Pippin Babba (A Sisters Love)

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two sisters in war torn poland of jewish blood and there struggle

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Pippin Babba (A Sisters love)


By D W Phoenix


Two sisters growing up

The way that sisters do

Me-me had turned twenty

Pippin babba was twenty two


In Poland the war had come

People welcomed the Nazi signs

But if you were of Jewish blood

Then these were dangerous times


Pippin she was in to boys

While Me-me was in to learning

They both came home that fateful day

To see there family home was burning


Their ma and pa were hanging

On their faces the look of fear

A sign was placed around their necks

Jews not welcome here


The sisters some how found the strength

To bury their ma and pa

Said some words beside the grave

But the moment had left its scar


Me-me she knew at once

Which road to travel down

She had to fight the germens

With the resistance in the town


Pippin Babba knew a German man

Who had her under his control

He forged some papers and I.D

Which she paid for with her soul


He got her work in a German jail

Where she worked for the Nazi there

His job was to make the prisoners talk

Which he did with flair


Pippin was feeling guilty

Many times she felt so sad

But feelings faded with her dreams

Just making do with what she had



Pippin became dependant

More and more on her man

Scared in case her past came out

Although she hid it best she can


Pippin found herself helping

To interrogate those inside

Loosing all sense of feeling

Like her very soul had died


Now her sister Me-me

Fought the Germans best she can

Till now those who knew her

Say she’s as good as any man


The sisters had lost all contact

Until that fateful night

Me-me had been caught and wounded

As she came round in a room lit bright


Finding that she was tied up

And laying on a bed of wood

Her wounds had not been treated

Her skin stained with her blood


Me-me knew that she would die

But she did not hold no fear

For she could see her ma and pa

In a vision very clear


When Me-me opened her eyes

To look around the place

She saw her sister standing there

With fear deep within her face


She heard her sister talking

With trembling in her voice

Me-me knew straight away

That Pippin had no choice


Pippin Babba was torn in two

To see her sister there in pain

And what if Me-me was to talk

Told the Germans of her name


Pippin Babba  was terrified

For herself and her sister too

But with the Germans watching

There was nothing she could do


Then she was told to strip Me-me

So the soldiers could have their way

And as she got close to Me-me

Pippin heard her sister say


Just do what you’ve got to do

And know your secret is safe with me

I don’t blame you for anything

You’ll always be a sister to me


Me-me lay stripped and naked

As the soldiers had their way

Pippin Babba held back her tears

Waiting for another day


Then the Germans left the room

Leaving Pippin on her own

As Me-me lay there unconscious

Pippin vowed not to leave her alone


Pippin leant across  Me-me,s face

Till her life had ebbed away

She had to save her from more pain

Then turned and calmly walked away


And from that moment on

PippinBabba had strength inside

She was filled with Me-me,s spirit

Since the moment that she died


Pippin went to the hills that night

Looking for a place to hide

As she climbed into a cave

She could feel her sister by her side


Pippin made a vow to Me-me

To fight the Germans till there gone

Then she would build a shrine to Me-me

So her sister’s name lives on


Many Germans would be killed

As Pippin Babba fought alone

The Germans called her the soulless one

With a heart as cold as stone


Pippin Babba set up safe passage

Helping families flee the war

Only wanting them to have a life

Like she remembered once before


After all the years of fighting

The war came to an end

Pippin had saved many hundreds

And each one called her a friend


Pippin Babba shunned the lime light

Avoiding all praise and fame

Instead she built a monument

In memory of her sisters name

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