In Death

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Even in Death we are lost. This poem is about a boy who lost someone and end up lost...The end results to death. Enjoy.

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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Submitted: February 02, 2012



Ravens dance upon the grey tombstone

Cold December winds leave an invalid kiss

The words R.I.P shadows behind a blood stain

It was the last thing he remember before his death

The gun cocked and place at a great angle

A bottle of whisky shatters among the wretched ground

He lost all purpose once more

But this time it won’t be a fail attempt

This time he will get it right

For this time he will die tonight


It was not the words good-bye

Nor the warmth of a friend’s hug

That drove him over the edge

But the letter reach read


“Good-bye world
I had enough of this
in hell may I be tormented
by the grace of my own sanity
I leave you with a thought
I am no longer trapped”


Depression found a heavy shoulder to cry on
the reason to continue became like the sun
lost in the sky of a rainy day
sleep was something that he lack

Drink him –self stupid

Trying to forget all about the world around him

It was no use

Everything reminded him of a once summer dance

A secret crush

A friend to turn too

Standing under a streetlight lost

It was this which he came to think

That he will not part without him

That he was his everything and more

And so here he stands

Gun cocked

Drunk to the core

Ready to die

Ready to fly


BAMM!!” goes the gun

Down his body falls

Blood red as wine soaks the grass

Forever is he embraced in the arms of his true beauty

Forgotten among the realm of the living

Shatter upon the realm of the dead

Now he walks this place

Between the world of now and tomorrow

Never knowing peace

Never knowing the joy of love

Cause death found no reason for him

And so he is the haunting of a love gone stray

The ghost of shadow play

© Copyright 2017 The Jester of Punishment. All rights reserved.

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