Letter's of Ole

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This is a short story/poem about a letter a man wrote to his dear love one.

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



I have been alone a long time and searching far and wide for one that makes me feel the way you do. I used to think you didn’t exist, that women like you were only in movies or books. I watched as people around me would be in relationships that they weren’t happy in and force themselves to have feelings for those that they weren’t meant to be with. I would ask why, I would pry in to their relationships and question why they were forcing themselves to love. I can’t say that I didn’t do the same. I forced myself to love someone that didn’t love me back but yet I forced myself to stay. She tore me apart, broke me emotionally, and destroyed my strength. I never thought I could feel so low and break my strength like she did. I never thought love would ever be for me, until I meant you. You have changed my world, you have changed everything in my life. My strength returned to care for you, my heart returned to love you, and my being return to give it all to you. My life would be nothing without you in it, you are my everything and I just want to thank you for giving me what nobody has ever given me before. I care for you deeply and my love for you in this short time period is the strongest love I have ever had for a person. You have showed me passion, caring, understanding, and most importantly true love. For this I write my Letter of Ole, the true part of me that loves you for everything you are. Every letter has a meaning, and the meaning is impossible to explain just like love. Love is my Letters of Ole.

To My Love,

I have seen life without love and it is a dark and lonely place. The love you have for me is the reason that I have to wake every day and move forward with my life. I have forever wanted one person that I could love and care for with all my heart and soul. I cannot imagine life without you and I don’t want to even think about it. Just mentioning it hearts my heart and soul inside and out. I live my life as I wish to live but adding you in my life is just one of those added bonuses that life throws your way to make it all worth it. I stare every night at the stars and ask why I deserved a women like this, why I am so worthy of her, she’s too kind, loving, and compassionate. The love I have for you is so great that nobody in the galaxy could ever make me stop loving you. You are the sun that rises every morning, the moon the moon that shines brightly every night. You are every star in the sky and the wind that blows. I could never describe how much I care and love you, you are my letters of ole and those letters can never be broken.

Sincerely, Your Love.

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