Flinch:Part One

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Mia had no idea that the "sweet,harmless" kitten she adopted from a ranch just so happened to be a naughty,troublesome kitty."Tinsel" is always causing trouble and confusion until one day the family decides they've had enough and Tinsel must learn to be the good,loving kitty she once seemed to be at the ranch or she may pay dearly.This is only part one,however.

Also,please tell me if you liked this part,if you do,'ll keep going.

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



Kitty,a short gray-haired one.Stubby and very chubby.Although she looks harmless enough she's real rough.And naughty.Causing trouble where ever she goes.Last night she stole some steak that was being marinated in the kitchen,she ate every bite of it and took a long nap.mama Cat sighed.She knew that it was HER naughty kitten,she and the dog were friends,sorta.Both of them had the trouble kind of baby that were very mischievous and quite rude."ah,let 'em be that way,their new owners won' stand for it." was Angela(the dog)'s advice when Mama Cat (Gwen) complained.She agreed that they should let them learn although she still did scold and complain and worry.Angela was a fine red setter with beautiful long red fur,Gwen felt sometimes envious of the beautiful fur since it was so beautiful and magestic.She on the other hand had dim,dirty four,which she found almost impossible to clean after a day of running after her kittens.It was a scraggly grey.Angela,however wasn't a bit braggy about how she was worth so much,so beautiful and that even her name was pretty.it was good thing to because Gwen was not worth more then five dollars,was not pretty at all and her name was rather plain.Gwen.Angela was a dog who enjoyed being social and preferred day to night.Gwen was an anti-social cat who liked night since that's when all the mice came out to "play".She still liked chit-chating with Angela once in a while.Then comes the dads.Bouser is the puppies's dad.He,like Pete(kittens's dad) didn't want anything to do with the babies and they chatted at day,and when the pups were sleeping they spent time with the mums,flirting,chatting about the next litter and such,and "played".The mums didn't really approve of their "slacking-off" behavior and said unless they'd at least play with the kids there would be no second litter,and that's just the "chat" they had when the pups and kits were sleeping.


Pete,was a short,stubby orange tabby with a zest for life.He liked chatting with Houser and spending time with Gwen.He enjoyed both day and night and tuna tar tar.(he had to steal it to eat,though)

Houser was a large,happy-go-lucky kinda dog and wasn't all that fond of meatloaf.He loved daytime and was very social and he was in charge of the sheep.He,unlike his wife was a big show off and a bit braggy.Pete didn't mind this,though.

Today,there was a large sign saying"Puppies and Kittens for sale" and they were put outside to be adored.The mothers watched,sadly,but also a bit joyfully.Now they could have some time to theirselves.Until the soon-to-be litters came.The puppies and kittens scrambled about the pen playing and being cute.The naughty kitten bit the others on the ear but to Mia a hometown girl the kitten was just being funny and trying to play.

"Mama! Can I have this one,she's so cute and playful!"

"Alright,Mia. Go ask the lady for it.And why don't you take it to it's Mama one last time so they can say their goodbyes?"


At the final goodbyes,the kitten saw a tear fall down Gwen's cheek."Goodbye darling.I'll never forget by silly little kitten."The kitten was confused and just as she was about to ask what on earth the Mum was talking about Mia picked her up and they walked to the car.The kitten was surprised and angry.And very perplexed.Sighing she gave a soft meow and watched her brothers and sisters standing in the pen confused thing"what are they doing with my sister,where's she going?"

Gwen sighed and Angela tried to comfort her.Gwen was glad she had a friend in Angela.Pete wasn't that upset at all.But the kitten was.

The kitten cried all the way to home,she was upset and unconformable and Mia held her the wrong way,and just when they were only five blocks away the kitten scrambled though the space in the window onto the street onto the upcoming traffic.A huge pick-up truck drove into the drowsy kitten's derection.It weighed at least 500 pounds.At least.It's large tires just inches from the tiny kittens head,annnnndddddd.....................



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