-The Sinners Lullaby-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this from the darkness of my mind. It's violent and twisted. Enjoy.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



Hush little baby

dont you cry

daddy will touch you for the last time

as his breath grow short with a knife in his throat

mother gutted in the closet with eyes of fear

and here I stand licking the blood from my skin

There death was for the secrets of their sin


Rock a by my baby

upon this tree top

brother is dead among the bathroom

slit his throat with a broken mirror

as sister is buried in the grounnd

with no eyes to watch those that fall insaine

and here I smile with no memory to why

the souls of the lost say good-bye


Dear little angel dont you know

Aunt is in the kitchen baked into a roll

Uncle in the shower rotting old

how I love to watch the ghost come and go

bleeding out the sins that they had made to gold

how does one become so beautiful when silver


Go to sleep

close your eyes

say your last pray to the world behind

join by the cousin who committe suicide

grandma who blew her brains to bits

grandpa who stab his heart

so hush little baby dont you cry

rock by the life you hide

dear little angel can you see

this is the sinners lullabye.

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