymore


I spit on your grave

Wishing it was from a greater height

You took away my innocence

That should have been mine by right


I spit on your grave

You’ve contaminated Holy Ground

All your vile evil remains

Should be moved and never found


I spit on your grave

But at least you are no more

Now I can close this chapter

And start to live once more


You put yourself in the lime light

Raising money with your smile

But that was just a mask you wore

To hide a sickened paedophile

The sad thing is while you lived

You got away with what you did

I wish I could have hurt you in the coffin

And then danced upon the lid


I spit upon your grave

In respect for those not here

And I hope it isn’t to long

Before the bugs make you disappear

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