You deserve so much more, so much better.

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It's self explanatory, the stupidest guy ever gets an amazing girls takes it for granted and the whole thing irritates me so bad. I can't stand it bthats my inspiration, read how I feel about it. Please comment with what you think of the situation.

brown eyes(retarded eyes, inside joke) laughing till near death(in the car lol, also inside)

sorry for switching perspectives in the story it's just I kept dragging my own emotions into it on accident

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



He doesn't deserve you, he never will, he's unloyal and a liar, yet you go back still, you deserve so much better, someone real, who really cares, and loves you so, a guy who holds you at your worst, and who's only wish is to never let go, One who will never play with your heart, and still repair it when it aches, someone to take the pain away, someone to be your missing part, you'll never have to need to read his mind, because you'll know it's only one you every time, he'll tell you every moment of everyday, and write poems with the intentions of taking your breath away, You will feel absolutely special in every way, from details to your cute brown eyes, to the simple beauty of your face, He'd put a stop to all the drama, he would make time for you no matter what, worry about you when your gone, Always gaurantee your happy face is on, among your millions of different smiles and laughs, He'd ensure the love endured and make it last, because he's probably settled for worst in the past, he wants someone real, he wants a true love forever, he's the kind of guy who will commit to such endeavours, give you all you want and all you need, when given a chance love comes from unfamiliar places, even if you never looked at them seriously, you both want the same things in life, if only this world was simple, but it's not, and great girls like you, end up with boyfriends like that, It truly hurts when he knows it causes her pain, to see this amazing girl get hurt again and again, but he knows how it feels, he has went through it all the same, that's what inspired him, always wishing to save her, he wants to so bad, and cares so much, but words flee when it comes to letting her know, his only release of the true him is through poetry, I wish she wasn't so blinded by him, I wish she could open her eyes and truly see, that she could have all she ever wanted and would ever need, Someone to make her laugh until she cried, almost to a point she nearly died, it may be funny, he may be great, but it's the serious side she never knew, that makes him worth the time, she would never give him a chance, probably because she has never knew him like she should, even though he told her she could, just given the moment, given the opportunity, To prove himself in ways no one could believe, to give her the love she deserves. Forever and eternity.

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