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To show people that no matter what they are good at they are still intelligent. We are all intelligent in different ways.

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



Intelligence, the ability to understand something. When we all here the word intelligence we mostly think of the math geniuses learning algorithms and solving complex problems or the man who has a Phd in English literature. But this is not all intelligence is and if you aren't good at school doesn't mean you aren't intelligent it just means that you can understand other things better than the people who are good at school.

Take martial artists for example like in jiu jitsu y...ou have to understand how to apply the correct lock or choke on the correct body part to inflict the right amount of pain or not. That is a form of intelligence to be able to remember hundreds of different moves off the top of your head.

Manual workmen are seen in high percentage as not being intelligent enough because they chose wood or metal or construction as their career choice. They are just as intelligent as the math genius sitting at their table solving problems except their intelligence is used in a different light. The math man or woman most likely wouldn't have the intelligence to build a wooden cabin from scratch like a carpenter could or construct houses or bridges like the construction workers. Just because they use their hands more doesn't mean they aren't using their brains they are they just don't realise. They say that everyone only access about 10 percent of our brains but some of us maybe can access a bit more or maybe we can each access a different part of it.

I could compare different types of people for the next year and still not be finished because everything everyone does requires intelligence in all different manners.
Just remember that you are intelligent in your own way you just need to figure that out and be happy with it and stop comparing your intelligence to what other people can do.

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