The Swing in the Barn

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Swings are nice. And this swing is great.Then there is a tale not nice nor great.When he jumped and died. The terror.
This is a tale about the swing and the kill on the swing.

Submitted: June 16, 2012

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Submitted: June 16, 2012



Do you like to swing? Up in the air? Higher than the trees the sway,the birds that crow,and balloons little children let go of to see the floating color drift up into the air?

Well,once there was a swing.All it was was two parts of rope longer then four basketball players tied to the loft of the barn.At the bottom of it fifteen cords were tied together to make a seat.A thin pillow was glued there so it would be more comfortable.It wasn't much help though.Most of the time children would seat the swing like you would with any modern swing:by simply climbing on to the seat and sitting there.But,sometimes a child or two would hand on to the rope and swing up in the air clinging to a battered rope.Maybe a child would grab on to the bottom of the swing and sail through the air:trying to keep his grip on the slippery cords.To get the swing going you'd need to be pushed.You'd need to get going. Swing you legs out as if they want to touch the roof of the barn.Then as you fall back so graceful you swing your legs back then tuck them under the swing. Out.In.Tuck. Out.In.Tuck. Out.In.Tuck. Continue this 'til your up in the air.Up outta the barn in the sky,higher then the highest tree,so high you could almost touch the clouds above. You wave at the horses who are being ridden by the second graders.The farm was their field trip.The horses neigh and say,"Hello! How are you today?" Then WHHHOOOSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!! You go down under the barn the up!Back in the air! You wave at the cows who are munching on soft green grass. They try to prove that they are not slow eaters and munch as fast as they can.They look up and moo,"Hello! How are you today?" Then back down under the roof of the barn you go.Then back up in the air. You wave at the turkeys,you wave at the sheep,you wave at the pigs. Then after some minutes you can jump on the swing so the next preson may have a turn. It's a wonderful thing. Everyone who tries it remembers the feeling of wind in their hair and the clouds at their fingertips.

I'll never forget that day one kid went on the wrongest way. He did it on a dare.He found a way on to a shelf and someone pushed it. Pushed the swing too hard.It sailed higher then ever before. So one that kid jumped he fell. He fell on his head and a puddle of blood formed.blood. i felt dizzy. ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm baby so I fainted.I remember Alisha called an ambulence.It rushed here. But I knew he was gone. Dead.Unalive. It was horrible.Deadly.Sad.Bloody. I don't know when this happened but I was in fifth grade. "Dennis? Ohhh. Dennis. It's not alright but...... are you okay? Dennis? I'm callin' a school bus. Ohhhhh." my teacher woke my up after I fainted.That was a day I'll never forget.

Please note that this has never actually ever happened before and that my name isn't Dennis. Thankyou.

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