Death Beyond the Glass

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A prose of Death or the way's of dying. Pain and suffering for many. ALong with questions.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012



Death Beyond the Glass

Prose by The Jester of Punishemnt


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Part 1: The Masked Fool


Darkness caked the sky lit by the stars

silence blessed a coming storm with shadows to linger

cobwebs plaster the corners giving old a style of Gothic

from the depth of the night stepped a masked man

his fingers dripped in the tremble of blood

knowing that all this time he was a joke trying to ignore the whispers of the town

only to return to his cold steel friend in the private of his grave

the want to die becomes like a restore gem to it's temple

the longer he pretend to smile

seems to only bring this idea of self emptiness

knowing that this was only a fake in his own eyes

the laugh of those around him penetrate his heart

opening his eyes to the truth that he remain blind to

refused to accept the fact that came to be

he was no one but the masked fool

a joker in the eyes of his betrayers

a sinner in the lips of his speakers

for he knows no glory beneath this rotten skin

except the bound to his masked

what a fool.


Part2: Morphine Silence


Unable to breath by the toxic thoughtless air

December brings forth a icy kiss

touched by the stainless haunting finger tips

the smile once there linger in to a after like

as scars cover the pale arm of the broken

numb to each steel-less visit brought by his handshake

there's no longer the regret that sustain

no longer a regret to how this all was brought about

to know if he had cross the line between living and dead

chained by the unforgiving need of his eternal touch

he dances in the frost-full shadow

forever bound by the heart

forever by the unknown soul


Part3: The Outcast


Here beyond the old grim mirror

reflects a black rose symbolizing life

the soul of a fallen soul strapped

never to age by the eyes that glance his appearance

whispers descend from the crowd

like rumors that spread they speak of him

his nickname common among the human tongue

they know him by the stories of his grand escape

then of his cursed behind the unholy mirror

his real name slipped the thoughts of those that knew it

calling him the outcast


.. ….. ….. ….. ….. …...


He walks the valley of the dead seem by the living

his birth is a story never told

yet cursed forever by the darkness

to wonder the land of these haunted reflections

he knows no reason to live anymore

but is immune to die

they fear him in every way

never to journey close to the Mirror of the Outcast

ashamed of the ageless ghost

voices shall speak of the outcast

and he shall stay trapped

force to listen


Part 5: Any Dead Parts


Silent as the new dawn comes

poison as the season play out

reason becomes like a unborn child

lost from the bitter start

purpose is a excuse taken rather lightly

numb to the pain which is conflicted

believe all that has become hate

bleed for all the right answers

to die with nothing in return

give body up to the pleasure felt

regret theses human needs and wants

intentions is a game lost well

signs point to a final stage

take the chance and let it go

any dead parts

offer to this false god



Part 6: Dying Undone

He knew it was the last moment

the final say of good-bye

before death sweeps in

to with held the very last of his mortal life

fear plays in his eyes like a struck child

and prays pass the lips of someone far beyond damed

there is no time to fall in love

every last kiss is a sweet deception

as he lays here in the moonlight

bath by his sudden destruction

he becomes part of a sea of misconception

bringing forth a hate that carries no load

and dance in the flames of his eternal remorse.

the thought to which held him like a child

cling to his mothers forgotten and appeared

and he realized that to live

one must die with nothing to give


Part 7: The Sweet Haunting






the walls close in as each breath is cut short

like a knife it strikes the skin with no lullaby

bring forth the solitude of a broken mind

bleed forth a lie consider a dancing sin

for there's no moment such as this

to die in the name of bloody glory

kiss this sweet haunting

as darkness light the path of deception

so that when the last words are spoke

a candle in the wind is all that will be heard.




Oh what a sweet haunting.........


Part8: My Immortal


Hello I am the voice of reason

these ideas which you tend to tuck away

embraced by the very core of a uncontrollable reality

the melody of a secret that keeps you distance

stains dance across your pale complexion

all you've believe meant more then that you'll see

nightmare's breath insanity

careful not to break the barrier

of here and sanity



I am the feeling of mistrust

why you linger to back from those who care

knowing these gifts take you there

to a place not seen

reason that had lost all meaning

scream to the silence thoughts

leaving any dead beyond the attempt to rot

the thing that cause you to linger in the empty hall

wondering if all you live for is something

that has yet to dawn



Hello I am the fault causing you to win and lose

the balance on where you I've kept you hung dry

as the storm continue to cry

here you sit alone with thoughts of not your own

by fate you will always be mine

Who be I



Hello I'm Immortal


Part 9: Death's Play


The characters are so real the way they speak

leaving a imprint on this so called memory

shatter lies he'll feed you to watch you squirm

according to the master plan

they act against your existence

knowing insanity is the key to this game

in the world of Death's play


Shadows dance around the ground

like lost snowflakes playing hide-and-go-seek

does the voice inside scream of anger

casting darkness to the blind summer sun

he'll set the stage with a flicker of his hand

in the land of Death's play


Each life e solemnly cast holds no plot

till the age of ten does the life of

good or bad begin to thicken

as it becomes a addicting book you

know that you must read

in the dream of Death's play


It will always end the same

your still playing his game

no matter if he take you now or later

cause once you play

your forever trapped in the realm

of Death's play.


Part 10: Humanity{ To keep?}


White light dance likes shadows

dark skies bleed tears

in the balance of all this madness

hangs the very core of my humanity

do I hang onto it

or forever let it go

© Copyright 2017 The Jester of Punishment. All rights reserved.